PayPal questions Apple Pay security in new ad, uses iCloud celebrity photo debacle as ammunition



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    Originally Posted by Chandra View Post

    New ad category: Panic Ads. An innovation by Samsung now adopted by PayPal.


    Samsung own the patent. Should they sue ?

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    Not a mention of the loophole that can get PayPal payers double their money back if they know how to game unsuspecting vendors?  Odd.  

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    frood wrote: »
    Attention Apple lovers.  Today's enemy is Paypal.  Go.

    Attention forum trolls. Today's company that it is wrong for Apple to compete with is PayPal. Go.
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    I have been using PayPal for every transaction I engage in on Ebay. I don't see that changing. I will, however, use Apple Pay with my new iPhone 6

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    Another funny thing..
    Today in my mail i received a paypal mastercard credit card!

    Paypal... Apple is trying to make credit cards obsolete.. And u are sending me a new paypal credit card?
    Are we regressing here?
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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    Originally Posted by DroidFTW View Post



    How do we know this?


    A) Because Apple specifically said so:


    "None of the cases we have investigated has resulted from any breach in any of Apple’s systems including iCloud® or Find my iPhone."


    Apple could be lying (or further cases could be discovered from this bottomless well of criminal photo trading). But the story going out is that it WAS a breach of iCloud, and was carried out using the former Find My iPhone rate-limiting flaw. Apple would be stupid to lie when other security researchers could catch them out in the lie--and such lies have not been Apple's historical pattern. They DO admit when a security breach has happened. Imagine the storm they would call down by lying and getting busted. (Further backing up their pattern of honesty: there was a delay, as usual, during which the investigated what happened BEFORE making a statement.) Yes, Apple marketing will spin everything. That's the job of every company's marketing. But flat-out lies about a serious breach? No.


    and B) Separate investigation (thanks, 65C816) points to the same conclusion:


    "There are entire communities and trading networks where the data that is stolen remains private and is rarely shared with the public. The networks are broken down horizontally with specific people carrying out specific roles, loosely organized across a large number of sites (both clearnet and darknet) with most organization and communication taking place in private (email, IM). .... In reviewing months worth of forum posts, image board posts, private emails, replies for requests for services, etc. nowhere was the FindMyPhone API brute force technique (revealed publicly and exploited in iBrute) mentioned. This doesn’t mean that it wasn’t used privately by the hackers – but judging by the skill levels involved, the mentions and tutorials around other techniques and some of the bragged about success rates with social engineering, recovery, resets, rats and phishing – it appears that such techniques were not necessary or never discovered."


    (None of which makes the incident relevant to ApplePay. The facts and details are what matter, and those are NOT on PayPal's side.)

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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    Attention forum trolls. Today's company that it is wrong for Apple to compete with is PayPal. Go.


    I don't understand. Are you saying Apple should not be offering ?Pay, or that Apple should be working WITH PayPal, or...?

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    Forget the message, that's just a poorly done ad.
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    Well, paypal, you just lost yourself a customer.

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    You fanboys make me laugh .... not admitting that Apple had (has still ?) serious sec flaws in iCloud .... Yes, I get that login concepts from the 70s are not very user friendly, also you guys wish the end of paypal !! Yeah great so we only have western union to pay back a friend
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    Apple must be doing the right things to get all this hate from Samsung, Microsoft and Paypal. I can't remember the last time I saw or even heard of a crowd lining up for a week to get a product from these other guys.

    And paypal is a den of thieves. I sold some items on eBay and they held my money even after the buyer received the item. All the scams artists use paypal. You think they would have their crap together as long as they have been in the game. Running scared. Lol.
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    What's funny about these desperation ads is that the general population may not even have known that Apple has a product in the category with the brand placing the ad. For instance, I'm an Apple fan and use PayPal for payments.... But I had never thought that Apple was significant encroaching on PayPal's territory... Until now. Now I think "huh, I wonder what Apple is doing better than PayPal... Maybe I should look into that. Oh, PayPal was trying to process payments securely and it failed. Oh..."

    Same with Samsung. I decided to look and see when Samsung's "Next Big Thing" was available. Oh, it's not... and there's no release date known for the Note 4. So what's with all the hate? Oh... Apple has just made something better than Samsung and they are worried... Maybe I'll check out what Apple has that's better.

    All these companies are actually advertising FOR Apple. Nobody likes a sore loser. But they will gravitate towards Apple's more positive messaging of building great things together. The more desperation ads I see and hear, the more I realize how big the iPhone 6 is in the eyes of the industry.
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    Paypal - owned by Ebay -- Ebay was hacked just earlier this year as reported by CNET also The Slate reports PayPal authentication is suspect. Also, their are numerous complaints on PayPal's website from users complaining their accounts were hacked.

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    pazuzupazuzu Posts: 1,728member
    Paging Kirsten Dunst.
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    apple ][apple ][ Posts: 8,680member

    Paypal can kiss my ass!


    What a misleading and untrue ad! They don't give a crap about protecting the people's security, they care about protecting their own pathetic asses, now that ?Pay is entering into their territory.


    Tim Cook said that the iCloud celeb hacks were Phising expeditions! iCloud was not compromised! 


    All of these companies lying and attacking Apple are truly more desperate than ever and they should realize that their lying campaigns will backfire on them.

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    Look who joined tha pathetic way of targeting Apple. First Samsung and now paypal. It seems I have to stop using their service.
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    "...but payments is a difficult area..."

    Yeah, reminds me of what Motorola said when Apple went into the mobile phone business.
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    Paypal is doomed !!

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    Originally Posted by imt1 View Post


    There may be another reason they are scared.  I had an epiphany on my way home about ApplePay. What if we are looking at this short sighted as only a way to make payments. If you look at Bluetooth LE and iBeacons, you realize that the iPhone is one as well. It can transmit and also receive. What if the same is true with ApplePay. Why couldn't the iPhone6 or Apple Watch also be a NFC Terminal and accept ApplePay Payments, or any NFC Payments at some point in the future?  This would put NFC Terminals in a huge percentage of hands. It puts them Squarely in Square and Paypal's target zone. It also solves a problem that those companies have in 2015. How will they (Paypal, Square, etc)  be able to allow their customers to accept payments on Mobile Devices in 2015 and meet the new guidelines?  

    This is brilliant. I hadn't thought of this ... 

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    quinneyquinney Posts: 2,525member
    I tried to close my PayPal account, but it didn't work:

    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

    I hope they are getting so many requests to cancel accounts that their servers are overloaded :p
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