PayPal questions Apple Pay security in new ad, uses iCloud celebrity photo debacle as ammunition



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    There may be another reason they are scared.  I had an epiphany on my way home about ApplePay. What if we are looking at this short sighted as only a way to make payments. If you look at Bluetooth LE and iBeacons, you realize that the iPhone is one as well. It can transmit and also receive. What if the same is true with ApplePay. Why couldn't the iPhone6 or Apple Watch also be a NFC Terminal and accept ApplePay Payments, or any NFC Payments at some point in the future?  This would put NFC Terminals in a huge percentage of hands. It puts them Squarely in Square and Paypal's target zone. It also solves a problem that those companies have in 2015. How will they (Paypal, Square, etc)  be able to allow their customers to accept payments on Mobile Devices in 2015 and meet the new guidelines?  

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    Originally Posted by rob53 View Post


    And we all know PayPal has never had a security breach. ;-)


    I also love their professional advertisement. Makes me really feel warm and fuzzy. /s


    Time to cancel my PayPal accounts.  Not that I have anything in them anyway.

    I'll close them because, you know, security.

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    poochpooch Posts: 768member
    "people rule"?

    it would be nice if you actually believed that, paypal. but you don't. you proved that when you stopped accepting donations on behalf of wikileaks. eff you.
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    Maybe PayPal should step up on innovation instead of trolling Apple.
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    froodfrood Posts: 771member

    Attention Apple lovers.  Today's enemy is Paypal.  Go.

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    Holy s**t. Never would have guessed PayPal would be so damn scummy. I thought their worst was simply charging me the outrageously onerous fees for using their service.

    How wrong I was.

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    ecatsecats Posts: 272member
    @RonMG regarding FindMyFriends - we know this wasn't the vector as Apple specifically checked that one out and announced that it wasn't exploited. We can reasonably believe them here as it's simply a matter of timing/logging, that weakeness was relatively recent while the stolen images span multiple years. It also seems that password recovery services were utilised on  low-value targets in order to obtain passwords for high-value targets. (i.e. exploiting the use of the same password across multiple services.)

    Regarding the sources of the images (which were not limited to iCloud, but also other providers such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.) Unforutnately much of the discussion and analysis is no longer linkable as that information came from 4chan and various Subreddits such as /r/thefappening which have all been removed. Additionally images and their comments have been removed from imgur. However even without such evidence it's trivial that the perpetrators would be trying all popular services once having obtained the credentials. 


    I'll state it again, the only reason you hear iCloud is because it's widely known. The unathorised access to accounts however was widespread across all popular online services. The reason you're not hearing more about all of this from these companies is simple: this is still very much under investigation.

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    Wow...Samsung and PayPal are scratching at the coffin door as it slowly closes.

    In the words of Ed Grimley..."This is so sad I must say."
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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member

    The fact that Paypal is worried has me more excited than ever for apple pay.

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    PayPal must be betting that people won't remember numerous breaches that caused unauthorized charges that drained their bank accounts.

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    182305-15 wrote: »

    This is already frightening.

    That is better than most big-budget sci-fi, Poster 182305-15.

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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,154member
    What a trashy, intellectually dishonest, deceptive, and classless ad, using fear-mongering tactics and preying on the ignorant. Well done.

    PayPal, instead of spending time on ads like these, maybe you can update the interface on the canadian website, which looks straight from 1995 and hasn't seen a single visual uplift for a decade or so? Also, I'll never forgive paypal for freezing my account for a year, causing me a shitload of hassles, and to this day not giving me an explanation as to why.

    Go **** yourself you dinosaur of a company. You're becoming less and less relevant every day that passes.
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    That ad from PayPal suggests you get their app.  What?  The app found on Apple's iTunes app store?!  Seems you trust Apple security there PayPal!


    Grooooan... Know what that is PayPal?  That's a 'selfie', but it's called a 'moanie' where one reacts after reading such tripe.

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    chris_cachris_ca Posts: 2,543member

    Originally Posted by Bageljoey View Post

    I can't wait to not need PayPal...

    Why do you need it now?

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    PayPal is feeling the heat. ApplePay is here to stay.
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    chandra wrote: »
    New ad category: Panic Ads. An innovation by Samsung now adopted by PayPal.

    PayPal and Samsung are joined at the hip now for mobile payments. We can expect more of this crap from PayPal in the future since Apple chose to not accept its offer to partner on mobile payments.

    The sad, but funny, thing about the PayPal ad is PayPal will be supporting Touch ID with iOS 8. No matter what the company advertises, it will not protest Touch ID support by not supporting Apple technology.
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    I recently had an issue where I had to call PayPal customer service. The first lady promptly told me that I needed to contact the Debit Card Division. She gave me the number and I called it. The second lady promptly told me I needed to contact the Debit Card Division. Wait what?! After I recovered from that one...she actually transferred me to a guy who then answered my questions about the issue I was having.

    Horrible customer service. Apple, on the other hand, has always been amazing at directing me to the right people or giving me a solid answer from the first person I speak to. PayPal should be least for this reason alone.
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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member
    Wow. Shame on you PayPal. Cheap ploy to capitalize on Apples popularity.

    PayPal isn't secure at all. ApplePay requires Touch ID. Good luck stealing a fingerprint.
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    PayPal, eBay. eBay, Paypal. When I read about that case where eBay-PayPal ordered the destruction of an antique violin based on the buyer's assertion, and that assertion alone, that it was counterfeit, I realized that the people running this company aren't very smart and they just make rules and other things up as they go along. Stopped having anything to do with them ever since.
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