PayPal questions Apple Pay security in new ad, uses iCloud celebrity photo debacle as ammunition



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    I've seen a lot of Selfies from people, and a large number of them, especially if they're in very little of anything in which case they are standing in front of a Mirror so they can see themselves pose, is why you can see the Camera, because the Camera is seen in the Mirror also.


    This is why many of the pictures you could clearly see the phone was not a iPhone.  Since iCloud only works on Apple devices, hacking iCloud wouldn't do anything for Android and Blackberry and other phones.   Also from what I've read, this has been going on for YEARS.  Many of the pictures are of the Celeb when they were a number of years younger.  Before there was ever a iCloud!!!


    There's no computer that's going to lock you out of you have the correct credentials.  As in Login name and Password.  Celebs are generally not the brightest bulb out there, especially when it comes to security.   It sure had nothing to do with iCloud getting hacked.


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    dasanman69 wrote: »
    All I'm saying is that it's possible for a selfie taken with another device to be saved on a iCloud account. We still don't know for sure how the celebrities got hacked. I am think that the little we know so far is the tip of an iceberg.

    ...and from the Fortune article linked by Kibitzer

    Pardon: from the WashPost article;

    Two factor authentication is meant to provide extra layer of security to protect a user in case her username and password are compromised. This commonly happens in phishing attacks when hackers send e-mails to users that can lure them into disclosing their login credentials.

    It appears that Apple's implementation of TouchID based tokens/authorization is needed by everybody.

    Million-user Question: who's going to be the first to come up with a solution even half-way as usable and secure as TouchID? That Samsung "finger slide" isn't gonna cut it.
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    nagromme wrote: »
    What's the percent breakdown? How many of these celebrity photos were stolen from iCloud vs. Android vs. Picasa vs. Dropbox vs. Microsoft vs. Flickr vs. others? All I've seen is people falsely pretending it was Apple-specific.


    Good article, but I didn't see any breakdown that [@]nagromme[/@] asked about.

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    This is terribly ironic as 2 months ago my paypal account was hacked and roughly 6000 USD stolen. Paypal needs to look at its own weak security instead of focusing on others.

    1) Did you put that $6k in your PayPal account, or was that money stolen from your CC?

    2) Did you get your money back?

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    What if we are looking at this short sighted as only a way to make payments. If you look at Bluetooth LE and iBeacons, you realize that the iPhone is one as well. It can transmit and also receive.

    Would be great if I could transfer money from one iPhone to someone else's. That would also take care of splitting a dinner bill I read around here.
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