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  • LoCash, you will be missed!
    in LoCash Comment by podmate May 2005
  • $1.90 (regular) here in Little Rock
  • Update: The laptop seems to be running just fine. I ran it for ~10 hours this weekend without any issues. What a wonderful piece of hardware. The only "downside" is that the roasting coffee smell has gone away.
  • This laptop just does not want to die. I'm sitting in my living room and I suddenly hear that lovely startup chord. I'm thinking that its the ghost of the laptop coming back to haunt my house, but no, the laptop is turning itself on by itself. …
  • The results from top were fairly representative for the entire gzip process. This makes me wonder how accurate top is in OSX. I have faith in top's results in NetBSD and RH but I'm not so sure about top in OSX.
  • Quote: Originally posted by cybermonkey You could try shutting down all unessential services like MSN, windowserv, firefox etc and then try again. Do you put your system to sleep or do you boot up clean everyday? personally i'd reboot and then s…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Noleli2 Can you still boot it into target disk mode? 'Cause then you could at least get your stuff off it when the new 'Book comes. Nope, I'm going to pull the HD and put into an enclosure. That way I'll have my d…
  • Quote: Originally posted by murbot That's definitely worth nightly hummer for the next month. Sounds good to me
  • I do have developer tools installed
  • I just sold my Crown Vic (14 city/ 20 highway) and bought a 91 Dodge RamCharger (9 city/ 16 highway) and I am loving it. Of course, I have to tow things occasionally. Lets see your Prius or Civic tow anything. I love my SUV espically since I on…
  • 1978 Honda Accord LX CVCC Much like the car in the image below: Mine was 2 tone. The front of the car was a purpleish burgandy, while the rear (from the windshield back) was a faded burgandy. Mine also had lots of rust holes. I drove it un…
  • At the moment I have a 15" Ti500, but I have a new 12" powerbook on the way.
  • Hey, where is the choice for Dr. Pepper? I guess that I will vote for Coke. The only pepsi that I like is cherry pepsi, the rest is just nasty. Little story: The University that I work for decided (in their infinite studpidty) to replace Coke w…
  • My brother got screwed by the courts too. My brother comes home to find his wife screwing his best friend. Brother files for divorce due to infidelity. After a short court session (where the wife admits to having sex with other people) the judge …
  • I work for a University, so they were killing the HD's to make sure that nobody could get any data off of them. Too bad. For the price of 1 on the SE's I would have wiped the HD's of all ~35 of them. Oh well. What do you expect from a windows w…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Aquatic People keep getting viruses and keep on trucking. I REALLY think 99% of people have NO CLUE that Macs don't have viruses. This by itself DEFINITELY needs a commercial it would probably do WONDERS for higher e…
  • I have not been in a fight since Junior High, but I made quite an impression on the entire school. Thats one of the reasons that nobody has messed with me since, oh and I'm 6'2" and about 280lbs and I look pretty mean (but I'm really pretty nice). …
  • I've bought a few refurb products from Smalldog. I'm very happy with all the items that I have purchased. I'm cheap, so I wait until I can get a good refurb price before I buy anything for myself.
  • The University that I work for has been hit pretty hard by sasser. Our division had to shut down the 5 remote offices we have spread over the State because of the worm. That means that we had about 65 people sitting idle along with quite a few stu…
  • I like mine from the red can with the white swish on the side, oh wait, thats Coke, nevermind. I absolutely love the smell of coffee, its like an aphrodisiac, but the taste of coffee makes me want to heave.