Apple announces $199 iPhone 6s & $299 6s Plus with 3D Touch, A9 CPU, rose gold color, coming Sept. 2



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    What’s with the pricing? All the big carriers are moving away from 2 year contracts with subsidized pricing. I paid $750 for my iPhone 6 last October with at&t’s Next plan. What are the REAL prices of the new phones? What’s the REAL price of the ‘free’ iPhone 5S?

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    jellybelly wrote: »
    Well, no OSX 10.11 ElCapitan and no 4K on Apple TV as of today. Me thinks we do indeed have an October event if any Macs are upgraded plus afore-mentioned items%u2014or an unprecedented November event instead?
    Would they have to wait until January for TV content deals and Skylake processors that they want to use? e.g. the Xeon Skylake for a new Mac Pro and higher clockable Skylake for iMac?

    Dear jelly-brain:

    1) the new Apple TV was demo'ed in 4k;
    2) Macs are taking the backseat to iOS and newer tech, or haven't you noticed?
    3) what content deals? What part of apps, like those from CNN, CBS, HBO, etc. don't you understand? If the studios ir channels want to be present on the leading livingroom platform, they will make an app for that in Apple tvOS.

    Everything else is a press release away.
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    Originally Posted by majortom1981 View Post


    Its been on windows phone for a year or two . On windows phone you can export them as gif and other things and can put them into movies.

    Can you control it or does it just automatically play?

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    Originally Posted by Tobiwan View Post

    Who subsidizes contracts anymore? Only AT&T remains and they may quit doing them very soon as well.

    If someone is a current Verizon customer they have the options of staying with their two year contract. All new Verizon customers either pay full price upfront or go o a 24 month payment plan with Verizon.

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    Originally Posted by Conrail View Post

    Originally Posted by boredumb View Post


    Seems like an awful lot of things addressed - really nice 'upgrade', Apple!

    yep the entire product line.

    I didn't get to see the whole thing yet, so I was only thinking of the iphone,

    but, yes, I know Cook (?) referred to 'the entire product line' at the start (right??),

    so I'm looking forward to streaming it when it's available.

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    Well when you say you invented it and did it first which is a blatant lie yes it does matter. I wouldn't have had a problem with it but when you say you invent something when you didn't that's my problem. ?

    Also I am pretty sure its on any phone with lumia cyan firmware or higher which was 2 years ago. My 920 has it, my 1020 has it and my 1520 has it.  Apple did giva a job to one of the nokia imaging engineers responsible for it. So that's where they got the idea from.

    OK. So maybe the guy they hired invented it then? Who cares about your Lumia? If I may answer that fir you: no one. Not even Microsoft or Nokia. Deal with it.
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    Originally Posted by ThePixelDoc View Post

    1) the new Apple TV was demo'ed in 4k;

    Wait, who says?

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    I got the iPhone 6 plus last year, but the real innovation is this year.  3D touch, live pics, 4k video,  man I so want to change my phone now...


    See I had the opposite reaction as a 6+ owner. These are all wonderful improvements, groundbreaking for 5S owners moving up, but none of them will dramatically change my paradigm. 3D touch is cool, but it's just shortcuts to functionality I already have. Touch ID 2 may be nice though...


    My Apple money this fall will go to the iPad Pro, and next year iPhone 7.

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    Originally Posted by ThePixelDoc View Post

    Which Windows phone? And nice to know... does anything ever being on any other phone first... especially one that nobody in serious numbers uses, make it relevant?

    Besides: Microsoft itself cares more about being present on iOS than they care about Surface. Let them tell the story of how they were "FIRST!"

    Yes it does.  It's always relevant to know where new ideas originated so those who's creativity brought them to fruition are recognised.


    Would you like it if something you created and invented was copied and promoted  by someone else so that they got the credit for originality in your place?



     A photo is a frozen moment in time. But to help you relive those memories, Nokia Camera now comes with Living Images.




    I think it came with the Cyan OS update in July 2014.



    And just for the record, I think the new iPhones are very impressive, as is the iPad Pro, though it's a bit expensive.

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    I really really like the new plastic phones that were just announced... oh, wait...

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    solipsismy wrote: »
    I don't know what that means.
    Is the default capacity increased over 5GiB?
    i tried to quote his other comment on iPhone 6C
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    wizard69 wrote: »
    No mention of RAM. The updates are however impressive. It looks like the camera alone might be good reason to update, the processor performance however is nothing to sneeze at either.
    apple never mentioned RAM in any event. Wait for ifixit
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    Originally Posted by SolipsismY View Post

    Yeah, because the iPhone 6 and 6S upgrades are complete crap over your iPhone 5S. Go right ahead and hold onto a phone losing money when it's one of the only CE in the history of the world that has a great resale value for being a couple years old. The rest of will be selling our devices for a small profit to pay for getting into a more capable device that will again be brand new and therefore have the best resale in a year from now with the iPhone 7 is released.

    sorry, to me (not saying i'm wealthy) its a phone, not an investment. 

    thanks for your feedback tho, have a great day

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    Look for a bump in screen resolution in the iPhone 10 in 2020!

