J.D. Power ranks Samsung tablets better than iPad entirely due to cost

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J.D. Power and Associates released a new study on tablet customer satisfaction, ranking Apple's iPad second behind Samsung's tablets for the first time, entirely on the basis of cost.

only cost matters

A previous report released in April narrowly ranked iPad first ahead of Amazon, with Samsung, Asus, and Acer all turning in scores below the rating firm's "industry average."

Today however, J.D. Power issued a volume two version of its tablet report, ranking Amazon's Kindle well below average and putting Samsung on top, just a few points ahead of Apple (835 to 833, out of 1000). Apple's iPad beat Samsung in performance, ease of use, physical design and in tablet features

In its detailing of the points it awarded each maker, J.D. Power said Apple's iPad beat Samsung in performance, ease of use, physical design and in tablet features, ranking Samsung better solely in terms of cost.

At the same time, the firm maintains that its study "measures satisfaction across five key factors (in order of importance): performance (26%); ease of operation (22%); styling and design (19%); features (17%); and cost (16%)."

Despite a cost advantage, and regular promotions that give away tablets, Samsung continues to sell far fewer tablets than Apple. This is particularly evident in Good's enterprise rankings, which show 95 percent of business apps are for iPad and 90 percent of devices used are iPads, as well as education figures showing a 94 percent adoption of Apple's iPad over competing tablets.


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    jonnejonne Posts: 18member
    How can we rate and rank JD Power...?
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    When did scamsung acquire JD power??
    now I guess apple wont get most reliable brand award and it's 9 year streak will be broken....
    by scamsung obviously.
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    This is psychotic. The price was never an issue before. How can they possibly justify this?


    Five. Five. Five. Five. Five. Two. 


    Where’s the chart for last time?

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    I don't know how the goons at JD Power is doing their math. According to their own formula, Samsung score would be 3.52 and Apple has 4.52, 20% higher. How the hell do they rank Samsung on top? This must be a upside down world when 3.52 > 4.52.

    Hey JD Power, zombies ate my brain today. I ain't got any left. Can I apply to be an analyst at your firm? I would be a star.
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    jpmiajpmia Posts: 63member
    so a hyundai is better than a BMW/Porsche becouse is cheaper? thats rediculos
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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    How does Apple get 5's across the board but a 2 for cost? All those 5's don't come for free. :rolleyes:
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    pazuzupazuzu Posts: 1,728member
    Price is the one factor that Walter Mossberg has against the iPad Air.
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    ceek74ceek74 Posts: 324member

    Huh.  Must be weighted with cost being the biggest factor.  So with that, would a free turd rank best?

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    red oakred oak Posts: 1,051member
    If the % weighting in the article are correct, its impossible for Samsung to mathematically win based on the individual category scores. JD Power is pretty f***ed-up
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    jusephejusephe Posts: 108member
    So customers are more satisfied with an 199 $ SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 7" than an 399 $ iPad mini with retina display ?
    Only because of price ?
    REALLY ???

    If that is true Apple wouldn't survive every super cheap bloat from competition (ultra cheap iPod clones, netbooks, and now cheap 199$ tablets) and still they are there.
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    5 categories and you only win in one (1) so that makes you better than everyone else? That makes you first? They should use those score cards in all major sports, car ratings, appliance ratings and any other rating system on the planet!!

    JD Power has just lost all credibility as a consumer rating system.

    So Hyundai is better than Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Infinity, Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, Porsche, and Land Rover based solely on price.?!!??!!!

    Get the "F" out of here JD Blower. Put some lube on those lips and check the sewn in knee pads before you see samscum tonight.
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    JDP seems to think cost = price.

    Once again we need to re-educate people about the difference between purchase price and cost.

    True cost.

    I.e., cost of ownership.

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    bigmac2bigmac2 Posts: 639member
    Quote: from J.D. anal-ysis 

    Samsung showed particularly strong improvement in the cost factor (25-point increase)


    So according to J.D. Power,  liquidate unsold products is a sign of good customer satisfaction? I'm shock…

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    Absolutely what I was thinking. Boss must have been gone that day. Credibility--toilet paper.
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    mugwumpmugwump Posts: 233member
    Samesung must have maxed out all licenses, memberships, donations, etc. to J.D. Power and Apple probably doesn't give them a cent. Same goes for Consumer Reports.
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    drblankdrblank Posts: 3,383member
    Cost shouldn't be amongst the top considerations, it should be ranked near the bottom, as long as it's within a reasonable amount of money compared to the others that cost in the same price category.

    It's too bad they didn't have resale value as one of the criteria, since that will offset the total cost of ownership. With Apple, it's more likely you will recoup more of the initial investment if given the same circumstances as compared to other brands. So, the initial cost is minimized to almost no difference.
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    paxmanpaxman Posts: 4,727member
    In other words - you get what you pay for.
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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    Someone posted this on the Verge. And Verge commenters aren't known for being Apple fans.

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    I've said it before, most Americans equate "good value" with cheap! 


    The largest restaurant chain in the world? McDonald's. And what do they make? Crap food!


    The largest beverage company in the world? Coke-Cola. And what do they make? Crap drinks!


    The largest auto company in the world? GM (for a while). And what do they make? Crap cars!


    The largest PC manufacturer in the world? HP. And what do they make? Crap PC's!


    The largest software company in the world? MicroSoft. And what do they make? Crap software!


    Walmart? Just sells crap products.


    General Mills or General Foods? Cheap processed food-like crap!


    Dell sells crap laptops.


    Domino's sells crap pizzas and on an on.


    Should be no surprise Samsung sells crap tablets.....


    Thank goodness for Apple! :)

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