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  • Apple uploads four 'Shot on iPhone' ASMR videos to YouTube

    Sometimes when I'm watching a small child color in a coloring book or a grandmother quietly knitting a sweater or a barber giving a shave using a straight razor, I become transfixed on the activity and am overcome with a relaxed, highly pleasurable feeling that is difficult to describe exactly. It gives me goosebumps and makes my hair stand on end.

    I've never been able to duplicate this experience on demand - it's just something that happens once every several years. Most people just look at me funny when I describe the sensation - except for my mother. She experiences this, too. Small children playing seem to be triggers for both of us. I'm also triggered by watching someone performing very delicate work in a quiet environment.

    A few years ago, I stumbled across a YouTube video of a man whispering into a microphone and gently tapping on various objects. While reading the comments, I learned that what I had been experiencing was called "ASMR". It's interesting that ASMR has gone from some inexplicable feeling I occasionally experience to something that has gone viral.

    Unfortunately, I've not yet been able to induce this feeling by watching/listening to videos, although I've come close. I've also noticed that there are a lot of "junk" ASMR videos being produced in the interest of making money or getting views.

    I also have synesthesia. As far back as I can remember, when I think of numbers and letters, each always appears in my mind's eye in a particular color. The color of each letter and number has remained consistent all my life. 
  • Latest iOS beta hints at 'AirPods 2' with 'Hey Siri' setup screen

    Mine survived a full cycle in the washing machine and work as good as new months later. 
    For those who want Space Gray: https://www.colorware.com/p-1040-colorware-airpods-space-gray.aspx
    My brother ruined a left AirPod in a laundry cycle. The right AirPod and case survived, but he threw everything away, and bought a new set. Not long after, he ruined a right AirPod in another laundry cycle. Too bad he threw the original set away!

    I wonder if debris can cover the sensors?
    Ear detection is accomplished with two infrared transceivers on each AirPod. I can hold the AirPods in front of the foward-facing camera on my iPhone and can see the IR light. The AirPods are clean and the circular windows for these sensors are flat and flush. I can only assume some type of electronic failure. I've tried all the usual resets to no avail. No big deal since I don't use this feature, but it is worth noting that the feature did stop functioning at some point causing me to have to disable "automatic ear detection" in my devices.
  • Apple begins using smaller Subaru cars to capture Apple Maps data

    I wonder if this change is related to the Apple Maps van that was involved in a deadly crash earlier this year.


    The Subaru Impreza hatchback has a higher crash safety rating than the Ford Transit Connect.

  • Apple said to be working on fixing 'aggressive' skin smoothing in iPhone XS photos

    I noticed this within minutes of receiving of my Xs Max last Friday and posted a comment about it on here.

    "The most impressive aspect of my Xs Max so far is the quality of selfies taken by the front-facing camera. For the first time ever, I look better in selfies than in the mirror. There's obviously some "beauty filtering" going on because I know I don't look this good in real life. I'm not sure how I feel about that just yet."


    avon b7sphericmuthuk_vanalingamwatto_cobra
  • Apple issues AirPort Express firmware update adding support for AirPlay 2


    THANK YOU, Apple. This somewhat offsets your refusal to issue a warranty exception for the discoloration inside my iMac Retina's screen even though others are experiencing the same issue.