Microsoft CEO pans Apple's Mac sales, admits 'very small' Windows Phone sales



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    Originally Posted by timgriff84 View Post

    The one area Microsoft leads Apple is Dividend payments. Do any shareholders find those important?

    I think shareholders are doing just fine with the incredibly-rising stock price in recent years.

    I mean, if you bought Apple stock even a couple years ago, it's tripled in price.
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    Originally Posted by jeffhrsn View Post

    Well, except for:





    Final Cut Pro



    Logic Pro


    Soundtrack Pro



    oh yes...and OSX and iOS.

    Other than those (and a few others) you are correct.

    And how much revenue out of that actually shows up on their quarterly reports? How much of that software runs on non-Apple hardware?

    Apple is a hardware maker that considers software to be an integral part of their hardware. Which is why they make the software.
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    Originally Posted by timgriff84 View Post

    Er there about even, although Windows profits are a lot more secure than iPhone profits.

    People say this a lot but seriously why? Right now MS is releasing better products more consistantly than they ever have. Even Bing has somehow become a success!

    Sorry to correct you but the desktop market is not declining. At the moment its growing slower, to actually decline you actually have to sell less. The PC market is still selling more each year, and Microsoft still make record profits each year.

    There's not many stats on it but the mobile phone market as a whole (i.e. not just smartphones) must also be doing the same thing. Rather than changing a phone every year, there a lot more 18 month contracts around indicating that there must be less sales. It would be couteracted by the fact people are spending a lot more on a phone, but in terms of unit sales I wouldn't be surprised if the growth rate was falling.

    Is this true? I would be at least a little surprised if it were.....less and less people I know are buying fact I dont know the last person in my circle who bought a windows bought an imac, but everyone else I know has been buying laptops for years and years....
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    Originally Posted by mdriftmeyer View Post

    Everyone but iTunes only runs on Apple Hardware.


    And iTunes also only runs on Windows because its necessary for iDevices.

    The only true Apple "software" which is not designed to sell hardware, is Safari. And Safari has completely different reasons for existing (to push the open web).
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    Originally Posted by timgriff84 View Post

    The one area Microsoft leads Apple is Dividend payments. Do any shareholders find those important?

    When you're stock flatlines for a decade, then yeah.
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    Originally Posted by pooman625 View Post

    $400 all apple needs to do is come out with a laptop priced the same as its mac mini. That would get innovation satarting from microsoft as 45% of all computers sold are apple. And it wouldn't hurt their brand name cause they already have a cheap computer. Ballmer is a joke of a ceo anyways...he's like a 12 year old kid mocking apple in computer class while he's running a company that hardle even competes with apple

    this is quite frankly, never going to happen. lets just break it down to see why: Apple likes to keep their profit margin at around 30% (which anyone in marketing/business will tell you that is the best range to keep it at) so a $699 cheap Apple laptop would have a max build cost of around $489. From that, you would also have to subtract the cost of the screen, keyboard, FaceTime HD camera, and Apple"s pretty much best in the industry battery (all things the mini doesn't have to factor in). After all that you are looking at maybe $200 for motherboard, RAM, processor, harddrive, and any special connector chipsets (think thunderbolt). Apple can't build it to their standards for that price, and with comparable parts and those extras, they already built the MacBook Air, at as close to the price point of the mini that is physically possible
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    Originally Posted by Futuristic View Post

    <snark>Try playing Starcraft 2 on a trackpad!</snark>

    But really, the trackpad is very intuitive. In fact, the only reason I use a mouse nowadays is to play SC2.

    Lol. I'm not a gamer at all so I wouldn't know about that. I will say that the mouse is better for photoshop IMO.

    As for Ballmer, I wonder what the OEM's who are struggling thinks of this. Microsoft is making money, but the hardware makers are barely squeaking by. While he's crowing, Rome is burning.
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    Originally Posted by Ronbo View Post

    A long time ago, Jobs said, "We have to get rid of the idea that for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose." Apple deftly stepped around Microsoft. And Microsoft is still looking at where Apple was.

    Of course Steve Jobs stated it so elegant and succinctly, just like the focus on design and elegance for their products. Stop worrying about Ballmer and MS and just keep Apple forging ahead in R&D and everything will take care of itself.
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    Originally Posted by vvswarup View Post

    Folks, quit getting worked up over Ballmer's jabs at Apple. That's a part of the game. In case you all have forgotten, Steve Jobs is known to take swipes at competitors. Remember "2011: Year of the Copycats?" Also, he derisively remarked back in October that the slew of 7-inch tablets coming to the market should come with sandpaper so that users can file their fingers so that they can type on those tablets. And he has publicly vilified Google and Adobe. It's the job of CEOs to talk up their own products and point out the faults in competitors' products.

