Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

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Apple CEO Tim Cook and head of hardware John Ternus have debuted the new Mac Pro, restoring PCI-E and ultra-high performance to the Mac.

New Mac Pro

In the new Mac Pro, Apple is using a new Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores and 64 PCI Express lanes. The Mac Pro uses six memory channels, with 2933 MHz ECC RAM, in 12 slots, with up to 1.5 TB of system memory.

PCI-E has been restored to the system, with eight PCI-E slots. Four double-wide slots are available, with three single-wide ports. Two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and two USB-A ports occupy the eighth slot. Two more Thunderbolt 3 slots are on the top of the enclosure.

Two of the PCI-E slots are MPX modules. Each MPX-compatible bay can support one full-length, double-wide x16 gen 3 slot and one full-length, double-wide x8 gen 3 slot in MPX bay 1, or two full-length, double-wide x16 gen 3 slots.

Up to 4TB of SSD storage can be installed at the time of purchase. Post-purchase options aren't clear at present. All storage is encrypted with Apple's T2 chip.

Networking is provided by a pair of 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Bluetooth 5.0 is also available.

The enclosure is 20.8 inches tall without wheels. It is 17.7 inches deep, and 8.58 inches wide. For comparison, the 5,1 Mac Pro was 20.1 inches tall, 8.1 inches wide, and 18.7 inches deep.

Video standard is a 14 teraflop Radeon Pro Vega II, with 32GB of HBM2. There will be a Radeon Pro Vega II Duo card available in Apple's MPX Module format, capable of 28 teraflops performance, with 64GB of HBM2. This is all fed by a 1.4KW power supply.

The new Mac Pro debuts Afterburner, capable of decoding up to 6.3 billion pixels per second. With Afterburner, video editors using high-quality cameras that require the conversion of native file formats into proxies for easy editing can use native formats and decode up to three streams of 8K ProRes RAW video and 12 streams of 4K ProRes RAW video in real time.

Apple's Mac Pro at WWDC 2019
Apple's Mac Pro at WWDC 2019

Other processor options are a 12-core 3.3 GHz Xeon with a 31.25MB cache, a 16-core 3.2GHz Xeon with 38MB cache, a 24-core with 57MB cache, and a 28-core 2.5Ghz Xeon. The eight-core Turbo Boost frequency is 4.0GHz, with the remaining options having a 4.4GHz boost speed.

Mac Pro models with an eight-core Xeon, 32GB of RAM, and the Radeon Pro 580X will start at $5999, and will be available in the fall. There will be a version optimized for rack deployment, also available in the fall.

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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,791member
    The cheese grater lives! Booya... Watching now, this looks sweet. Way overpowered for my needs, but damn....I waaant it.
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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,870member
    I think Apple have hit the nail on the head with this one. It's soo much better than the trashcan. And it has USB-A ports!
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    netroxnetrox Posts: 1,411member
    That just blows my mind away... it's like an overkill for my needs but.... sweet!!!! Truly a pro! 
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    hammeroftruthhammeroftruth Posts: 1,292member
    Make Macs grate again!

    Too 🧀?
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    dougddougd Posts: 292member
    It took that long to bring back the cheese grater ?
    wozwozwelshdogoseameavon b7kestraldysamoria
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    Panasonic just released a 6K mirrorless camera. 
    Samsung just dropped an 8K TV. 
    The post-production means to deliver content to the consumer? 
    WHO doesn’t care about professionals???
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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,870member
    Damn! That display too!

    This is going to be $$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    eightzeroeightzero Posts: 3,047member
    For perhaps the first time, we see a product from Apple where the engineers were obviously told: "price and cost are irrelevant."
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,791member
    dougd said:
    It took that long to bring back the cheese grater ?
    Read up on the articles from two years ago about how and when they decided to start over. TechCrunch has the transcript of the press event:

    This machine is awesome, and unlike what we've seen before. No whining.
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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,943member
    Holy shit I'm dead! this is incredible!!!
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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,870member
    Starting price isn't too bad. A serious machine and a serious display. I think there's no room for the whiners here!
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    bitmodbitmod Posts: 267member
    If you’re a Fortune 100 company... it’s going to be great!
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    docno42docno42 Posts: 3,755member
    Thank god they didn’t screw it up by trying to “innovate” problems that don’t exist.  

    Awesome update even even if it did take forever.  Now to just justify it for me :)
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    JWatt69JWatt69 Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    Why talk about 8K for so long then announce a 6K monitor ... looks like a fantastic bit of kit though. Anyone guess the price of the 28 Core Xeon, 128Gb Memory, Dual Radeon II and Afterburner Card?
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    kkqd1337kkqd1337 Posts: 422member
    Fantastic job. It’s good to see Apple gracious enough to admit they were wrong and go back to the solid, dependable, professional tower design.
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    wozwozwozwoz Posts: 263member
    Wow - this so Pro they might sell 100 of them. Cheese grater design is boring. After the criticism of the R2D2 Mac Pro for not being pro enough (when Apple didn't even offer upgrade options over 5 years!), they have gone to the other extreme and produced a machine that only a tiny proportion of Pro users will want, or be able to justify. Apple have lurched far too far to the other extreme. 
    Same goes for the monitor:  they should be providing a suite of monitors in different sizes for different users - not some ridiculously over-specced $6000 32 inch monitor with a an optional $1000 stand.
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    JWatt69JWatt69 Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    Why talk about 8K for so long then announce a 6K monitor ... looks like a fantastic bit of kit though. Anyone guess the price of the 28 Core Xeon, 128Gb Memory, Dual Radeon II and Afterburner Card?
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    The stand cost $1000.  Lots of companies will offer compatible stands far cheaper.
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    bitmodbitmod Posts: 267member
    Apple missed the mark completely on this... completely. They custom designed a Mac Pro for Pixar... what about the rest of us? FFS...
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,791member
    bitmod said:
    If you’re a Fortune 100 company... it’s going to be great!
    Quality tools are expensive. Do you need a tool this powerful? If so, great, here it is, you can do your job and produce value with it. If not, it's not for you, and that's fine. The iMac Pro, iMac, and Mini are great options for desktops.
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