Microsoft parks "I'm a PC" recording booth outside Apple Store



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    I would go sit in it, say "I'm a PC" and then hold my breath till I turn blue and pass out.
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    Originally Posted by timgriff84 View Post

    Macs now have viruses (Even Apple admit this as they've taken the virus free stat off their switch to mac part of the site)

    I'd really like to know more about this. What virus or worm (not Trojan) for Mac OS X is out in the wild? This is big news.

    Or... are you lying or spreading disinformation?
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    Originally Posted by ALBIM View Post

    Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the kiosk says "Life Without Walls" on a freaking WALL itself. Yeah yeah, metaphorical, I know.

    Ironically Apple is the company who build beautiful stores out of glass.
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    mj webmj web Posts: 918member
    Originally Posted by roehlstation View Post

    We'll have a bunch of pictures of the homeless guy using the Kiosk as a bathroom.

    Touche! Or should I say Windows Surface?
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    next, they will have some I'm a PC guys dragging people away from the apple store
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    if you were to "white out" (or some other bit of vandalism) the P the sign says IMAC

    that is all i see when i look @ the photo of this kiosk... my mind blanks the p so it reads IMAC when you look real fast... nice illusion
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    Wow Microsoft. Wow. Apple generally only sells stuff from their stores, best buy, and online. You HAVE to go to an Apple Store to take away customers? I think if you go there to sell Windows, which the customer is already sick of, you are just wasting your time.

    Keep it up though! Soon Apple can just say "hey look a Microsoft booth" and people will just run away screaming in terror to the safety of the Apple Store.
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    How do you say "TARGET"?

    Let's pay to install a kiosk outside of an Apple Store so Mac users can go in and make fun of the PC.

    I'd LOVE to know what percentage of mock recordings they're gonna get. Say about 99%?

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    Originally Posted by iPoodOverZune View Post

    Microsoft's tactics seems to be much like McCain's tactics against Obama! And who know their downward spiral may be too in the near future.

    Thank you. I know this site is probably populated by Obama fans, but let's keep the topic germane. Let's not start a political flame war.
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    I'd get a pizza box and put it in front of the camera and have it say "I'm a PC" or "I'm a delicious pizza".
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    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    if this was a US store, especially in California the manager of the store in question would be on the phone in like 5 seconds dropping an anon tip about a fire hazard for blocking the entrance to a store.

    cheap shot sure, but deserved

    The booth isn't blocking anything.. there's tons of room between the entrance and the booth.
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    Originally Posted by quinney View Post

    When I saw that one guy who says "I'm a PC and I like pancakes" I thought some people

    were already doing that.

    LOL.... I think you're right...LOL

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    nasseraenasserae Posts: 3,167member
    Originally Posted by webhead View Post

    Brilliant move Microsoft! You invented a way to deliver your customers directly to the front door of an official Apple Store! What a brilliant marketing strategy!

    Apple thanks you for all the new customers that will be attracted to their store, all of them MS windowz users ready to be switched to Apple. Why not just rent a bus, gather up a group on windowz users and take a field trip to an Apple Store, saves the time and cost of producing a kiosk?

    First rule of advertising: never give your customer directions to the competition!

    I can see Apple next commercial. People come to PC to record their "I am PC" video and say "hey look, Mac is next door.. let's take a look!" ignoring the PC guy and start falling in love with Mac instead.
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    The daft thing is, people will think that this means Apple uses Windows too - which it can! So not only do Microsoft look childish to the well informed, they are actually letting the public know that Apples can use Windows too!!!

    Obviously MS have forgotten about Boot Camp, Parallels and VMWare.... which all enable Macs to run Windows and Windows apps - and have forgotten about Code Weavers which allows Macs to run Windows applications without needing Windows.

    What a bunch of unimaginative idiots. Who are they using - Steve Ballmer's kids' ad agency?

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    what a field day people will have slamming Microsoft in their own booths!

    Statistically though, out of 247 apple stores if 1/5 of them had these booths thats about 50 x 3 employees x (lets see 4 weeks, 9 hours/day 7 days per week) x minimum wage = over $1/2 million.

    its just unbelievable how much is thrown away. At most they may get 50 people(1 per store) to stick with MS. thats not new business! thats just keeping people from fleeing. I think third world nations have better organisational structure than MS. Something's gone absolutely loopy.
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    jragostajragosta Posts: 10,473member
    Originally Posted by NeverInDoubt View Post

    All Birmingham Apple fans should stop by and record messages like:

    "I'm a PC. Goddammit can anyone help me configure my printer!"