    It doesn't bother me in the least that Ballmer has panned Mac sales. I just feel bad that Microsoft's vast resources are going to waste because the guy at the top just has no idea how to run a company. Apple isn't even trying to unseat Windows in desktop computing. Instead, Apple has moved on. Apple has iOS, their cash cow. Microsoft has Windows Phone 7. There is talk about Windows 8 but as far as I'm concerned, until we see a live demo and a release timeline for it, it's nothing but vaporware.

    I think the objections here are not just that Ballmer is taking pot-shots at Apple. Apple's a HUGE company, and hence, is fair game for criticism, even satire, parody, what-have-you. The issue is that Ballmer basically behaves like a big, dumb playground bully. When Steve Jobs makes comments or pokes fun at the competition, they're very likely grounded in reality, and are worthwhile criticisms. Ballmer says things like "The iPhone is doing better than I'd like it to." (WTF???) or in this article, his comparison of 20 million Macs to 350 million PCs is meaningless, because Ballmer's company doesn't make or sell PCs. It's not even Apples and oranges. It's Apples and trombones. A more fair and correct comparison would have been Microsoft OS installations compared to Mac OS installations. Finally, for Ballmer to say that "20 [million Macs] is too much..." is just plain rude. You shouldn't wish for your competition to be less successful, rather you should focus your energies on making your company more successful.

    If Microsoft gets around to making their own tablet, and it passes the iPad in sales or profits, or, if WP7 or whatever it's called, passes iOS in, well, any context, then Ballmer will have something to gloat about, and rightly so. But, I think that will only happen if Apple shuts down all their R&D skunkworks facilities?and that likelihood of that is rather small, I think.
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    Poor Mr. Balmer. He so much wants to be seen as a genius of technology. And he is so not.
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    If I remember correctly, Microsoft has sold exactly zero computers, I'm not sure why they're belittling the 20 million computers sold by Apple.

    Oh, they were talking about operating systems? Last I checked, Apple didn't license OSX out to third parties. Comparing Apples and oranges Ballmer. That said, their Windows 7 sales are impressive, and it is a good OS. Praise I rarely give to a Microsoft OS.
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    Originally Posted by AppleStud View Post

    Steve Jobs conceded defeat in the "PC wars" 14 years ago. Ballmer still thinks it's the first or second inning. That said, Mac sales are growing at a rabid pace, and every time somebody buys their first mac, that's one less sale for MS.

    Everytime someone buys a Mac that's one less Windows license for every instance for which a non-Mac 'PC' is typically purchased.
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    Originally Posted by ghostface147 View Post

    Give it up Ballmer. Apple is no longer interested in overtaking the Windows marketshare and hasn't thought about that in some time. Go ahead and take your 350 million windows PCs and do what you do with them. I'll take profits, quality and design any day over race to the bottom pricing for computers.

    Mangos are a lot messier than apples to deal with.

    They also have a smaller market share in the fruit market. Bannana would probably be more fitting for Balmer.
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    Originally Posted by tcphoto View Post

    It's like comparing Apples to Oranges, one Company sells well designed products at a premium price while other sells products to the masses at discount prices. It's like comparing Kia's to Mercedes Benz, one sets the standards while the other is denying the others quality.

    I agree about the Kia. They really build great cars (I'm driving one).
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    Originally Posted by zindako View Post

    Microsoft market cap = 227 billion

    Apple market cap = 332 billion

    Done and done.

    Let's not forget Apples on hand cash asset approaching 70+ billion, and they are debt free.

    To be fair you need to throw HP, Dell, etc. in with Microsoft. The important thing is having the superior OS and a sustainable business model. Apple is already winning where it counts.
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    Originally Posted by A_K View Post

    Ballmer looks older and thinner on the picture.

    Or looking younger- he shows a marked resemblance to Stewie Griffin, complete with the same self-satisfied smile.
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    Originally Posted by AppleStud View Post

    Steve Jobs conceded defeat in the "PC wars" 14 years ago. Ballmer still thinks it's the first or second inning. That said, Mac sales are growing at a rabid pace, and every time somebody buys their first mac, that's one less sale for MS.

    Agreed. In fact it's even more than 'one less sale' as that new buyer usually loves it and shows their PC friends and a few more take the leap and so it goes ...
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,604member
    And they sold way more buggy whips.
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    Originally Posted by sflocal View Post

    This subject has been beaten to a pulp. You must be new here.

    It's called an iPad. Buy it with an external keyboard if you want a netbook. Apple will not come out with low priced junk for the sake of markets share. That's not how operate.

    There's also the 11" Macbook Air. Considering how hard a time Apple has keeping them in stock, they are selling pretty well.

    Just look at the performance of the other low-cost PC makers to get an idea of why Apple isn't entering the bottom-of-barrel club.

    It's no brainer to downscale a MAC than to upscale the iPad which already has 100K apps plus 90% Market share plus fully cloud based.
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    Originally Posted by MikeDurham View Post

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