Allegations of discrimination spawn investigation into Apple Card credit lines



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    apple ][ said:
    apple ][ said:
    Well that settles it.

    Goldman Sachs released a statement - “We have not, and will not, make decisions based on factors like gender.”

    This whole story which has been repeated and spread by numerous media outlets is basically fake news and they're spreading the lies and BS fabricated claims of some overly emotional SJW on twitter, who happens to be a "VIP", whose false accusations are nothing but fabrications and made up fantasies that exist in their own mind only.

    Just because something doesn't turn out the way one wishes it to, that doesn't mean that there is automatically sexism, racism or any other kind of "ism" behind it, and you don't get a free pass to act like an infant, whining and making outrageous claims against others.

    Show the proof or stfu and don't make slanderous, garbage claims and false accusations against others. 

    To be honest, Goldman Sachs should have cancelled both his card and his wife's card. Who cares how successful or how much money that person has? Why would a company want a customer that is going around spreading garbage false rumors about them, claiming that their product is sexist?

    I'm pretty tired of these virtue signaling asshats by now, and I don't think I'm the only one.
    It's not really fake news.   It would be if it were only based on this guy's claims.   But a government agency (not sure if it was state or federal) gave it credibility by announcing it what was starting an investigation.  That is likely what gave the story legs.
    New York I believe. Many loonies there.

    The investigation began because somebody saw a tweet? They must not have a lot to do.

    Yesterday morning, I read a tweet thread from @DHH detailing how his @AppleCard credit limit was considerably higher than that of his wife —who had a higher credit score.

    Yeh, or somebody trying to make a name for themselves by exploiting a current hot button social issue...
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    rcfa said:
    Looking at the spending habits of “influencers”, “Instagram babes”, “pouty lip glamour girls”, the cries of desperation of buddies who have to pick up the tabs of their GF’s and wives spending habits:

    It can’t come at a surprise, that if simple credit worthiness is used, without a bonus factor for being female, that lower credit scores are the result.

    We live in an age when simple waitresses thing Prosecco isn’t good enough for then, and order Champagne, and think they need LV, Channel, and Gucci bags costing thousands each.

    Any responsible daddy, and credit card companies function as such, will cut off access to funds in such cases.

    Sure, there are plenty of other types of women, but guess which kind is the most likely to want to carry a trendy Apple Card: the responsible mom, or always brand-aware instagirl?
    Wow, spot the incel.
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