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  • Google resurrects Glass for enterprise as new AR headset for iPhone 7 is unveiled

    irnchriz said:
    What the honest f... did I just watch
    Shiny happy people.
    rezwitsanton zuykov
  • Tesla in talks for own music service, skipping likes of Apple Music & Spotify - report

    As a Tesla owner I'm not sure of the point of this. As for adding CarPlay or Android Auto I have no trouble streaming music, podcasts or audiobooks through the audio system via bluetooth (and is controllable via the Tesla's audio controls). The big advantage of CarPlay is getting maps and directions in cars that wouldn't otherwise have GPS. The Tesla guidance system is a combo of Garmin and Google Maps which is more than adequate.
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  • Review: Apple's new wireless AirPods put a smile on 2016

    The stock Apple EarPods' fit is OK for me (but not great) and don't fit  my wife at all. What would be nice is if Apple Stores had some dummy (or real) AirPods to so that I could test the fit before purchase. I know I could probably return them if necessary but a few seconds of shaking my head around in the store would make me confident they are going to work.
    Dave Spence
  • Apple offers discounted annual Apple Music subscription through $99 gift card

    This is fine except I have a family plan. Would the discount code give me a break on at least part of my subscription?
  • Apple makes counterclaims in Caltech Wi-Fi lawsuit, settles in Siri-related Dot 23 case

    jbdragon said:
    mtbnut said:
    Caltech endowments running dry?
    California is a expensive state with a whole lot of Illegals draining the system while people with money that can move are fleeing. Then you have students that are so far left, they're driving away Republican speakers from even speaking. So no free speech other then their own!!! That turns away a lot of people with money that these schools may have gotten. I could go on, but it is, what it is.
    1) CalTech is a private school so why would people fleeing the state (which isn't true) have anything to do with anything.
    2) California's economy is growing faster than 44 other states and has just passed France as the 6th largest economy in the world. From Bloomberg (6/2016):

    "California grew by 4.1 percent in 2015, compared with a 2.4 percent increase for the U.S. and 1.1 percent for France, Asmundson said.

    Last year, California created the most jobs of any state, more than the second- and third-most-populous states Florida and Texas combined. Four of the world’s 10 largest companies are based in California, including Alphabet Inc. and Facebook."

    How is your, I assume Republican infested, state doing?

    singularitylatifbp[Deleted User]