Apple Retail tells employees something big is on the way

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Apple is drumming up excitement amongst its retail employees, hinting this week that something revolutionary will soon be introduced within its international chain of brick-and-mortar shops.

The news was shared with employees via an internal news bulletin, according to people familiar with the matter. However, details were scarce outside of text that teased the unknown product or service would be innovative enough to make a 'big' impact.

According to those same people, the internal article text was supplemented by a collection of video clips that featured Apple Retail employees reciting phrases such as "It's coming!," and "It's going to be big!"

Certain retail staffers who have access to the Apple's Retail News Network and associated iPhone application (depicted below) are sometimes privy to advanced warning on upcoming changes to the way the company operates its retail segment. In most cases, those changes are specific to the retail experience rather than a new consumer product Apple plans to introduce.

Gary Allen, who has spent over a decade tracking the ins and outs of Apple's retail business through his ifoAppleStore blog, is amongst the most knowledgable 'outsiders' who follow the company. Allen notes the new is most likely tied to a "retail only" matter that will further enable employees to enhance the shopping experience of customers that grace the company's stores.

Allen also referenced an "on-going push for mobile retailing" that's currently underway at Apple. Last week, AppleInsider reported on a patent application that laid out the company's aspirations to further revolutionize the segment. The 83-page document covered the use of mobile kiosks, near-field communications (NFC), and a simple barcode scanning in conjunction with an iPhone App titled "Products +" to help customers obtain benefits associated with products or services they own. Â*Â*

For example, the technology could allow customers to register a product it with its manufacturer, check warranty information, obtain serial numbers and specifications, download user manuals, search for recommended peripherals, view setup videos, be apprised of potential product recalls, and access "a troubleshooting information wizard".

The Products + app would also be capable of storing and managing such information for all the products and services that a customer owns, while also allowing them to access other benefits such as digital content and product discounts.

Outside of Apple retail stores, the technology could combine to provide users with nutritional information on the meal they ordered at a restaurant, a way to purchase music playing in their environment, view extensive tutorials on products available at retail stores, or view trailers for DVDs available on shelves -- all via wireless NFC and barcode scanning.


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    wplj42wplj42 Posts: 439member
    Is it bigger than a breadbox?
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    dick applebaumdick applebaum Posts: 12,527member
    Originally Posted by WPLJ42 View Post

    Is it bigger than a breadbox?


    Don't think that question was ever asked on AI before!

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    International customers are waiting for the iPhone 4. Should be the next couple of weeks.
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    ihxoihxo Posts: 567member
    I doubt it. Apple rarely launch "big" things back to back like this.

    probably just international iPhone 4.
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    For those with heavier computing needs. After all they said it would be big.
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    ghostface147ghostface147 Posts: 1,629member
    I want a umbrella like they gave at the shanghai store while it was raining.
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    Please let be something Mac related. Enough with the iPhone and iPad.
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    donlphidonlphi Posts: 214member
    Replacement iPhone 4s with fully functional antenna?
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    tbstephtbsteph Posts: 95member
    Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post


    Don't think that question was ever asked on AI before!


    Sad to date myself but, that was a line of inquiry used by Steve Allen on the 50's/60's show "What's My Line".
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    ruel24ruel24 Posts: 432member
    Originally Posted by WPLJ42 View Post

    Is it bigger than a breadbox?

    Now, that's funny! You put a smile on my face today...

    I hope they finally gave us a Power Mac with ordinary Core i7 and non ECC memory, for us power users at home that want more than an iMac. Well, I can dream, can't I?
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    msuberlymsuberly Posts: 237member
    Something to divert Apple employees' attention from all the recent negative press?
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    i have no idea WHAT this could be or even if it is related, but apple UK retail are holding an event at my partners place of work in central London next week, it could be related to the new Covent Garden store that's about to open around the corner though... but seems like a coincidence now that i read this article...
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    xsamplexxsamplex Posts: 214member
    'Nuff said.
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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member
    Free MobileMe?
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    brian5sbrian5s Posts: 4member
    How about a clip on antenna band, bumper, but, antenna???? Stainless??? No Signal loss??? New Proximity sensors????
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    lilgto64lilgto64 Posts: 1,147member
    Originally Posted by donlphi View Post

    Replacement iPhone 4s with fully functional antenna?

    you beat me to it - except I was going to say - iPhone 5 now with working antenna
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    chillichilli Posts: 40member
    1/ New iPod Touch ?

    2/ New iPod nano ?

    3/ New touchpad for desktop computers ?

    4/ New MacBook Air with touch screen ?

    5/ Mac OS XI "HellCat" with touch screen support and iOS interface ?

    6/ iTunes for free for iPhone 4 new owners ?

    7/ Apple TV ???

    8/ iPhone 5 with new antenna design ? (more likely for Q1 2011...)

    9/ I forgot: MAC OS X for PC!!!
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    oflifeoflife Posts: 120member
    ...This discomforts everything, again.

    Introducing, iHugs. Every time an iFan purchases something worth more than $19.95 from an Apple Store, a store employee of the customers gender choice gives them a full on 3 minute wrap around body warming iHug, with optional iCuddle available for an extra 99cents.

    Don't you just iLove it?
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    sockrolidsockrolid Posts: 2,789member
    Remember: Apple asked the FCC to delay the release of some of the iPhone 4's features to the public by 45 days. Maybe iPhone 4's hardware contains an NFC transceiver for e-wallet purchases? And Apple needed a little more time to test it.

    AppleInsider story about the 45 day embargo:

    Patently Apple story on e-Wallet and NFC purchasing:

    Patently Apple says that we won't see any kind of NFC purchases through iPhone until 2011, but who knows?
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    huntercrhuntercr Posts: 140member
    Surely it's simply the White iPhone.
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