How to pick up British girls?



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    [quote]Originally posted by macfenian:


    Better start working on that accent mate.

    MiMac, you hold him - I take the girl. I'll make sure she runs to you for comfort once I cheat on her.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />

    Better watch out Macfenian, if you're going for the girl, you may have to move my arse outta the way, 'cos I'll be stuck in there quicker than a maggot up a dead dogs ring-piece
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    Well put, 709. Perhaps a bit on the cynical side, but effectively correct.
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    Im a british girl- so my answer probably will be more accurate. Be polite, spontanious, and genuinely interested if you want to "pick" upa britsish girl. Humour is essential and please dont talk a loada shit about drinking tea. British teeth by the way are just the same as americans apart from we dont always bleech em like u guys do cos u look like astupid twats whose teeth look like the bloody glowing moon (im not dissing good teeth but men leeching their teeth in vain is really gay). Stop stereotyping the britsih- if we did that 2 you you would have no chance because we would say you were fat and ate burgers all day and donuts- nd a britsih girl would think this was revolting!!
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    Do you always come this late? 'Cos I think it's, like, really rude.
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    Speaking as a British girl I would definitely advise against ANY rude stereotypes.

    Don't be too forward or loud.

    Try not to pry into her personal life.

    Make her laugh.


    Those are the basics.

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    LOL, this was a 2002 thread!  This must be a near record necro!


    Was this a first post in an old thread trying to set up an astroturf or sockpuppet account?   Sure fits the pattern.

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    Back then, AI’s general discussion was for general discussion. :p

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    I SO enjoyed reading this thread- from 12 years ago!!!! Wow! I'd love to know what happened to all those guys.. Did they meet the love of their life??
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