Rumor: Apple considering return to 4-inch form factor in 2015 with 'iPhone 6s mini'



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    My take on this is that Apple already holds the high ground for 4 inch smartphones, and Apple shouldn't give up the niche. The current/next generation build would also make an acceptable next generation iPod Touch that would be at the same price points as the current iPod Touch; something that Apple would not do with an iPod Touch based on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. I get it that Apple needs to continue producing iPhone 5's for a while, but just the addition of Apple Pay, requiring, NFC, this generation of camera and the same build would be viable upgrade, and would sell well.

    I think that's a solid argument, and obviously better than those merely complaining about the iPhone 6 series, without and economic reasoning as to why it behooves Apple to keep the 4" model as new.

    I think we've seen Apple put products they wish to keep on the back burner for a duration to better showcase other tech. There is also an argument about the HW needed for a 4" iPhone following the iPhone 6 series design that might not have been possible, either because of the small size (smaller is often more complex and therefore costly) or because they simply didn't have enough of a particular component in which to do it this year (M8, NFC, curved display glass yields, whatever).
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    [SIZE=3][/SIZE] In my personal opinion Apple should release 3 models of an iPhone all with the current generation specs.. A 4in 4.7in an 5.5 in... Then if they decide to they could release a version of the cheaper line like the "5c" however apple prided themselves on being a premium handset manufacturer which also goes with there "image and prestige" now what I would love to see is the iPhone 5 dimensions with almost no bezels AT ALL. Including the massive amount of wasted space where the phones speaker is at and where the home button is at (the top and bottom of the phone) they could have a very thin bezel at the top for the speaker an front fscing camera/ sensors.. Or possibly take a page out of LG I believe I could be wrong so someone correct me if so. Anyway the phone basically had no bezels except a big chunk on the bottom which was kind of ugly, however if Apple did something along the lines of that design so that the home button, speaker, front camera and sensors were all located down there. Now yes I understand it would be a little odd turning your phone upside down when making a phone call... My biggest which is that they come out with a design that is real close to the dimensions of the i5 cause those dimensions truly are perfect for a phone. But I do think that a 4inch screen is to small... Imagine the i5 with no bezels on the sides of the phone and the top and bottom bezels were only as big as the side bezels on the current i6. That would take a 4inch screen to somewhere around a 4.5 inch screen give or take slightly bigger or smaller. One last thing I don't exactly understand the current obsession of handset manufacturers especially Apple on trying to make there devices paper thin.. I would way rather have a slightly thicker phone to give me an extra at least 2 hours of battery life. Pretty soon devices will literally be just screens with almost no physical hardware. Cause everything will be stored on the Internet/ cloud as well as actual cloud computing so basically the only thing your phone or device does is connect to the Internet/cloud and that's where everything is stored as well as that's where your device actually gets its computational computing power.. Still a ways out but still physical hardware will literally almost disappear at least to the degree of what we are used to as being the "norm". Sorry for the rant my mind is the type in which it bounces everywhere and I get started on one subject and then I start on another one that I didn't intend to discuss. Basically minor ADD..
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