Director Michael Bay's onstage meltdown steals the show at Samsung CES press event



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    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    I figured there was a story behind it or at the very least a typo, but I couldn't help myself.

    Unfortunately and sadly jragosta is no longer with us. I believe Tallest Skil posted the link to his obit.


    If you're further curious, then here's the video proof.



    And yes, I see Tallest Skil's link. Thanks.

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    apple ][ wrote: »
    If you're further curious, then here's the video proof.

    And yes, I see Tallest Skil's link. Thanks.

    That's classic, and what makes it even funnier is that he excludes Alaska and Hawaii. :lol:
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    dasanman69 wrote: »
    That's classic, and what makes it even funnier is that he excludes Alaska and Hawaii. :lol:
    Think it's pretty clear he meant 47, with one more to go, and excluding Alaska and Hawaii from the total. Easy enough mistake to make, he had 50 in his mind, the started thinking about the exact number, worked back to the 7, then his tongue got a little tied over what he was thinking.
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    Originally Posted by arlomedia View Post



    Especially since he apologized multiple times.



    It's a non story... but Samsung must be as happy as hell, wishing they could actually take credit for this fail by saying they set it up.

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    Sounds to me that somebody didn't rehearse his speech before going on stage.
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    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    Well aren't there non-media consumers at CES?


    Typically not since its not open to the general public. 

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    So what? This isn't Samsung Insider nor Michael Bay Insider...


    I don't care to read about this jerk on pages where it's relevant. Why must I read about him here?

    And yeah, it doesn't seem like a "meltdown" to me. You're just trying to sensationalize it. Knock it off. Report what is, not what you want people to see.
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    Originally Posted by HyteProsector View Post

    The guy wasn't on his game for public speaking. The end.

    People want to see the next train wreck so often that I think we sometimes blow things out of proportion. This didn't look like a "meltdown" to me. Just someone who was out of words with a prompter that yes, he messed up. Then got annoyed and embarrassed and walked off stage. I think the word meltdown is a little strong.

    I agree, it wasn't a meltdown he just hadn't memorised his lines, he was going to rely on the teleprompter, then the teleprompter started playing up, so he wasn't able to continue.

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    Originally Posted by Grudgeworthy View Post


    Originally Posted by TheBestMan View Post

    Agreed - not sure how Apple-related this is.


    Can you guys quit crying. It is apple related cause it's their main competitor. Is it a good article? No. But a little news here and there about the largest rival of apple at one of the largest shows of new tech is worthy of this site. Get over it

    That, and the schadenfreude is priceless...<img class=" src="" />

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    CES is the rest of the industry’s equivalent to Apple’s many keynotes. For that reason, I don’t find articles about the content of CES to be irrelevant here at all.


    A new Samsung product is launched in the middle of the year? No article. Why would we care? 

    A new Samsung product is being sued for copying Apple? Article. Absolutely we care.


    But CES is fair game for all manner of articles in my book. Know thy enemy”, and hey, know thy allies, too.

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    clemynx wrote: »
    Will you say that's a bad thing if Apple does the same thing? Saying that it's bad because other remotes don't work with it is not an argument. Who cares for universal remotes?

    Yes, I would. You don't know me, and you don't seem to know Apple. Do you own an AppleTV? It's elegant, simple. Roku, Xbox and PS3 use similar 4-way cursor/select/back button UI. A "mouse-pointer controlled desktop UI" with functionality buried three menus deep is neither elegant, nor the solution to a problem anyone had on TVs. It's a total lack of imagination or care for TV UX.

    On the universal remotes, a better term is programmable remotes. My dad had a dozen remotes and my mom can't figure out how to turn on and properly select inputs on the TV, receiver, and cable box to just watch TV, so I gave them a programmable Harmony-- which works great-- except his LG TV and LG bluray player which have functionality buried behind a menu and requires a cumbersome (and oddly different) "air mouse" remotes to aim a mouse pointer and open nested UI menus. Why? My comments aren't a knee-jerk reaction to something because LG or Samsung did it. I've used it, and its unnecessary and clunky, and make as much sense as Microsoft putting a "desktop" inside of a tablet like Surface RT.
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    So this is apple news at all that Samsung can't do teleprompters right?
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    Existing 50 plus Puerto Rico (which will become a state July 4 this year or Congress will need to be sued), Cuba, Sonora (present day Sonora and both Baja Californias), Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon (present day Nuevo Leon and Coahuila), Tamaulipas, and Columbia (present day British Columbia).
    Where's the 58th he's planning on going to then?
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    Originally Posted by Curtis Hannah View Post

    Where's the 58th he's planning on going to then?


    I should hope Guyana. Once Puerto Rico becomes a state, I’d love to see their statehood movement ramp up.

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    can't this guy just explain in his own words what he does? How hard can that be?

    He said his job is that he:

    - gets to dream for a living
    - creates visual worlds beyond everyone's life experiences
    - tries to take people on an emotional ride

    but what about the curve Michael, how is the curve on the TV going to impact all that?

    Michael Bay: 'excuse me, I'm sorry'

    We'll never know.
    macxpress wrote:
    I'd like to see if Apple uses a teleprompter

    Teleprompter, my ass. No way Phil would call Batman the Black Knight if he had a teleprompter.
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    Marvin wrote: »
    - tries to take people on an emotional ride.

    I did shed a tear when I heard Megan Fox would not be in Transformers 3, but then jumped for joy when I saw the new girl.
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    dasanman69 wrote: »
    I did shed a tear when I heard Megan Fox would not be in Transformers 3, but then jumped for joy when I saw the new girl.

    But then you saw the movie.
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    jungmark wrote: »
    But then you saw the movie.

    Lol, more tears
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    This is even more weird. I guess I was tired when I watched the clip last night. He was flustered without the teleprompter when he was suppose to be talking about his job as a director. He was ready to walk off when the other announcer in an attempt to save him probably made it worse throwing in the Curve product, yet in his defense he only asked Bay how he thought it would affect a viewer's experience of his movies. There was absolutely nothing about Samsung or its products that Bay would have had to answer there, he only had to talk about his job as a director and his movies.
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    clemynx wrote: »
    Schadenfreude? Their TV OS is still terrible, especially now compared to what LG has just introduced.

    LG is going to use WebOS in their new SmartTV's, abandoning the Laggy Garbage SmartTV 2013 models based on GoogleTV with no App store, they already suckered people into buying. If I wanted the experience of using the internet on a 386, I'd dig out my 386.

    Sorry kids, but until Apple releases a TV for Samsung to copy, pretty much all "SmartTV"'s we are going to see are going to be a horrible mess that Sammy and LG continue to trot out and nobody ever will use as anything other than something to connect their home theater to. There is no unified "app" store for SmartTV's, and you're not going to convince average Joe Consumer to replace all their home entertainment gear with the same brand (be it Apple, LG, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Viewsonic, Acer, Asus etc) because not all of these companies produce every kind of part needed, and much less of them even produce good parts, let alone interoperable parts. Who is their right mind is going to early-adopt a UHD, when the TV manufacturers can't even standardize on a video codec and container format to stream over WiFi using DLNA?

    Where the TV companies have dropped the ball is this:

    Yes, this is a nice idea, but what they(all TV manufacturers) should have done is standardized on a "SmartTV Evolution box" that can be plugged into any manufacturer's TV. For 350$ the Smart Evolution Kit is a underpowered joke. Who wants to replace this box every year at 350$ a pop just so they can get the latest GoogleTV experience?

    I think we will see another two years of bad starts on "SmartTV" and then Apple will come out with something that people actually want.
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