Nokia commercial slams iPhone 5's lack of color

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A new commercial from Nokia is the latest to attack Apple new handset, this time focusing on the iPhone 5's lack of colorway options.

Nokia Ad
Source: Nokia via YouTube

In comparison to Samsung's long-running campaign poking fun at "line-waiters," Nokia's new commercial seems to quite banal, choosing to focus on relatively insignificant device colors rather than touting its Lumia 920 handset's technical features.

As noted by The Verge, the minute-long "Time to Switch" commercial portrays the dismal life of iPhone upgraders, who are once again waiting in line for the new product's release, in an obvious jab at complaints of the iPhone 5 being too boring.

Starting out in muted black and white tones, the ad follows an early-adopter who, upon reaching the sales desk of an Apple Store, asks the bespectacled employee "color?" Apparently staff at Apple's retail outlets are angered by this question, as alarms and buzzers sound, prompting the hero to flee outside where he sees a variety of people carrying the new Lumia 920. Of course, all the Nokia handsets are portrayed in bright colors.

The commercial ends with the "This is Lumia" tagline alongside an image of the Finnish device running Windows Phone 8.

It appears that Nokia is attempting to incorporate a social element to the new Apple-bashing campaign, offering up the Twitter tag #switch.


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    jragostajragosta Posts: 10,473member
    Funny how the iHaters accuse Apple of focusing on style rather than function - yet their competitors are attacking them for lack of color in their phone cases.

    Three words:

    Buy a case.
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    jd_in_sbjd_in_sb Posts: 1,600member

    A dying smartphone company slams the most successful smartphone company in the world for making a product that, in their opinion, is not good enough. Interesting marketing strategy.

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    boredumbboredumb Posts: 1,418member

    And this is why Nokia will WIN!!!!

    They go right for the throat - right for the vitals!

    How can you compete with that??!?!!???

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    wscowwscow Posts: 3member
    That was the worst commercial ever!
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    I would like to see a Apple Store exclusive (Product) Red iPhone 5 sometime within the next year.
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    buckalecbuckalec Posts: 199member
    stealing from 1984 - how original Nokia
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    boredumbboredumb Posts: 1,418member


    Originally Posted by wscow View Post

    That was the worst commercial ever!

    I don't see how you can object to an androgynous, synthetic humanoid thingy that wants a bucket of paint poured all over its phone - its pure genius!

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    Quite possibly the worst commercial I've ever seen, which is a shame because it actually looks like a nice phone. Unfortunately, like most companies competing with Apple now a days, the seem so focused on trying to find things that iPhone can't do, the completely forget to tell me what there phones can do.
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    I'd scream too if someone gave me a yellow phone.


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    I watched it and IMO the ad is attacking the endless line of drone like buyers rather than the phone itself.

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    drblankdrblank Posts: 3,383member
    I didn't know the color of the phone makes it better or worse.
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    drblankdrblank Posts: 3,383member
    Personally, i think the Nokia colors a FUGLY.
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    Originally Posted by Commodification View Post

    I would like to see a Apple Store exclusive (Product) Red iPhone 5 sometime within the next year.



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    quadra 610quadra 610 Posts: 6,756member


    Originally Posted by patpatpat View Post

    I watched it and IMO the ad is attacking the endless line of drone like buyers rather than the phone itself.


    Not that that'll do much anyway. 


    Apple tops consumer satisfaction reports year after year. Every iPhone that has ever existed, has dominated consumer satisfaction utterly. 

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    quadra 610quadra 610 Posts: 6,756member

    Desperation from a nearly dead company. Because nobody wants the shit Nokia is peddling. For nearly TWO full years now. 

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    ahhh hahahahahahahah

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    macinthe408macinthe408 Posts: 1,050member

    Does the "You're stupid for owning <insert competitor product name>!" method of marketing work? 

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    jacodbjacodb Posts: 23member
    For many years Nokia existed because nobody in the phone industry innovated, consumers had to be happy with the crap phone companies created, that was untill Apple created the iPhone. Then suddenly all the phone companies started to see their market share decline because consumer had enough of their crappy phones. They couldn't even catch up to Apple, they didn't know how to innovate. Innovation was like this phenomenon to them. Now Nokia wants to create the illusion that they are the innovative company???? And they focus on colour???? Really all these phone companies that existed before the iPhone has no right to be alive anymore.
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