Something Is Fishy.... (iPod)



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    bioflavonoidbioflavonoid Posts: 723member
    I got my 30 gigger... Happiness.
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member

    Originally posted by Mandricard

    Hope sprung eternal, and continues to.

    Congratulations, Mandricard! The spring of hope does not run dry on these here boards. In fact, AI is like an oasis. And as if palms were once again bearing fruit, you now have a new iPod in hand. (Was that too cheesy? )

    In the words of Lauryn Hill:


    Everything is everything

    What is meant to be, will be

    After winter, must come spring

    [New iPods they] comes eventually

    Note that Lauryn Hill is featured on the new iTunes Music Store, but her song "Everything" is not.

    I salute Mandricard's eternal hope!

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    bodhibodhi Posts: 1,424member

    Originally posted by Mandricard

    Dear Moderators, et. al.,

    I would like to let the '"fellowship of the AI boards" know that I have replaced my trusty 5 Gig iPod which died so valiantly at the beginning of this thread with a new and totally hip 15 gig. I am pleased as punch. To all who stuck with this thread for however many pages, and three and a half months, it kept my good old hope springing and I am glad I waited.

    Hope sprung eternal, and continues to.



    Congrats man. The iPods came..Mandricard got his and all is well. Time to let the thread die in peace.

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