"970 Powermacs in September", chirped the little bird

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Hi, obviously I'm new here, and without a track record my info may seem tenuous to some. I can divulge neither whence nor when this info originated without putting trusted friends in danger. I'm showing the info I'm comfortable putting up now, but it's essentially the "tip of the iceberg" of what I do know, in a way. This is why I'm so confident of it.

No new (970) Powermacs at WWDC. I don't know where all these other rumors come from, but 970 Powermacs are NOT currently in production, or at least, they are only gearing up the lines. Maybe the rumors meant PPC 970 production, which is in full swing. But obviously there's a significant lag between the time when a CPU rolls out of the Fishkill plant's driveway, and when a 970 Powermac rolls into an Apple warehouse.

The Powermacs will be shipping by September--I don't know when they will be announced. Probably in August. I don't know the name, maybe G5, but my source(s) were skeptical of the G5 rumor. The specs are the interesting part, because Apple will fragment the "pro" line in an effort to respond to the demands for a consumer tower.

There will be 2 cases and 2 different mobos.

Smaller case "222": Single PPC 970 CPUs, 4 DDR RAM slots, AGP 8X, 2 PCI slots (yes, same PCI as now). 2 optical drive bays. Serial ATA with room for 2 HDs.

Larger case "666": Dual PPC 970 CPUs, one bank of RAM for each CPU with 6 RAM slots each, AGP 8X, 6 PCI slots. 2 optical drive bays. Two Serial ATA channels with room for 6 HDs. This mobo has a few other perks compared to the 222, and they will be a nice surprise in their own right.

Both boards are based on Hyper Transport, which is used "liberally".

Apparently the 222 will be aimed a bit below the current Powermacs, while the 666 is intended for a market above the current Powermacs. Apple's feedback among Powermac users can be divided into 2 groups: one for which the current towers are too restricting, and one for which the current towers are overkill, and very little middle ground. So Apple is going to try and fulfill everyone's expectations.

These Powermacs will show up at WWDC, but only behind closed-door NDA sessions. Much like the G4 Macs, Apple is giving developers a preview so they can prepare for their introduction later on. Mass seeding (project "Appleseeder" will begin at WWDC, first with top-tier developers, then down the line.

I know nothing about the PPC 970-based Powerbooks, except that they will appear after the 970 Powermacs. Personally I think this means MWSF 04, but maybe later, we'll see. 970 iMacs? To be rolled into the next generation iMac, I'm told, but as for when that is, who knows?

Dapper Dan out.


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    gargar Posts: 1,201member

    Originally posted by Dapper Dan

    Larger case "666".

    sorry, it looked very good actually, but kick that source of you in his face to whipe off that devilish smile.

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    nijiniji Posts: 288member
    very believable.

    thnx for posting this.

    post again with other comments and insights you have.
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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,529member
    I wish Apple wasn't so completely secretive. I understand they want to keep things from the competitors and such. However, it would be useful if Apple could somehow come onto discussion boards like this and informally debunk some of the wilder rumors.

    I'm not commenting on this rumor one way or the other. It is now so close to the keynote it doesn't really matter.

    For the record, I'm still predicting no new PowerBook at WWDC but I'm hoping I'm wrong.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Serial ATA is one device per channel, so if there's 2 channels and room for 6 HDDs, that would require additional interfaces...like 2 traditional ATA buses.
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    marcusmarcus Posts: 227member
    Sounds believable to me... well alot more so than the other rumors flying about.

    The split in the lines sounds like a perfect solution to the Pro-sumer and Pro market issue.

    Time line sounds better too. Could Smaegol be a build for developers only, to test machines before Panther is seeded?

    Either this will have been an awesome first post blowing the lid off the situtatuon, or...Hmm well.

    I guess time will tell...
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    haunebuhaunebu Posts: 40member
    Sounds like dude has no clue. Apple's stock vaue will absolutely implode if there's no public 970 announcement at WWDC. The market won't bear it. Period.

    Nothing to see here folks, move along.
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    Why traditionel PCI?
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    That "222" is EXACTLY what I'm looking for.

    I hope this info is true. God knows we've been asking for the Pro line to be split for long enough!
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member

    Originally posted by haunebu

    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

    Well that apply no better than to your post.