    Originally Posted by led1002 View Post

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it odd that MS thinks that the best place to find their dedicated users is in front of an Apple Store??

    Originally Posted by ren View Post

    Go up and ask them "Is this where we go to help fix Vista?"

    OMG, LOL!

    All great ideas. Or just go into the booth screaming "developers, developers, developers" with your eyes bulging out.

    Originally Posted by bloggerblog View Post

    But seriously now.

    If I was to try and rent a space in a shopping center or a mall for the purpose of crapping on one of their customers, I would be kicked out in a heartbeat.

    How did they allow this? As a retail customer I would be enraged.

    I would guess that Microsoft paid them a lot of money - and knew in advance that Apple's contract didn't give Apple the right to force them out.

    Originally Posted by tmedia1 View Post

    Given how Apple markets it products, I'd say that MS is giving Apple a taste of their own medicine. Now that being said, I think the whole thing is pretty silly....

    What an inane argument. When did Apple start blocking the entrance to Microsoft stores?

    Originally Posted by offroadering View Post

    You buy the combination of hardware and software, thats the deal with Mac, so surely dual-booting is in itself an admission of the shortcomings of the overall package?

    Hardly. Apple is smart enough to realize that no one system meets every person's needs 100% of the time. By being able to run Windows on occasion, Macs come far closer than Windows PCs - which are unable to run software like iLife (at least legally).
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    This is a another pathetic MS campaign.

    If i had the chance to, I would make one that would go something like...

    "I was a PC until Vista @#$%^% me, now I'm a happy Mac". Wouldn't that be fun, and I would love to see their faces.

    Another thought, I can see this MS ad being used against them as a Mac ad, what a hoot.

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    Originally Posted by sandro View Post

    Maybe it wasn't such a great idea for Microsoft to hire the same people running McCain's campaign.

    You don't know much do you.

    First off, in history, all undecided have normally decided, especially in a situation where the person is white and the person running, non-white.

    The polls will start to tighten and I said this days ago. As we get closer, people are going to ask, why does Obama throw out news crews, firewall other networks, then decide, they can't trust him.

    To others, hmmmm, I think that if Apple can mock Microsoft, Microsoft can do whatever they want. More power to them. If I were balmer, I would argue, since you can run windows on a mac, I would build the OS to somehow allow it to manipulate the hardware and let you install OSX.

    What would Apple do? Sue? I would love to see that. At least until the $30 ram comes down to NON $400. Or a GPU not costing $300, or now, worse, the new macbook pro costs about the same as macbook and is cheapened and sold at a higher margin.

    Plus, taking off FIREWIRE? Everyone acts shocked. What is wrong with some of you!?!

    Are you really that FAN BOYZ based that you can't see?!

    Macbooks, historically, COULD NEVER RUN a game, translation, NO PRO APPS.

    Now that you can run games, well, well, well, let's cripple the <1% market and tell them, sorry, no firewire for you. Sure, you can run motion, FCP, but tah, tah, tah, no firewire.

    Once again, Jobs and his medicine mind of paranoia (anyone see him watch when he passed out the chassis? My goodness, he acted like someone was going to steal one, what a joke) thinks that all the PROS would use it.

    I think it's great Micro did this. I hope they get right in your face. Ever been to an Apple store on morning before they open? Sometimes the part time, non insured, non commissioned employee's come running out shouting YAYYYYYY, are you kidding me?

    Oh Brother. . ..
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    $300,000,000 campaign and that the best Microdaft can do.
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by hiimamac View Post

    ....let's cripple the <1% market and tell them, sorry, no firewire for you....

    They aren't crippling any of the market as FW still exists on the cheapest MB, the MBP and every other current Mac desktop. But the operative term here is "<1%" which makes me wonder why you think Apple should support a dead-end port interface for such a small number people for antiquated miniDV cameras. Not to mention that the disappearance was a long time coming with plenty of evidence to support Apple dropping FW400 support.
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