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  • Quote: Originally Posted by Cubit So a 23" Cinema Display would work with the proper cable? And we're thinking the proper cable would be one with a Mini DisplayPort connection?
  • Does anyone know if the new imacs support dual monitors... that is, can you attach a second monitor to expand your desktop the way you can with the mac pros (not in mirror mode)?
  • Quote: Originally posted by fng Keep in mind that the Nano does have a microdrive in it. It has a spinning disk that could skip if jolted enough. It does? I thought 'flash' and 'drive' (even micro drive) were two different forms of storage. Y…
  • Quote: Originally posted by webmail wireless mice lag, ESPECIALLY BLUETOOTH MICE. Hmmm... Well, after using wired mice (and keyboards) all my cyberlife, I've been using the apple bt version with a g5 for about a year. I dreaded lag... exp…
    in Wireless MM Comment by sasa August 2005
  • Quote: Originally posted by webmail The current Adobe Creative Suite works fine in the retail copy of tiger. That's interesting (and encouraging)... there seem to be quite a few people in the Adobe Illustrator/PS forums complaining about glit…
  • Quote: Originally posted by bergz Sound Check in iTunes->Prefs->Audio --B OK...I've got that checked and it seems to work in iTunes - sorta - but it doesn't seem to apply to the same songs once they've been moved onto an iPod. Is the…
  • I'm going to piggyback on this one... For those of you who have used Avid Express, how does Final Cut Express/Pro compare? I use Avid Ex. professionally for TV current affairs - on a souped up PC laptop (don't ask - network's choice) - and a G…
  • Quote: Originally posted by MacCrazy someone said earlier - you just select the tracks and apple-click the tick box. Well, no... if you select a series of random tracks in your library and simply apple-click on a checkmark, it toggles ALL of …
  • If you're thinking bluetooth, I'd think twice about the MacMouse (2 button+scroll wheel)... it's been getting good reviews out of the box, but there can be an issue later. In my case, it worked for about a week... then it started getting all jer…
  • Quote: Originally posted by MacCrazy I do think this deserves the attention we're giving it. Oh, if we only talked about things that deserved attention here, it'd be an awfully empty forum... don't ya think?
  • Apple + click... yeah, that works. Thanks. Quote: Originally posted by ipodandimac i still have no idea why people use those check marks. just delete them from your playlist. Sure, but if you want to sync - for instance - and you want…
  • I have probs with logging in to Gmail through web (safari). It does really weird things, sometimes goes into a loop. *sigh* [/B][/QUOTE] Yeah... I've noticed the same thing. I have to ask Safari to reload after the password page, before it'll co…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Mac Write Go to the store main page and select country and select Canada. Your in the US store. You're right. It's amazing what happens when you read the (not so) fine print. Thanks!
  • When I try to set up an account with iTunes from Canada, my country is pre-filled in as United States... the States drop-down doesn't include provinces and it won't accept a Canadian postal code. Anyone else have this problem? Or, better yet, a s…
  • Ahhhh... those good old reliable rumours! Thanks!
  • OK, I'll bite. Why no earlier than Nov. 26?
  • Quote: Originally posted by shetline Personally, I think Apple should have left North Dakota out. No, leaving North Dakota out of the United States would probably have left it to Canada. Besides, could you have a South Dakota then?