New Apple ads savage Microsoft's $300m Windows campaign



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    Originally Posted by Rayz View Post

    I take your point with Excel, but you can't find something better than Publisher for the Mac?

    Well, Microsoft doesn't make Publisher for the Mac, so the whole discussion of "losing" Publisher (if MS were to pull Office) is moot. Anyway, because I want to answer your question - PageMaker on the Mac (along with several free alternatives, and heck, even Quark) wipes the floor with Publisher in terms of functionality, ease of use, and output quality.

    And even on Windows, very few people use Publisher for professional desktop publishing. Usually people only use it if it's already been purchased with some sort of Office bundle, and their company is too stingy to buy a decent tool. FrameMaker is the dominant application for professional desktop publishing, and Blaze is the fastest growing. Publisher isn't really in the running.
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    hillstoneshillstones Posts: 1,490member
    The simple fact is that MS took 5 long years to develop Vista, which was a disaster, and almost 2 years to do nothing with it, except for a useless Service Pack 1. Now they have given up on Vista altogether. Now MS has extended the XP Pro offering to July 2009 because they know they can't do anything to fix Vista. Windows users were hoping for something good after waiting 5 years, and they got crap.

    I helped a friend set up her brand-new Sony Vaio Intel Core 2 Duo Laptop and it was DOG SLOW running Vista, but the salesman fooled her into thinking Vista was the way to go.

    So the ads are dead-on accurate in how MS handled Vista and the future of Vista.
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    piotpiot Posts: 1,346member
    Originally Posted by extremeskater View Post

    INo one throws their PC out the window and runs to an Apple store based on these ads.

    Apple has doubled its US market share since the start of their campaign.

    Coincidence ?
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    Shame on apple, that is very poor taste.
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    Originally Posted by djdj View Post

    These ads used to be funny, but they're really starting to get tired. They're really starting to make Apple look like a bully too... "stop hitting yourself... stop hitting yourself!"

    Shouldn't they be selling the virtues of their OS rather than making up stuff about the competition?

    right on! I TOTALLY agree, I thought Apple was a better company then this..

    wish we could tell steve jobs this...

    it just make me NOT want to buy apple, since are being un-cool and low
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,271moderator
    I think some people are taking this a bit too seriously. They are just having a bit of fun.

    I would hate to see a day come when major corporations all just had to follow the same old dry conventions of lame politically correct self-promotion.

    This ad is exactly what Apple are about. Take this essence away from them and all we get are phones with buttons, lifeless UIs and beige.

    It's not being low, nor cruel, it's showing that in a battle of wits, they can win hands down and they can win for very good reasons, not by simply throwing money at celebrities.
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    dfilerdfiler Posts: 3,420member
    Yeah... why take it so seriously?

    John Hodgeman (PC), the comedian, is the reason why the ads are so loveable. By himself Mac would just be annoying. With Hodgeman in the mix, everyone has a good chuckle.
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    with the exception of a few javascript errors now & then I can't really complain about Vi$t@ & it's been my primary desktop for the past year(ish). it's purdy! besides, if apple wants to talk about advertising mis-appropriation of funds, maybe they should look at their own track record in the uk...

    i think they need to get back on point... apple needs to start promoting themselves as the sleek, efficient desktop they are and stop worrying about what #1 is up to. we get it; your devices are pimp, but you don't have to put your nose up in the air.

    enough with the desktop envy. if apple gets feeling sad and down on the world this one word should give them the confidence boost they need: ...zune...

    can i get a wha-wha.?

    [CENTER]who cares about the desktop anyway. it's all about the remote desktop these days, no..?[/CENTER]
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    piotpiot Posts: 1,346member
    Originally Posted by jpeckenpaugh View Post

    who cares about the desktop anyway.

    I care about my desktop... so edit that friggin' picture!
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    I care about my desktop too. Make fun all you want of the selected media on the screenshot. The point of it was to show how elegantly OS X handles multiple preview files.

    Vista looks like an ugly knockoff if you want my honest opinion.
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Here is an article that claims to know how much Apple spends on advertising. The author is unable to break down the advertising dollars across Apple's products and fails to realize that the lampooning of the $300M spent on Vista advertising is due to the ineffective ads and that their seems to be considerably less money spent on fixing it. While the later is probably not true, public perception is important when creating an ad, especially when you wish to further that perception.
    PS: jpeckenpaugh is an ass!
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    piotpiot Posts: 1,346member
    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    The author is unable to break down the advertising dollars ........

    That's not an author. it's Paul Thurrott!
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by piot View Post

    That's not an author. it's Paul Thurrott!

    I saw that after I posted.
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