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  • I just noticed this myself. Hopefully everything gets cleared up soon. I was pretty taken aback when Safari said "can't find server"
  • Well groverat, the Last Bastion will miss you. My best friend and charter member of the Last Bastion left a few weeks ago, upon getting his first cell phone. He's living in NYC for the summer and doesn't have a land line at the apartment. I may fina…
  • I would drink more Red Bull if it wasn't so expensive. That said, a couple months ago, I was in the parking lot at school, with a few friends, packing up the two trucks we were taking for spring break (a week of camping in Jacksonville) when one of …
  • Nice work, mello. The Godfather one, is great. Hmm...Guess it's been a while since I posted mine. As I'm sure I said somewhere around page 5, my desktop tends to be a recent picture I took with my digital camera. This is my current: It's my gi…
  • I mostly just read those kept by my friends. Most of them wouldn't be too interesting to someone outside of my group of friends. One of my friends started one that was his life, embellished...sort of in the style of Big Fish (at least that was his i…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Eugene This week's Discovery Download is in the Jazz section. I'm not sure if its one a week or more... Song: All at Sea Artist: Jamie Cullum Album: Twentysomething Did you just happen to stumble across that…
  • Did they really just get them in? The KoP store has had them for months.
  • Why is it that every mp3 player that comes out now is an "iPod Killer"? It was like this a couple years ago when the new iMacs came out, for about 12 months, every all in one desktop that came out was an "iMac Killer." This industry has, without a d…
  • Help has always been ridiculously slow for me. It sped up a great deal when I upgraded to Panther. It is now fast enough to be usable, but I still avoid it if at all possible. I could never figure out why it was so slow either. It's basically a text…
  • Gotta echo soul crusher on this one. I have iTunes and Mail hidden 90% of the time my computer is on (and it is on 24/7) and I've never seen the problem you describe with these or any other apps.
  • Great ad. Next time I pass a wall like that, in New York, I'm gonna be looking over my shoulder.
  • I got into Counting Crows last summer. I had never really listened to them before, but I borrowed a couple albums from a friend for the summer and listened to them a lot. They don't really have anything that I don't like. As someone mentioned, it's …
  • Well, MAC is wrong. It means something else. Mac is short for Macintosh, MAC stands for Media Access Control. It's just good not to use them interchangeably.
  • The best part is that the skit probably wouldn't have been very funny if they hadn't lost it like that, but as it was, it was hysterical. Gotta agree with jeffyboy, too. The harry Potter sketch was great. "I have to go out in the woods and tame my …
  • or type the name of the song into the search box; that will isolate the song
  • I've never really taken the time to investigate the issue, or even to care too much about it, but it seems like whenever I re-save JPEGs in GC, they get bigger. Any idea why?
  • Also, have you changed the screen's resolution? If the resolution isn't set to it's highest (native) resolution, things are going to look fuzzy and kind of hard to look at.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Chucker I'd rather have them implement something like lufs, and then just use SCP. FTP is horribly outdated and insecure anyway. It's no good for uploading files, as there is *zero* encryption, and for downloading, …
  • Quote: Your computer's model code is "PowerBook3,2". The total charge capacity of your battery is 1.394 Ah. Your battery's capacity is below average for this model PowerBook/iBook, but it still has a lot of life left in it. It doesn't need to be re…
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  • Sorry...the page I was looking at must have been cached or still open from yesterday, or something. Oh well. Sorry.