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  • Siri gets supercharged with watchOS 5 on Apple Watch

    Siri on watchOS, Siri on iPhone, Siri on...

    All I want to know is has she stopped saying “This is what I’ve found on the web for ...”?

    If (when?) Siri can grow up and match Alexa et al., I’ll consider her useful. 
  • Apple delays HomePod launch until 'early 2018'

    tzeshan said:
    Apple's problem is software.  It is ridiculous hundreds of millions of iPhone users have to install and updates new iOS weekly.  Monthly may be a more reasonable period. I refuse to install iOS 11 because I hate the constant reminder from Apple to install new OSs which are mainly to fix bugs and some are not ever related to my phone. 
    I hear you!  I too HATE the “we regularly update our apps to...”. If they would just say “because we can’t afford talent to do it eighth the first time on time” at least I’d respect them. However, I will grant you that cyber security will never rest so there is an element of that, too. I think like you, however, that monthly is frequent enough for the ecosystem of apps and iOSes. 
  • Tips: Bring back iOS app management to the Mac with iMazing 2.5.1

    I agree. As a father who managed/manages a household of Apple iDevices from wife to youngest, iTunes 12.7 was-/is a big disappointment. I own iMazing and can verify that the new features are quite welcome in my Apple world. Just try to find some app on iOS. It’s nothing like what it was in iTunes. And look at the leading terrible example of iBooks...stripped away versions ago for a standalone version that to this day can’t sync my PDFs properly and confuses the heck out of me when it’s STILL controlled inside iTunes. Again, with all the engineers at Apple, one needs to worry about organization in those engineering ranks. Jony...set this straight.

    P.S.  Jony, bring back Aperture Pro 4.0 while you’re at it!
  • FTC says antitrust suit against Qualcomm should continue, Samsung concurs

    Irwin Jacobs siblings...are they currently running the company?  I wonder when things started to go south for Qualcomm...a name that may drift away in history in shame.  Was it started under Irwin's leadership that built the company, or after he stepped down and handed over the reigns.  
  • Tony Fadell explains early iPhone development process

    Why do we keep hearing from this guy?  He left Apple.  He left Alphabet/Google/Nest.  Why should I care let alone read about his story today?