New Apple iPhone 'two is better than one' ad promotes Verizon, AT&T



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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    300 more people? I see about 15x as many people or about 285M more people across the US, including Hawaii. Not to mention the better data plans they tend to offer.

    Erratum: 300 million

    Did correct my original post. But thanks for the catch
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    I saw the ad on TV yesterday during the Packers-Bears playoff game. Great ad... and great game!

    Go Packers!
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    Originally Posted by chronster View Post

    these iphone ads are gay beyond belief

    Not sure that's an acceptable insult nowadays... although I hear it frequently.

    Originally Posted by Dickprinter View Post

    I've been visiting AI for 4+ years and I find Solip to be one of, if not the, most objective and open minded posters here. He brings up very good points, provides good insight and statistics with plenty of proof to back it up, has great command of the English language (although in his haste to post, he sometimes neglects to proofread) and doesn't flip-flop on issues. I may not contribute very often but I observe rather extensively.

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