Lets count NEW iPods



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    mandricardmandricard Posts: 486member

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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member

    im sure it was worth it
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    bluerabbitbluerabbit Posts: 105member
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member

    It's a ten gigger
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    30 gigger. I've loaded my complete music collection in the last couple days and 1100 songs have only filled about 2 gigs.

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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member

    Note the score and the fact that there's a paratrooper on my gun platform and it's still not exploded. It took me more than a dozen tries to get that exact shot. :P
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    eskimoeskimo Posts: 474member

    I've had my new 15GB for about 2 weeks now. Very nice
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member

    Originally posted by Eugene

    Note the score and the fact that there's a paratrooper on my gun platform and it's still not exploded. It took me more than a dozen tries to get that exact shot. :P

    you have serious issues

    nice jag mouspad. what did you do with your old one, and is this one engraved also?
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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    yeah paul, i was gonna say something about eugene too...but i had already used my "geeks are phunny" line about brad when he actually used the word (?) blargh to show his displeasure with the iApps nibs and widgets or whatever the red/orange/green dots are called...

    these kids are cute, these kids are phunny...but it is sort of like when i see the gang kids wearing a freakin hair net, or the pale suburban kids wearing their jeans down near their knees...the same thought always runs through my head..."how do these kids ever get laid?? who are the idiot women that say, "oh, i got to get me some of that!" when they see someone in a hairnet, or with jeans at their knees, or when someone sez, "look at this iPod game score...wOOt!", or "iTunes nibs!! don't get me started on iTune nibs!! BLARGH!!!"


    ps...i hope to add my number on tuesday...come on ups
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    mattismattis Posts: 17member
    i got my 15 gig the day it came out
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    o and ao and a Posts: 579member
    bought one at apple store day of realease

    10 gig. i'm one happy camper.
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    myahmacmyahmac Posts: 222member
    replaced mty old broken 10 with a new 30. i love compusa's warranty. didnthave to pay a thing.
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    tetzel1517tetzel1517 Posts: 204member
    I've had my 15 gig for about two weeks now. It's sooo purty. I'm much more careful with it than my old 5 gig (bought the day the iPod came out, now sold to a grateful co-worker who was cash-depleted by a recent wedding).

    If it's not in its dock, it's in the carrying case. And I'm really starting to like using the remote, though I do wish I could reverse the clip so the buttons were more lefty-friendly (they're all upside-down from my perspective). But nothing else in this world is, so again I will adapt.
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    My 10 GB, along with my iPod, are currently winging their way towards me along with my brand-new iBook 900 (after a 3-week wait, thank you very much EMJ).

    Got them on the student developer program, about 17% off. Great deal for my first laptop AND my first Mac!
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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    33...got mine today

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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member

    Originally posted by Retrograde

    Yes, "real life" is the tester... for me now too! I had been planning on holding off for a little while before picking up an iPod too although now that some crafty people at ipodding.com have found out that the new iPod can record I think I may end up holding off to see how that pans out. Recording is a feature I could definitely use and would finally tip the scales for me as a "must have" device. Let's hope Steve doesn't hold off on this too long as it looks like it may just be some adjustments to the software in addition to a microphone attachment incorporated via the new connector on the bottom. Here's to hoping!

    Ya'll have to wait a little while before I add my name to the list

    OMG! The left earphone of my (2nd 15GB) iPod is also a microphone! Not bad quality either (a pity about my geeky voice). It really works!

    It's also useless because you can't save... f*** me I'm impressed though.

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    mattismattis Posts: 17member
    my friend just got a 15gb so i am counting for him
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    I got my first iPod yesterday!

    I had a friend bring it back to me from the US for here in italy the same version of 299 costs 410 Euro!

    I've been lusting over an iPod ever since it first came out. I'm a big mac fan yet over the two years people in my class who hardly even know what it does get them for their birthdays and chirstmas etc.

    I finally got my parents to say yes!

    And it was worth the wait! These new ones have improved significantly!
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    bka77bka77 Posts: 331member

    15 GB iPod, seems to work fine with my WinXP.
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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    My girlfriend leaves today with her little sister to help her find a dress for the prom, she returns 11 hours later with a 10 Gig iPod. It's not mine, but it's in my possession, so I can say


    Soon I will have mine, hopefully I'll have the extra money to pick up a 15 Gig. Her iPod is sitting on my desk right in front of me, after I have imported all her old CDs, copying all her music over, taunting me. I want my iPod, but instead I'm stuck importing Madonna and Def Leppard albums.
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