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  • Quote: Originally posted by dobby uptime? No I'm looking for how many hours a machine was used for. Across reboots and all. uptime show how long the machine has been up with out a reboot or shutdown. What I am looking for is how do I kn…
  • I hear there is a command that will show how many hours are on the computer, so you can see how used it is. Anyone know that command?
  • Quote: Originally posted by ShawnJ Drop me your email addresses. The file is too large to host at imageshack. Some Hurricane Ivan related destruction: Thanks.. [email protected]
  • Quote: Originally posted by ShawnJ Where can we get the original at? Perfect time of the year for that one.
  • Quote: Originally posted by jpm993 Thanks Dave, well there's one question answered, the MarkSpace software looks pretty good. I've been using Money for sometime and have a lot of historical data in it, so I hope that I can do something there.…
  • In unix there are always 10 ways of doing things, one such way would be: Open a terminal mkdir mountpoint mount server:share /mountpoint cd mountpoint
    in Nfs Comment by sroach September 2004
  • Quote: Originally posted by Dr Deep Thanks. I just figured it out after i posted it. I had Speed downloader as well, What a pain in the ass that pice of software turned out to be I agree I couldn't get rid of it fast enough
  • I had the same problem turns out I had speed downloader installed and had to re-run the uninstaller. Every .dmg I downloaded turned in to a .dms I had to re-named it to .dmg Hope this helps.
  • Anyone still playing ShadowBane, I just started playing and was looking for some group members
  • Quote: Originally posted by talksense101 If you dont have exposure to PVP, it is not a good game to start PVP with. The graphics is a few steps backward from EQ. I would recommend Dark Age of Camelot instead for a balance. Is that out for O…
  • Is Shadowbane a good game? I have played a lot of Everquest and was wondering how it compares?
  • Your next post better come from the Mac!!!! Congratz!!!
  • I don't think you want to use finder and delete song, those songs will show up with a ! in front of the name and eventually be deleted from the database. When you first connect your iPod to your Mac it is set to Automatically Update your music, m…
  • Quote: Originally posted by jabohn Try OmniDiskSweeper to see what's all taking up the space on your hard drive. You can delete stuff directly from the program. Once, I found a folder taking up a couple of gigs that I didn't even know was there (…
  • Quote: Originally posted by jabohn There's also a program to delete the extra language packs in the OS if you'll never need them, I think it's called DeLocalizer. Macaroni works well for that, and it's dirt cheap Find it here
  • I have the Sony Ericsson T608 and I love it, as soon as I powered it up my Powerbook saw it. I paired the two devices and iSync went to work. It's awesome. I have the Sony Ericsson HBH-65 bluetooth headset for it and am having lots of luck with i…
  • I love Netflix, my wife and I watch a lot of movies. The movies go from my house and back very quick, If I put 2 movies in the mail monday morning I have two new ones by Thursday. the one thing I noticed when you logged in to Netflix they …
    in Netflix Comment by sroach June 2004
  • just like king I am still using Quicken 2002. Once I got everything set up it runs fine. Checking & Savings accounts Mutual funds even work 401K account. Pretty sweet... You might want to check and see what your bank supports.
  • Couple things to try: 1.) is the firewall turned off, maybe stupid but it's worth checking. 2.) can you ping each other, try pinging one machine then go to the other machine and ping it.
  • Well I was at game 6 (flyers vs lightning) what a game to be at I couldn't believe it when Primeau scored with a minute and a half left in the third to tie it up. The crowd went nuts I couldn't hear myself think!!!! If we can play game seven l…