    Apple does not like increase screen resolution on phones. The smaller 4.7" still is at 326ppi same as the iPhone 4!
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    The speed improvements on the CPU/GPU were better than I expected, really impressive.

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    The Verge's initial hands on is quite positive and that's coming from someone very skeptical about force/3D touch.
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    the live photos thing is cool...but a little creepy.
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    Originally Posted by pmz
    "No October event. Thats why iPads were announced now. How many more ways you need it explained?"
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Geez, that's an impatient response, sorry about that. I know that John Gruber changed his mind yesterday that iPad Pro would be introduced today compared to his Monday opposite view and then surmised no October event.
    I've read all the comments and many respected blogs. But did you read my comment?

    No [S]El Capitan[/S]* introduction and no iMac 5k upgrade.

    Also Apple is likely to refresh Cinema Display to 4K. They didn't cover Watch OS2.0 features, iPad Air3 nor a revamped UI for iTunes.

    I think it's unknowable but possible they want to do another Fall announcement event for the shopping season IF they have stuff ready. OSX 10.11 and Watch OS 2.0 will be ready in short order.

    But I acknowledge that some things will be ready in January or February like a new Xeon chip and TV content aggregation.

    Let me know what you think will happen with these items as a hunch, or agree with it being unknowable and just conjecture.
    I would enjoy a little dialog, instead of telling me how many times I need "it" explained. And what would be explained? I've read the leading blogs, but haven't heard an explanation of "it" before from you or anyone. I've probably read the same reasonable predictions you have about "no October event". But those reasonable predictions were before what we know was left out today. Looking forward to a thoughtful comment.
    Originally Posted by ThePixelDoc
    Dear jelly-brain:
    1)The new Apple TV was demo'ed in 4k.[/QUOTE]

    No it wasn't.
    4K was [U]not[/U] discussed or revealed in event. It's absence is being discussed on other blogs as I write this. Considering the 4K on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, it's hopefully a feature that can be turned on in a firmware update. It is possible they might hold off since 4K streaming is still a problem for many networks. I think we all hope however that we can sooner-than-later Airplay stream 4K from our Macs and iOS devices of content produced and edited on our shiny new iPhones.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [QUOTE]2) Macs are taking a backseat to iOS and newer tech, or haven't you noticed?[/QUOTE]

    Macs are still a part of the ecosystem. Apple is one of the few companies that make decent profit on desktop and laptop computers. It does contribute to the bottom line. Yes I'm noticing the evolution, but Macs are still quite important to Apple and will be for some years.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [QUOTE]3) what content deals? What part of apps, like those from CNN, CBS, HBO, etc. don't you understand? If the studios ir channels want to be present on the leading livingroom platform, they will make an app for that in Apple tvOS.

    Everything else is a press release away.[/QUOTE]

    Apple wants to bundle content from content producers and offer a bundle of channels. This has been a busy news item since WWDC in June and Apple has been pursuing this for years. Here's an excerpt of what was said by Bloomberg and reported on MacWorld:

    [INDENT]"According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is delaying the announcement of its new Internet-powered live TV streaming service until at least 2016, as negotiations with TV networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox continue to stall. The holdup has to do over the subscription price for the service. Apple wants to give viewers a mini-bundle of select TV channels for about $40 a month, roughly half of the typical cable bill. TV networks, on the other hand, expect to be paid more than what they get from current providers. "[/INDENT]

    Re: "Everything else is a press release away"
    On that I can agree that some things will be a press release. But an event for [S]El Capitan[/S]*, a new iMac 5k and Watch OS 2.0 features would not be unprecedented and I believe likely. It will help holiday sales as their 2nd fall events have in the past. An iPad Air 3 is not out of the question for that event either. And there is a revamped version of iTunes expected to answer some real problems with the current and recent versions.

    It starts to add up.

    *UPDATE: Craig Federighi's demo of 3D Touch showed a message on the iPhone he was holding, that said El Capitan is shipping on September 30th.
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    Originally Posted by Harry Wild View Post

    Look for a bump in screen resolution in the iPhone 10 in 2020!


    iPhone 10 will be in 2022. ;)


    Apple does not like increase screen resolution on phones. The smaller 4.7" still is at 326ppi same as the iPhone 4!

    Almost as though your eye can’t tell the difference.

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    Okay, for the $32 a month thing, it's unlocked, right? Soooo could I use a prepaid plan with that?


    This could save some serious money, depending on the fine print.


    Also, YAY on the iCloud storage.

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