PayPal purportedly cut out of Apple Pay due to partnership with Samsung



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    Based on how PayPal was spun off, Samsung may buy PayPal outright or forge a close relationship with them.


    I can't blame PayPal for fighting the best way that it knows to survive although I think Apple would have been a better partner.

    I have a PayPal account but I have not used it in years since I have not bought nor sold things on eBay in years so ...


    Apple's Payment Solution is so much more secure and elegant than anything else out there.


    This video below can help understand this better.  While PayPal and others sit on top of the old insecure credit card system and introduce their own risks,  Apple integrates with the new more secure Chip & Pin credit card system while making it more secure and easier to use with TouchID, leading to more people using it.  




    While most new credit cards in the US support Chip & Pin, most vendors simply use the old magnetic stripe and never ask you to enter your pin which has it's own risk anyway if someone is looking over your shoulder.  ApplePay solves that problem with TouchID and makes it easier to use.  It will be interesting to see how Google reacts if Samsung chooses to work with PayPal and ignore Google Wallet in Android.  They both suck anyway but I imagine that Google and Samsung are scrambling right now to copy ApplePay.

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    Originally Posted by BobSchlob View Post


    Yeah sure… but I was making a point about ApplePay.



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    Screw credit cards. I prefer paper money. In my hand. To their hand.

    Allmost agree with you, but I don't really trust paper money, so I would like to stick to coins, preferably gold or silver, not these modern low value alloys, but the real thing which you can check with a bite.

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    so now we're supposed to hate & trash PayPal? Rich.
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    pazuzu wrote: »
    so now we're supposed to hate & trash PayPal? Rich.

    Who is "we"? Stop making things up.
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    Today's New York Times has an interesting piece on ApplePay. It's actually complimentary to Apple. Consequently, Samsungers and Androiders are out in force, with their inferiority complex and anti-Apple vitriol in full display. It's worth checking out just for that. :lol:
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    If PayPal and Apple decided to become partners, will PayPal dump Samsung?

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    Samesung and DataSpyWithPervertCEOGoogle should never be included in any deal.


    Apple needs to bring all hardware production stateside and they will rule the world.


    I haven't used eBay/PayPal for years. There is something inherently creepy and untrustworthy about those operations.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post



    Screw credit cards. I prefer paper money. In my hand. To their hand.

    How old are you? You must be dinosaur ancient.

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    Today's New York Times has an interesting piece on ApplePay. It's actually complimentary to Apple. Consequently, Samsungers and Androiders are out in force, with their inferiority complex and anti-Apple vitriol in full display. It's worth checking out just for that. :lol:

    Some fucking people. From the comments on that article.
    MsPea, "I don't even own a smart phone. And, I don't plan to. People can't believe it, but I use an old-fashioned telephone-all it does is make and receive calls. And, I use old-fashioned actual cash money to pay for stuff.

    This is just another example of pushing a technology that we don't need and that doesn't really serve us any better than what we have now. Just because we can, doesn't mean we should."

    Bill Charlottesville, "Enjoy your toys, so long as you leave room for the grownups."

    Those are just the very first two comments that appeared. There are a lot more and a lot worse, mostly talking about how Android has had this EXACT SAME FEATURE FORE YEARS. :sigh:

    BTW, I stopped reading the article after the first sentence because it was so poorly reasoned. There have been plenty of purchases made; they should have stated the service has not officially launched yet.
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    Originally Posted by Maestro64 View Post


    You know Paypal have Ninja's watch over your personal information and they claim they never share your personal information with any on line merchants.


    Are they serious, if you click on paypal to pay an online merchant they send them your name your address so you do not have to enter online. Yeah they are not sharing your information. I only use paypal when I buy stuff form an online merchant which I do not do regular business, since I do not want them have all my personal information along with my CC stuff. It is nice level of protect and Paypal will refund you money if the merchant messes with you. But they can not claim they protect all your personal information how else can someone ship you a product with they do not know who you are.



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    Well, duh, but it's not like you don't know it's happening. The final screen that appears before you confirm the transaction on Paypal's server shows you exactly what information will be shared with the merchant. 


    PayPal has an excellent track record with security,* and because of that it's a highly trusted brand. Personally, it took me a few years way back when to trust online transactions and PayPal was a large part of that. Apple's taking a real chance on Stripe, which is much less of a proven commodity. Hopefully this won't blow up in their faces, because it's easy to imagine the headlines ("Apple went with Stripe, and now your credit card numbers are out there with your nudes"). 


    * A third party lab did find a way to spoof PayPal's two factor authentication back in June, but there's no evidence the company's ever been hacked in the wild.

    First you did not listen to what Apple said, they do not keep any credit card information on the phone, they only store the token which is actually generated by the CC company, even if someone got hold of the token it would not be enough to use since it is encrypted and you need the phone that actually encrypted it to un-encrypted it. This is actual proven technology, Every set top box in the american uses this technology to keep people from stealing content from on their DVR. This is all hardware encryption which is far better than software encryption. This is top secret military grade encryption technology, why do you think the FBI and now the AG is upset about what apple has done.


    Next, I have been a paypal customers form back in the 90's when I use to do lots of transaction on Ebay. and they had all sorts of issues so they record is not much better. Today they had no high profile breaches but they have had their issues as well.

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    I guess PayPal is really fcked now for partnering with the crappy finger reading Let me guess: no one cares about PayPal except fandroids after ApplePay implementation this month at banks and shopping stores.

    PayPal = dying service without eBay.

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    This is a very very good thing for Bitcoin. Paypal's back is up against the wall, and they will need to adapt or die. Square is doing the smart play and will likely be taking Paypal's place on Applepay.
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    Originally Posted by Lord Amhran View Post

    I have zero intention of using either one of them. Are we realy so lazy as a country that we're physically incapable of reaching into our wallets and pulling out credit/debit cards?

    If App developers were as short-sighted as this comment, the iPhone would still be just a phone. As others have already stated, ApplePay has nothing to do with laziness but rather, the solving of problems inherent in having to carry around so many cards and the old security technology used to protect them. But hey, don't let this stop you from avoiding the new "lazy" technology.

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    PayPal is a piece of shit company. If they suspect that you make a lot of $ sold a lot of merchants, they'll suspend and freeze your account for some stupid reasons. They deduct a lot of $ out of my bank without my permission so I shut them out.
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