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  • Epic Games CEO says Apple suit is about 'basic freedoms,' calls Apple a middleman

    avon b7 said:
    App Store is a platform that Apple built, i don't care about your stupid game, i want my Apps to be strictly curated and I want Apple to make some money off it. If a customer disagrees with the policy and gets angry about it, then don't buy and iPhone, it's that simple. 
    That's fine but did you know Apple would be the middleman to everything, and that they would decide what you could download or not? 
    Except that Apple does not decide that. It is really up to the developer to decide. The only thing the developer has to do is to adhere to the App Store rules.
  • Nobody will win the Apple versus Epic Fortnite battle, not even consumers

    kmarei said:
    igorsky said:
    The day I get to dictate what price I pay to sell stuff on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, Walmart, a flea market, etc. to the owners of those marketplaces is the day I side with these developers.  Until then they can all take a flying leap.
    But this is not something you are buying from amazon, eBay etc. 
    this is an accessory to what you bought from them

    Buying v-bucks in fortnite has absolutely nothing to do with apple
    doesn't go through their servers, doesn’t need to be checked by Apple like apps, requires zero effort from any Apple employee. So what am I paying Apple $3 for when I buy v-bucks? What service am I getting for that?
    I believe this to be incorrect. As far as I understand, Apple actually takes care of the payment processing, also for in-app purchases.
  • Epic sues Apple after Fortnite removed from App Store

    Now that they're also Google's crosshairs, Epic may have overplayed its hand. Cutting off a considerable user base overnight is not going to sit well with those users in the medium to long run, and may expose negatives Epic doesn't want others to see. An Epic clusterf*ck, so to speak.
  • EU may force Apple to make iPhone battery replacements easier

    A future version of the iPhone or iPad may have a removable battery compartment, a leaked proposal from the European Union may demand, one that could force Apple into a major redesign of the high-selling smartphone, if it ever gets approved. 
    I am a native Dutch speaker and I have read the article in Het Financiële Dagblad, and nowhere it is suggested that Apple or other smartphone makers could be forced to produce phones with user-replaceable batteries. Frankly, I am not even sure whether that is what the EU is aiming for here... The EU sure wants to have a more circular economy (laudable, in my opinion), but the article leaves open other ways of increasing lifespan of phones and other electronic gear. In any way, with the advent of solid state batteries, the point might be moot anyway.
    mr. hMplsP
  • EU lawmakers snub Apple's pleas, overwhelmingly vote to push for charging cable standard

    seanj said:
    ElCapitan said:
    EU standardization like this tend to spill into the entire European market fast. That will also include the UK, as the UK don't have any mobile phone industry of their own, they basically just have to accept the EU standard. 

    WRONG. The U.K. is leaving today and won’t be accepting EU diktats anymore. It’s already been announced for example we won’t be adopting the EU’s ridiculous new copyright directive than will prevent a lot of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram postings.

    Not having any local mobile phone industry - we do the important stuff instead like ARM Holdings - is irrelevant. This is about consumers, and we will be able to buy things people in the EU aren’t, from Lightning port iPhones to powerful vacuum cleaners (yes the EU actually banned those!)

    Roll on Brexit!! :smiley: 
    Talking about 'important stuff instead': people do realise that the technology at the heart of chip manufacturing has been developed by ASML, right? And that ASML is neither an American nor a UK business? All this "Europe is technologically way behind" chatter is in fact a display of incredible, blatant ignorance.