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  • you mean longhorn in 2007 as in 2006 is when its susposto go to beta testers so i think we will have OSX 10.6 befor longhorn comes out. and watch ms steal some udeas from osx to put in it. they allways steal others ideas
  • VPC 7 is still in beta yes but ms is stupid they only have a handfull of testers for it. under 50 testers. a lot of busness use hundreds. like ms office 2004 has loads of testers
    in Virtual Pc 7 Comment by jay1 April 2004
  • Well as far as i know a fue months back. macnn owned ai but was getting tired of running it so some compeny was susposto buy it and take over hosting it them self wich i guess they never did. one thing i do know is a fue of the apple outsider staff …
  • Brad No offence but ever thot some of the people here might be develpers and asking for tech help from other develpers that have access to it? Or even x apple emploies. think about it. =/
  • Yes but it was achly 6c115 b released. basacly tydeing up the code a bit. basacly a rush job was nevere susposto become gm but a last seconed disision they decided to. almost 2 months befor it shiped to. hah
  • Ok all read this A. This License allows you to install and use one copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-labeled computer at a time. This License does not allow the Apple Software to exist on more than one computer at a time... It says o…
  • Xool the finaly builds eg gm builds are almost never posted on the adc site. havne since 10.1
  • To awnser some older mac questions of running panther my ibook 300Mhz runs it fine and my imac 266Mhz also my G4 450 and a fue others run it perfect. . In the manuals on panther it says it wont install on any mac with out usb. As long as you have us…
  • How about some one doing this buying new macs paint them the color people wont them then selling them for more? Stupid some may say? Look at thoes flower imacs older ones and ones with designins on them. Some people like them then charge a cupple hu…
  • El Pinguino i say the same as you ittle never catch on. as well biochem ram never did cheap to make but hard to find a comp that can handle it. It was a proto type my friend was working on years ago and they were able to make a 512 stick of biochem…
  • Wll i think it ant going to happen any time soon. tho about a year ago i saw a mobo with a G4 and pentum chip it could run boath at once and maxed out at 4 gb of ram tho the mobo was i beleave $5000 US with out the prossors. just the mother board. …
  • Sorry all i had to take it down. over 3 gb of traffic on my home comp. ill put it backup tommrow.
  • its bloated i know. just the print drivers them self 2 options to chose from for diff printers are over 300 megs, other languages over 200 megs just the system is 600 megs then fonts, itunesmiphoto,imovie,isync,ical etc etc etc. o ya and gimp pr…
  • Proud iBook Owner 2k2 Sounds like its fake why? its 4 cd's 1:install 2:Apps 3:apps 4:dev tools
  • Glad you guys like em. since posted over 100 meg thru put. so about almost 25 users have viewed it.=) \ Now over 400 megs thru put heh. trying to lag my conection? heh
  • Well heres a link no slow users tho _http://apple.servepics.com 4.98 megs of pics compressed it from 12.8 megs. pics are one after another. ill keep it up tell it gets to laged
  • No it does not say pre release. leme re setup my web server and ill post a link.=). Ill have em up in less then a hour.
  • Hmm to post or not to post screan shots of Panther 7b85. Hmm. seams pritty stable and speedy. took every thing i could throw at it. even tryed maya and still dident crash. every thing seams to work in it.
  • Think about this If watter cooling is so good then why dont server/ colocation places use watter cooling? they dont as its to much hasle to deal with all they have is ac. uses les power and les matince. as i my self have seen water cooling system s…
  • xons ant bad tho a xserve would be beter. and ya this is jaydog i have that info on another mac of my on OC3 right now. but over the past fue years i have had diff accounts here from diff places deleated. btw how much you pay a month for the serve…