Apple's next-generation iMacs to add a touch of grace



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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,028member
    This is certainly a popular thread. I just get here, and there are already 80 posts!

    I'm also waiting for a "new" iMac to come out.
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,028member
    Originally Posted by Haggar View Post

    "AppleInsider has learned that Apple's popular line of iMac personal computers are about to undergo a substantial facelift that will showcase striking new industrial designs..."

    Does this mean that technicians who have to repair these iMacs would rather strike them with a sledgehammer than waste time with the difficult to service design and overly complicated disassembly procedures? And whose idea was it to place the serial number labels UNDERNEATH the base of the unit, requiring people to turn the iMac upside down to read it?

    Many serial numbers are in difficult to read places. Many devices have them on the bottom, or even inside the unit.
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    Maybe they could turn the chin area into a multi-touch control surface? Then we could keep our pristine 24" screens free from unsightly fingerprints! Just a thought.
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    Originally Posted by Gandalf the Semi-Coherent View Post

    2. It's a great place to hang yellow sticky notes on occasion.

    hmmm. You've seen my computer.

    Something cooler is what we all hope for, but I still have nightmares of another ilamp or mac-cube. Having it a bit lighter would be nice. Carting the 20" to the store for repairs is no picnic. Read somewhere also Apple will be putting decoding/encoding chips into Macs - maybe we'll see them here first???

    - J
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    slackulaslackula Posts: 262member
    Originally Posted by sandau View Post

    new design coming.

    heck it could just be 'black'. This says nothing.

    Agreed. They could have saved a lot of type space and just said "New iMac design coming".

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    socokidsocokid Posts: 15member
    2004 was not the last redesign... When the iSight iMacs came out (G5's first, then put intel chips inside) they were MUCH lighter and skinnier. Very different. They removed the midplane to facilitate this. The backs were curved as opposed to the original iMac G5's, etc...

    While a totally new redisign would be nice, I couldn't imagine how to make them smaller (leave it to Apple though!). As it is right now, it looks like a nomal LCD with a slot loading optical in it's side.

    Can't wait...
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    Originally Posted by Commodus View Post

    My quick call on specs:

    17-inch 2GHz

    1GB of RAM

    Intel GMA X3000 graphics

    DVD/CD-RW Combo drive

    No Bluetooth or Front Row remote


    20-inch 2GHz

    1GB of RAM

    256MB ATI X2600 graphics


    Bluetooth + Front Row


    24-inch 2.2GHz

    2GB of RAM

    256MB GeForce 8500 GT grpahics


    Bluetooth +Front Row


    And before you think the prices are crazy: display prices are coming down, memory prices are coming down, and the next-gen graphics should cost somewhere in the ballpark of the old models.

    Edit: 200th post.

    $999 for a system with on board video is a joke.
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    superbasssuperbass Posts: 688member
    Really, the iMacs are just giant white plastic squares, and the base completes the IKEA look...

    I hope the redesign involves making them look more like a standard plasma tv, and less like giant plastic squares that you can clean with a garden hose.... (MacBook Pro finish, quality tv-style base)
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    bacillusbacillus Posts: 313member
    I'd bet it will look like an ACD, with a small choice of colors like the iPod Nano. Metal is the logical choice, given it will act as a nice heatsink and it looks great.
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    Originally Posted by Joe_the_dragon View Post

    $999 for a system with on board video is a joke.

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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,028member
    They will probably need somewhere to put the Apple logo, though. I can't see Apple entirely doing away with that prominent mark.
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    aaarrrggghaaarrrgggh Posts: 1,608member
    The "fat" in the current design is in the fact that it was originally built around the smaller screens and a desktop processor. It has a laptop processor now, and much more area to distribute the cruft.

    Visually, it does make the screens look smaller, and it makes things look downright goofy if you try to mount in portrait mode.

    My hopes is in much more of a "floating" feeling from all angles, and a VESA mount option across the size range. Touch screen would be a waste, unfortunately.
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    Apple has got some really cool new products. I just went to, and they have apple products as there prizes you can win. The i phone is awesome. check it out.
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    Yeah they have the logo on. It is just really hard to see. I guess it is the new thing to have it be the same color. Have you seen the apple tv? I saw a preview of it in my members control panel on It is sweet.... [

    QUOTE=melgross;1057547]They will probably need somewhere to put the Apple logo, though. I can't see Apple entirely doing away with that prominent mark.[/QUOTE]
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    I don't get what the joke is. I am an idiot though. Maybe you can explain it to a newbie. Thanks


    Originally Posted by gregmightdothat View Post


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    I posted earlier on about hoping the 17'' model isnt removed too soon. Does anyone have any ideas when this could possibly happen?
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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member
    Originally Posted by Gaiaquake View Post

    I posted earlier on about hoping the 17'' model isnt removed too soon. Does anyone have any ideas when this could possibly happen?

    Apparently the next iMac wont have a 17" version is what I gather. Remember = Rumor Mill. Nothing is concrete until Steve Jobs says there is no more 17 inch model ever, and then there is still the possibility of one used for the educational market. So it's too hard to say anything at this point. .
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    Originally Posted by addabox View Post

    So even if new iMacs are using the latest Intel chipset, I don't recall reading about radical reductions in power consumption/heat, so how do you make everything smaller without it melting?

    It's not about the latest intel chips being less hot than previous. It's about the current case being designed for g5 chips. Apple was very wise in transitioning most of their computers to Intel without changing the case - it made people less nervous (on both sides of the fence). Now they are free to continue with new designs.

    Lets look at Apple's laptops.

    1) Apple could not put a G5 into a laptop because of heat/power consumption issues.

    2) Apple was able to put a Core2Duo into a laptop (though it's warm).

    ... and the Intel-iMac is currently the same form factor as the original G5-iMac

    Also, Steve said that the Intel chips had more power per watt - it was a big reason for switching.

    So certainly the iMac could be made smaller.
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    Hmm i've seen the suggested specs for the educational one and they dont look good. Maybe i should just get one pronto before they get rid of it.
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    We know the headless midrange tower won't appear anytime soon.

    So I hope Apple will at least give us an iMac that will...

    a) have an upgradeable video card (ha ha ha...yeah I know)

    b) have a thin bezel like the cinema displays

    c) more USB ports

    d) give us the ability to use the internal display as a secondary monitor (ie. with a laptop).
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