Rumor: Apple considering return to 4-inch form factor in 2015 with 'iPhone 6s mini'



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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post



    That phone in the picture is a two handed device.

    Most phones made up to 2000 were two handed devices to dial.


    The one handed phone is a recent thing.


    Anyway you can EASILY use the 6+ with one hand for phone calls. 



    The 6 Plus is anything but easy to use with one hand.


    Even the old Uniden cordless phones dating back to the early-80s were easier to operate with one hand than the 6 Plus, simply because they required a narrower range of motion to reach every button. If your definition of "recent' dates back over three decades, then you might have a point.

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    Originally Posted by Benjamin Frost View Post

    No treble?


    It's a Beats product... all bass... no treble.

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    No treble?

    It's a Beats product... all bass... no treble.

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    Genius move and it should happen. Every size they've done has been extremely popular. Why not keep several sizes just like the iPod was over time? No reason to think this won't happen.
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    This rumor actually makes sense. I'm plenty happy with the screen size of my iPhone 6, but there's a market for this.
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    bobschlobbobschlob Posts: 1,074member

    Originally Posted by SolipsismY View Post


    Originally Posted by BobSchlob View Post

    because of different customer  "base".

    You know, I'm all about that base.

    You are the Ace of Base.

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    pazuzupazuzu Posts: 1,728member
    Glad to see people here still favor the classic Jobs' sized IPhone compared to the Samsung more is less form factor.
    Jobs was all about the zen of it all.
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    Finally, Apple's fix for the bending iPhone 6 /plus!! I've been waiting for this!

    Apple says 9 iPhones 6 where officially affected - Of course, they haven't disclosed what that number has grown too. The manufacturing engineers I work with say it's a big number.. and worse.. will grow over time as the materials in the phone breakdown over the life of the phone. Not a nightmare I need to wakeup with on a busy morning.
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,002member
    sog35 wrote: »
    they are listening to the ever changing market. 

    Which is EXACTLY what they should do.

    Who's changing the market?
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    people would laugh at a $199 4" iPhone....the 6 changed everything

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    tyancy wrote: »
    I just completed my first long-distance road trip with a 6S. I love the phone, but the size of it made it a huge chore for one-handed use. Just getting a grip on it (and it has a rubbery, grippy case) was a huge headache. I wouldn't mind having some sort of stick-on wedge on the back just so I wouldn't have to try to wrap my entire hand around it and bend my thumb in an awkward position to use it. It was very difficult to hang on to it while doing something as simple as just pressing the home button.

    For this kind of use, I would have preferred a standard 6.

    When did the 6S get released?

    Oh you meant to say the 6 Plus, right?
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    Originally Posted by BobSchlob View Post


    You are the Ace of Base.

    you guys seriously need better taste in music lol

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    Originally Posted by tundraboy View Post


    I hope this 4" 6s mini has the same processor and storage options as its larger brethren. And is Apple Pay capable.


    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    It'll just be an upgraded 5C if anything. Move along.


    The 5s is (soon to be was of course) the best selling phone model of all time. Apple may know that. ;)  They kept the 5s to tide them over this year, and I imagine it's continuing to sell well since cheaper to acquire on contract and the appeal of the form factor to many.  Several of my friends have made that choice at least. 

    So I think the odds of new 4" model (not a plastic C type) are fairly high.  And may have been planned before this year's models came out.


    I think this "6s mini" would be part of a line of 3 devices with the same design cues.  The four incher might get the A8 when the 6s's get A9 and the current year's camera and maybe some other 6 era parts that will be cheaper by then to cut costs, but would still advance a full gen from the 5s.

    And might go out for $149 under contract rather than for $99, though if they keep a 4.7" 6 around (and maybe a 6s?  having two new models is unprecedented after all) as they've always done with the previous gen, that gets interesting from a pricing point of view.

    And creates a proliferating number of SKUs which Apple's tended to avoid.


    Whatever, back to the hypothetial 4" model, then, rinse, wash, repeat annually for a few years (until the market morphs further), the formula of "new" 4" phone that's in fact new, but basically using the year before's 4.7" tech. And which could also stay a year behind in form factor as well I suppose (?) to incorporate that tech with less re-engineering of the innards....

    My two cents. 


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    ggfggf Posts: 42member

    "Honestly, you should try giving the 4.7" iPhone 6 a chance.  You may find it suits your needs pretty well.  If not...then not."


    THEN NOT - I have friends who have one I have handled the phone  - it does not fit in some of the pockets I want to be able to put it into . The screen is bigger but not a big enough increase to make it any better for what I use it for

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    Most pundit think that a new  2015 "4" is in the works but it definitely going be low end of the models like this year's 5C with reduced storage to 8GB.  


    I think that Apple will have it for the carrier "0" down payment  two year contract plans.  Carriers are against storage so another 8GB version is ideal for them.  The U.S. carriers are against the Apple Pay feature since many have competing products in Verizon and Sprint.  


    Given these facts; I expect the 6C with 4" 326 ppi, A7, 1GB RAM, 8GB with only two colors: White or Black.  There will no NFC for Apple Pay nor Touch ID.  Price will stay the same at $450 without contract.

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    Originally Posted by Harry Wild View Post

    There will no NFC for Apple Pay nor Touch ID.


    You have to be joking.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    There will no NFC for Apple Pay nor Touch ID.


    You have to be joking.

    If the 2015 4" low end budget iPhone had both Apple Pay and Touch ID; why would buyers go upscale to buy the mid tier or flagship iPhones?  The difference is only $200 or so between the mid tier 4.7" iPhone.   $450 vs. $650 vs. 750! 

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    asdasdasdasd Posts: 5,686member
    Of course if there is a new model it will have touchID and NFc. Apple wants people to buy stuff. The reason why the more expensive models will sell is bigger screens and other specs.

    They might also keep the 5C as an even lower priced model. ( cue Americans asking what can be lower than $0)
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    clemynxclemynx Posts: 1,552member
    apple ][ wrote: »

    That is often my intention!:lol:  The truth sometime hurts.

    I agree though that owning a large tablet and a small phone is far, far better than just owning a large phone. Some people might prefer to have a large phone and a large tablet, and that's fine too, but there should be the option to have a small phone also, if that's what somebody prefers.

    Sad thing is that people with large phones think they know what a tablet experience is when ey only get a glimpse. It's funny what difference size makes.
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    I would buy one.  I normally wanto to buy a new iPhone every year, but I passed on the iPhone 6 because it's too big.I prefer the iphone 5s.

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