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  • Apple faces class action lawsuit in Quebec over battery life

    The Quebec law does not state a duration for, say, battery life. That would be ludicrous considering that some devices are not meant to last as long as others. The law, however, incorporates the concept of “fitness”. That is, that a device must be useable for the length of time it has been sold for. The law does not require a device to remain in the same state than the day it was bought for the lifetime of the product, only that it remains usable. The law sets a quality baseline. And this baseline is not very high. It’s a consumer protection act after all. 
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  • Apple says hardware leaks harm consumers

    Leaks definitely harm Apple. Consumers? Not at all. 
  • Rosenblatt throws in the towel on AAPL coverage

    At this time, it isn't clear why Zhang left Rosenblatt.
    In other words : "A discussion on the reasons he may have left is left as an exercise to the reader"
  • Apple Car could be made in the US by Hyundai in 2024

    Hyundai makes great cars. I never bought a car from the same manufacturer twice, because of quality issues, or design shortcomings. I made an exception with Hyundai. My last two cars, hybrids, have been from Hyundai and I have been very pleased with them. In fact, I’m looking forward to buying my next (hopefully fully electric) car from them. All this to say that Hyundai seems to be a great choice to materialise the elusive Apple car.
  • Mac mini, iMac, Mac Studio -- Which desktop Mac to buy at any pricepoint

    Very useful guide. I can't help thinking that Apple has kind of lost their way with the iMac right now. It's just kind of strange...
    The iMac is back to its original raison d’être: as a general use computer. All those supercharged versions that appeared in the last ~5 years came to be because there was no way for Apple to create something like the Mac Studio using intel chips. And the Mac Pro was way too expensive for most. However, now that there is a Mac Studio, there are no needs for overpowered iMacs. iMacs can once again be the family computer and general computing device they were intended to be, just like in 1999. Hence the return to colored cases.
  • M2 13-inch MacBook Pro may land in March with unchanged design

    digitol said:
    I will probably never purchase a notch version of any Apple product. Hideous. 
    That’s because you never used a MacBook Pro. After 10 minutes, you’d have said : what notch ?
  • REvil demands $70M to end Kaseya ransomware attack

    roake said:
    A few properly place Hellfire missiles from an affected country would bring this type of activity to a stop pretty fast.
    No, it wouldn’t. And it would be the equivalent of a declaration of war against another country while the perpetrators of the crime are not acting in the country’s name but for themselves.

    The perpetrators can easily move from one area to another. The missile attack would simply end up killing civilians that have nothing to do with the crime. 
  • Facebook staff can continue remote working, but may face pay cut [u]

    So you are, say, from Pakistan. You worked at Facebook in California before the pandemic. You were paid a huge Californian salaries.

    Now you work from home, in Pakistan. You do the exact same work, but you are not in California anymore. According to Facebook, you shouldn’t be paid for your work as you were in the US. Instead, your salary should be based on the average salary of the area you live in.

    Says Facebook: you’re welcome to work from home, but you’ll be treated as a second class citizen of the company. 
  • Leaked plan shows Intel will try to be more efficient than M1 Max by late 2023

    It took Apple's departure to wake Intel up. All the years before, Intel lazily stood still.
  • Apple unveils new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard

    charlesn said:
    Even the $399 iPhone SE supports WiFi 6. 
    The iPhone supports wifi 6 because the CPU is Apple’s and Apple CPUs are leading the pack technology-wise.

    The MacBooks don’t support Wifi 6 because Intel CPUs are not on the cutting edge, and haven’t been for quite a while.