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  • So, I tried RDC this it up and running fairly painlessly, which was a real surprise, but found it lagged too much to be usable, at least for AutoCAD. The delay was way too long, and besides, the AutoCAD cursor doesn't show up, so it's …
  • Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I'm gonna try it out, will report back. J
  • A friend of mine exchanged his gifted mini, no prob, at The Apple Store, San Francisco. Almost sure he didn't have a receipt.
  • Thanks for the advice, francis. I forgot to mention: the iMac is running OS 9.2. 1. The scanner does not show up in System Profiler, and does not after restart. 2. As far as he can tell me, nothing's changed--nothing installed, removed, nada, …
  • I had this problem with an iMac DV--maybe it's similar with the rev B's. Turned out the modem was getting unseated whenever the computer was turned face down (e.g. to install memory). So you may want to physically check the modem and make sure it…
  • My vote's for the Olympus 5050. I have the 4040 (the 5050's 4Mpx little bro) and it does not disappoint. Best feature is the super bright f1.8 lens--rare on a digicam--versatile in lowlight and for a shallow depth of field.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Brad I think some of you are missing the point. This function does not save the pictures and linked media *locally*. If they load at all from the saved file, it's because they still have the full path linking back to t…
  • Quote: Originally posted by burningwheel it doesn't save the pictures If you Save As and then open the the resulting html file while still online, the pictures load.
  • I'll throw in my vote for the Epson Stylus 820--good price/performance ratio. (Just don't try to print large envelopes with it...I did, it jammed, and trashed the machine.) Which, again, is 64-bit independent
  • My parents' iMac DV 400 had a similar problem, though it would just freeze up soon after starting up, not just after waking from sleep. It turned out to be a failed RAM chip that just needed to be removed/replaced. Might be the same for you... So…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Xaqtly FWIW I found the Olympus C-5050 on buydig for $555. If you look at the reviews, the C-5050 is easily comparable to the Nikon 5400 and the Canon G5 for example. I think I'm going to buy the C-5050 I haggled…
  • Quote: Originally posted by der Kopf And oh, who're the other contestants for 2012? I have to admit that I'm kind of partial to New York. I would pretty much like to see the city getting this thing. Paris, Moscow, London, Madrid, among others
  • Congrats! (We all do stupid things). Glad it wasn't a bad battery. Now you can pop in the earbuds and do the iPod dance like the guy in the original iPod commercial.
  • Quote: Originally posted by BRussell I always hear people say this, but what kinds of problems has Apple historically had with 1st gen machines? Of course you're going to get better specs and features in later machines, but have there been actual…
  • I'm all for early adopting if you can afford it (moneywise and in terms of downtime putting up with bugs). But I like your reasoning--that you don't want a 1st gen machine. I'm cautious like that. So my vote is to keep the MDD G4. Cheaper and saf…
  • Guys, his port is "out" as in "out cold" as in it is broken and doesn't work at all. (Edit: Spart beat me to it)
  • Quote: Playing music loud results in heavy CPU use? No, no. Rendering does.
  • Thanks, Paul...been blasting iTunes while cranking on form-Z (in Classic), so the TiBook's definitely been under heavy CPU load lately.
  • How about running google image search with the jpg's title? Worth a shot, especially if it's a unique filename.
  • Quote: Originally posted by kollective2002 I still liked my chicklet, very compact and the lid closure is better than the PB I have to disagree about the lid closure. The precision feel of the PB (magnetic clasp and counterbalanced hinges) is…