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  • Nearly every AT&T customer just had six months of call logs stolen

    Other carriers just cannot buy advertising like this.
  • Future iPads and iPhones could tell stressed users to calm down

    I have found that telling my wife to calm down, often isn’t quite as effective as one would hope. 

    Telling her to “Put on the Big Girl pants and Man-Up” has a far greater impact.  

    Just trying to be helpful 
  • Secret Service and government agencies illegally used smartphone location data

    If I am accused of breaking the law, I expect that I will have my day in court.  I will have my chance to plead my case; then I will be either found innocent, or will face the consequences.

    Why any agency (Fed, State, County or City) is exempted from this very basic idea, escapes me.  Without consequences, there is zero reason they won't continue, or further encroach on our freedoms, privacy and basic rights.
  • Major 'Apple Watch X' redesign rumored to arrive in 2024

    Just thinking, what if the locking engagement of the band was magnetic instead of the button latch mechanism?  The intent is to free up internal space for battery. 

    Losing the latch and using a magnet to move a simple engagement lever to lock EXISTING band design solves all issues.  Band compatibility and internal space availability.  
  • Apple is the worst tech firm for losing staff, claims flawed report

    40domi said:
    IMO you don't need a survey to know that Apple has had a brain drain, the problem is that they've lost a lot of their top engineers and replaced the with less than average ones, which hardly surprising with the state of Universities in the West, Apple needs to recruit from the Asian countries!
    It's clear with the lack of innovation and poor upgrades over the last 2 years ߘ怜t;/div>
    That sounds like absolute nonsense to me, not the least because Apple hardware has made impressive updates the past two years. Nobody can compete with the M-series, for example. As for iPhone, it matured many years ago and naturally the improvements are incremental and best examined over a period of time, not year to year. 

    I don't know what you consider "innovation" to be, but it certainly isn't PC laptops or android knockoffs. 

    Unlike software, it's important to remember that hardware development is a multi-year strategy. What we get in 2023 was likely being worked on in 2020 or 2021, or earlier. So losing workers in 2 year intervals must be a major setback to that.
    I agree.  Seems they may have a very high turnover in the lower ranks; but if you survive 3-4 years- you move to the more lucrative and stable levels. 
    From there it’s a longevity perspective to the staff critical point, where you are at a senior and leadership level. 
    It’s culling the entry level to find loyalty and talent in the long game.  Risky business strategy