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  • Apple AirPods dominant, despite late entrance in 'totally wireless headphone' market segme...

    cmert42 said:
    I've owned other Bluetooth earbuds in the past and didn't care for them. I've always found the latency while watching video to be unbearable. Can any AirPod owners explain their experience? Does they work well no matter what service is being used (iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, personal media, etc)? Can I use them to stream sound from an ATV so I don't keep my wife up when she falls asleep at 8:30?
    I use them regularly to watch ATV for that very reason. I stream Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and YouTube from my iOS devices too and have no sync issues at all.
  • Roof of Chicago's North Michigan Ave. Apple Store resembles MacBook Air lid

    dysamoria said:
    Cheesy. Waste of effort and materials for a feature only to be seen in rare circumstances. 
    You mean by the dozens of skyscrapers surrounding it? Yeah, they'll never see it.
  • How Donald Trump's election as U.S. President could affect Apple

    sdw2001 said:
    Biased, transparent, willfully ignorant article.  Huge mistake, AI
    This article is simply quotes taken directly from Trump's mouth and logical prognostications. So either Trump is promising big changes or he's all talk. If you're butt hurt over this piece, you have a rough 4 years ahead.
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  • Energous CEO makes tenuous reference to future iPhone as leading platform for wireless cha...

    jcdinkins said:
    ireland said:
    Energous was last at CES in 2015, and claimed that it would be shipping before the end of that year, as well.
    Amateurs. I'm reminded of a certain bullshiting fuel cell company. Stock pump and dump bullshit. Would love to see some guys like this go to jail.
    Good call on that.  I think it pays to be skeptical here.  These guys have stalled over the past few years and had excuses every time.  They did however apparently show a demo with phones charging upwards of 15 ft away from a large wireless charging transmitter (about the size of two laptops), so there is still hope that it could happen.  They said they were working to make the device about 1/6th that size so they needed more time to do so and miniaturize the receivers as well.  We'll see.
    Everyone is also overlooking the fact that Energous themselves have outlined releases for versions that support charging over a few inches, charging over a few feet and hen the one that makes headlines. Does anyone really believe that all of these different technologies will be released simultaneously in 2017? 

    Apple will release an iPhone charging mat accessory for cars and desktop use in 2017. In 2018 Apple will release one that works with all their laptops and desktops to charge iOS devices a few feet away. Then in 2019 we'll get the 15 foot wireless charging for homes and businesses. It's so obvious.

    Apple doesn't have to rush the best version to market for the next few years because they have exclusivity relationship with Energous.
  • Actual testing on AMD Vega GPU destined for iMac Pro shows significant speed gains over Nv...

    Woo-hoo, I can't wait for that iMac Pro to go on sale. In Apple terms, that has to be plenty of bang for the buck. If the Vega GPU comes anywhere's close to an NVIDIA 1080, I'll be more than satisfied. I honestly thought Apple had given up on building competitive desktops due to using cases with limited airflow and Apple's self-imposed low-energy requirements.
    The problem is that by the time the iMac pro ships, there will be faster cards on the market. Unfortunately the iMac pro will not be upgradeable with these newer, faster cards. So until Apple releases the new upgradable Mac pros next year, any pros using the iMac pro will be facing the same problems as they did with current Mac Pros.
  • Apple working on car windshield anti-glare system to protect driver from bright lights

    This is the first sign of Apple not only interested in the hardware and construction of an automobile, but also the integration of driver and self-driving vehicle. Seems like a pointless patent even if it's purely defensive. By the time any of this tech will be produced, it will probably be illegal for human drivers to operate their vehicles on public roads.
  • Absent an Apple Siri alternative, Alexa hardware family tops Amazon holiday sales charts

    altivec88 said:
    freeper said:
    As Amazon refuses to sell Apple TV (or Chromecast) products that compete with the awful Fire TV, I am not certain that an Alexa competitor by Apple would have been sold by Amazon either. 
    I agree... But some of those that wanted a home type of device like this that would have chose Apple are now in the Amazon Eco system.  Lets face it, Apple is the new Microsoft.  Big Goliath thats slow to react to anything.  They just can't walk and chew gum anymore.  They can only update the iPhones yearly, the rest of their lineup is either a nuisance and gets cancelled or just a hobby that gets updates every 3 to 4 years.  Meanwhile Tim has been talking about amazing pipelines while other companies are selling actual products.  I remember a time when the opposite was true (ahh the good old days)
    Depends on how you define "selling". Apple is slower than they once were but they don't consider
    missing out on a few million sales as anything to worry about either. Meanwhile, "smaller",  more nimble companies are throwing stuff against the wall. I don't consider Echo to be a success. I have one and rarely use it. Others mostly feel the same way. Siri seems way behind until you measure how well other AI work. They're all fairly worthless right now so Apple
    is only last in a race to weak AI right now.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users reportedly unable to recharge completely flat battery

    VRing said:
    It’s pretty pathetic that my $350 32GB iPhone SE is visibly faster than the $1000 Note 8
    No it's not.

    I hate it when I open every single app on my phone and it falls behind by 1/2 second to a phone with twice the RAM.
  • Apple Music overtakes Spotify in U.S. subscriber counts

    nunzy said:
    What would happen if Apple banned Spotify from all of its devices?

    They might lose a couple of device sales, but probably not many. Apple has the ability. But do they have the nerve?
    Why would they bother? This article proves they are already winning in the US without banning Spotify. They make more money and more happy customers by offering competing services. Unlike MS or Google, Apple has never been about dominating marketshare for any of their products. The closest they've ever come to any monopoly was the iPod but they only tripped into that monopoly because the competition was so bad.
  • Saudi journalist used Apple Watch to record own interrogation and execution, report says [...

    lenn said:
    If CNN reported that water is wet I wouldn't believe them. CNN like most other American "news" outlets are in business to make money and create controversy so more people will watch them and their advertisers content. The Washington Post is the same.

    If your theory was true, CNN would be following the money and rolling in it. They are not. They are a business but run through journalistic interests which never pans out into real dollars. This is because journalists are always inclined to uncover and report on corruption from the ones in power, the real corrupt moneymakers. But even if you decide not to believe the real reasons, the fact that Trump claims that only Fox is the real news and every other organization critical of him is fake news should be enough for you.