    First: Stock marked doesn´t decide what is ready here and now. Low stock prices have never developed any products. Its a shame it has to be repeated so many times.

    Second: Its often stated as a fact that stock prices are very sensitive to what products Apple release. With a few exceptions (iTMS) that has never been the case. Often it has gone the other way even when Apple have lived up to or surpassed the expectations.
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    lemon bon bonlemon bon bon Posts: 2,383member
    Hmmm. Good news and bad news here. Mainly good.

    970s are coming. But the 'wild rumours' of an early intro' have more to do with 970s in 'full production' ie the actual cpu rather than cpus being put into 'POWER'Mac cases on the assembly line. We could be talking about 3 months to ramp up enough inventory to satisfy demand. Quark 6 and production for sales of over a quarter of a million 'Power'Macs take time to rack up. I can see how the perception between cpu production and assembly production of actual Apple product could be causing mixed messages on the rumour mill.

    The idea of a schizofrenic(sp) 'Power'Mac line '222' and '666' would certainly sooth many of my and many other Apple tower buyer's whinges. A consumer tower. They NEED one if they are serious about growth. Man, those Wintel towers put ours to shame in the valume and performance per buck stakes. '222' pitched below the current line sounds exciting. (Implications for iMac2 line...but hold that for now...) We could be talking sub K and just over one K pricing. Say..., £895 inc VAT and...£1095 inc VAT. But... '666' would be priced above the current line? Oops. Would that be £2195 and £2795 inc VAT? As standard options.

    Hmmm. They're tying the dual formations to the 'special surprise' motherboard goodies?

    Keeping the singles 'consumer'.

    That's a BIIIIIIG whole in the 'middle' ground. What's going in there? '999' emergency? ('911'?) Scratches head. A 'dual' flavour of the consumer board? ie 222s with duals?

    I like the idea to a degree. But there's a big hole in the middle of it...

    It would address many of the complaints about the tower line. From a consumer gamer's, PC 'Tower' Switcher (who's gonna want a 1.4 gig = 2.8 Pentium 4 machine for under a grand...), an edu'/college point of view. Could be a real nice machine if priced 'under' the current bottom end which aint really all that hot.

    The imac2? Well. For those people who like 970 in an attractive all in one package. Get LCD bundle cheaper...but no expandability. 'Power'Mac Consumers get Tower and expandability but have to pay abit more for an LCD. A fair trade off. Satisfies those who want expandability. (And many switchers will want that...) And those who don't care/don't know/aren't bothered.

    Well done Dan, true or false, your 'info' has produced intrigue. It makes sense that Apple have been trying to please far too many people with their 'soft' middle ground towers. And in reality, failing many markets.

    Sept' at the latest. I can live with that. That's when I can begin to think about affording one anyhow! So even though I'd like to see 'em sooner. Sounds like Apple. Smeagol for developers. (Who, credit to Apple, are starting to be mightily valued and cosseted by Apple these days. They could learn from M$ in this respect?) Sure, no sweet spot duals, they're out of reach but the trade off is you can buy a tower without pawning yer granny...

    Re: the 'big' picture...sounds good.

    Lemon Bon Bon
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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member

    Originally posted by Eugene

    Serial ATA is one device per channel, so if there's 2 channels and room for 6 HDDs, that would require additional interfaces...like 2 traditional ATA buses.

    Wrong. Serial ATA has support for more drives than can fit inside an average server case, per channel.

    Also, I see nothing in this "info" which hasn't be speculated by other members of this board.

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    lemon bon bonlemon bon bon Posts: 2,383member

    That "222" is EXACTLY what I'm looking for.

    I think alot of people are.

    I think alot of 'non-Mac' buyers would go for that. Apple needs to 'tuck into' those 98%. Splitting the Tower market into two sounds pragmatic. The current towers are like a stuck pig that needs a punt to get sales jump started. ie off life support.

    Lemon Bon Bon
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    lemon bon bonlemon bon bon Posts: 2,383member
    Hmmmm. No 'hole in the middle'. If there's 3 of each then...that can cover alot of ground from under 1K to 3K approx'. Much in the way the current Powerbooks do now. Except the entry '222' will be much cheaper than the current 12 inch Powerbook.

    Nice. Could see 1.4 at under a K. '1.6?' just over a K. 1.8 970 at 1 and a half to just under 2K.

