Microsoft pays for inaccurate "Apple Tax" study, issues 3rd TV ad



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    Originally Posted by allanjensen View Post

    Bottom line: Microsoft lies. The market will figure it out, and MS will lose.

    Basic rule of salesmanship: if you have to lie about your competition, you've already lost.

    I'm adept enough to solve most problems on my PC and Mac, but sine I do not get paid to fix PC problems, and they can be lengthy and take lots of revenue generating time away from me, I set it aside when I can to use the Mac.


    And you really believe there were no lies in years of "Get a Mac" ads..?
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    Originally Posted by MarvM View Post

    oh please MAC VS PC , BLAH BLAH BLAH

    Look P.C. Are more popular thus making them a bigger target for Businesses to build stuff for and neredo wells to attack. MACS are only superior through obscurity and lesser network proliferation. TBH I have both on my home network and I have to maintain an environment at work that has a nice mix of both , and Attackers go up against the macs just as hard as they do the PC there. NOt bacuse one is better and one is not not.

    Please The pretentious masses that own P.C. and go look at me I can do anything better than you and the Prententious clique of Mac owner responding haughtily NO you can't is Ridiculous. and anyone who extols the virtues of one and malign the other is a fool and has no clear understanding of computers or Marketing or public opinion. I mean enough with the Attack ads and lets get products that are more efficient processing devices , more cross platform capability. Smaller Kernels to allow smaller devices and get people computing in the sunlight and moving more, interacting more.

    And as a parting shot to MAC users I offer this .... the only difference between MAC and PC now is the OS (did you forget that MAC have for a long time adopted the same Chipsets as Higer end PCs like Micron and Alienware!) , yet I still see MACS running Vista (now for the PC kick in the Pants..) Funny thing is VISTA runs WAYYYY batter on my expensive MAC than it does on my cheaper PC (to be fair it Runs just as good on my expensive PC as well)

    Get over it Both of you MACS are nothing more than Multi OS capable High end PC's

    and cheap PC for the masses are nothing more than MAC wannabe's I mean Really VISTA looks an AWFUl lot like OSX !

    Yes they are absolutely fantasticly better and even better and infinitely better, worth every penny (cent) better better so much better.



    I think Apple is better!

    And it is better....

    One fine day you too will know it's better.

    Because it is better, much better.

    Yes, an Apple is better than a PC, much, much better.
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    Originally Posted by nikon133 View Post

    And you really believe there were no lies in years of "Get a Mac" ads..?

    Apple could have been a lot harder on B$ oft

    Apple held back though, they told it like it is without getting into the wretched reality of owning a PC in all it's stinky and gory detail. Smart move on Apple's part, because that would have made for some very nasty and repulsive viewing.

    Apple is a lot, lot better than PC.... Truthfully.... a lot better!

    :-)x(-:= Apple is much, much better by far than a PC.
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