    3 '666' models going at 2 and a half K to 3 and a half K.

    Hmmm. This would jibe with the 'X-Station' rumours. Aha.

    The splitting of the new Towers won't be over G4s. But over the amount of 970s and the underlying MB.

    Pros and Uber Pros.

    I hope this corresponding 'hike' of the duals to the Uber mobo has a corresponding leap in standard graphic card options. Such priced machines better not be shipping with ATI face sucker graphic cards ala 9000 on a machine costing £3and a half K would be laughable. Bet we're talking Quadro or FX or Ati 9700 as standard at least. The new Apple aint as stupid as the 'old' Apple.

    Hmmm. Though I'm tinged with disappoint that I won't be able to get an Apple dual for under 2K...(on this evidence...) at least we'll be able to get a '3.6 gig' 'G4' for under 2K. Many a Wintel owner would grant grudging respect for that kind of performance. Don't see many dual Wintels under 2K?

    Lemon Bon Bon
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    Originally posted by haunebu

    Sounds like dude has no clue. Apple's stock vaue will absolutely implode if there's no public 970 announcement at WWDC. The market won't bear it. Period.

    WWDC is for developers, not the public. It's not a big enough venue for Steve to satisfy his ego when he rolls out the new PowerMacs. Besides, APPL tanks regardless of what they announce. The iTunes Music Store was the only aberration to this rule.

    So, what we have is: If Apple doesn't introduce [insert name here] by [random event], then

    a) I will buy a PC.

    b) Apple is doomed! Doomed, I tell ya!!

    c) I won't be able to score chicks on Saturday nights.

    d) all of the above, with gratuitous comments about how Intel rocks.


    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

    If you're referring to your post, then I will agree with you.
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    gargar Posts: 1,201member
    lemon, your price points in K's are in british pound stirling, no?
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    Originally posted by Dapper Dan


    I thought Steve Wozniak retired from Apple.

    Well, Mr. Dan, let's see how well your credibility holds up the next few weeks. So do your sources know of any Apple branded, font-named underwater digital camera?
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    Yeah, that 222 is still expandible.

    You could have 2/4GB DDR, a SuperDrive and a Combo, 640GB hard disk space, ATi Radeon 9700 Pro (or whatever), two PCi cards plus all the usual goodies: AirPort Extreme, 1Gbps Ethernet, sound etc. I reckon that pretty much covers [my understading of] the middle ground if you want it to... is this the return of the Cube? The concept's still good if the pricing's right.

    I see the "666" going into the really heavy duty market, where Apple has never been before. I want to see George Lucas enthusing about it, telling us all about how the 666 helped him to visualise Episode 3 etc. Something built to run Shake or whatever the choice app is.

    And I'm happy to wait until Sept. if the machines are "right" for their markets.
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    ensign pulverensign pulver Posts: 1,193member
    Points for Dapper Dan's rumor:

    Specific, two tier Power Mac prediction is bold, yet logical.

    222 and 666 codenames are quite believable (Room 222 for EDU, 666 early Mac history reference)

    Excellent grammar (not a 12 year old pulling our chain)

    Points against Dapper Dan's post:

    1st post ever.

    The only way to get a dual processor Mac is to buy a 6 PCI slot behemoth? I hope not.

    If there's no hardware at WWDC, why is Apple showing the keynote to consumers in Apple retail stores?
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    Originally posted by Ensign Pulver

    If there's no hardware at WWDC, why is Apple showing the keynote to consumers in Apple retail stores?

    Well, there's still Panther. That's as consumer as it gets.

    Remember, Apple's idea of "great" and "exciting" may be slightly different than the denizens' of AppleInsider (see: "way beyond the rumor sites").
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    well, sounds reasonable.

    however, one of the biggest store chains with apple hardware in germany, gravis, seems to expect new powermacs at wwdc. they're packing their demo powermacs and make them ready to sell. they've done the same thing with the old ipods just a few days before the new ones arrived.

    this does not necessarily have to mean ppc 970 powermacs, speedbumps of the old ones are also possible. but in any case that would mean ppc 970 in september isn't possible. either they will be released at wwdc or later than september because just 3 months after a powermac-upgrade is too early.

    the whole article about this is on http://www.mac-tv.de, however in german.

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