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  • Quote: Originally Posted by nvidia2008 Wow. I know that from the movies... Like 80's and 90's movies... Cool. What happened? Why is no one into them nowadays? I want to get a frickin' someday. That woul…
  • We make Winnebagos! No one's buying them, lately.
  • This situation would make a good premise for a 2005 episode of Seinfeld! I LOVE hearing about other people's social cringe moments. J
  • My heart goes out to everyone at AI affected by this. J
  • Just throwing something out- Was it about 5 years ago that Apple went through the rut of the Powermacs being stuck at 500 mhz FOREVER? J
  • Wow, I haven't posted in a long time, but this is big news. Or is it? My take: I'm a very average Mac user. I love OS X because it's easy to use and just WORKS compared to Windows boxes I've used. iTunes, Safari, Mail, iChat and Applewo…
  • I can't believe someone else started this thread! This is the year of rising from the ashes in Ames-first the football team, now this. I can't wait for the Big XII tournament! I nominate this for the Official NCAA thread as we head to March…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Outsider Now Cowboys in the 90's, that was a dynasty. I agree, too. There's an argument out there that because the Pats and Dallas both won 3 titles in 4 years they're on the same level but I don't buy it. Dy…
  • Not a "mistake" in the normal sense, but I remember a big discussion with my friends about the "haunted set" of Three Men and a Baby. We rented it just to check it out. Of course, now it turns out it was just a cutout of Ted Danson accidently …
  • In Spiderman 2 Doc Ock wants Peter (who he thinks is just a student) to contact Spidey for him. So he whips A CAR through a diner window at Pete and Mary Jane to say hello! Still love the movie, though. J
  • Yeah, the play by play guy overreacted. I didn't notice Aikman or Collinsworth being too upset. CC even seemed slightly amused when it first happened. I thought it was a dumb thing to do, but Moss is a dumb guy. He seemed to be going out of the w…
  • Quote: Originally posted by groverat 2005 Rose Bowl Champions THE University of TEXAS hook 'em Man, that was a great game-worthy of a first meeting between football blue bloods like Texas and Michigan. Dare I say Vince Young was Bret…
  • I miss the old ZD/Techtv as well. I became a fan early in the Pat era of the Screensavers, and it seemed like each year brought changes for the worse for a fan of the hard tech/geeky stuff. I hung in with TSS until the move to San Fran, and stil…
  • The Scourging always seemed tacked on and out of place in the books to me. In the House of Tom Bombadil, too to a lesser extent. J
  • Quote: Originally posted by Ender Yeah, I finished it. And no, it's not a storyline mission. Took me half a dozen tries to get it. The important thing is slowing the plane down enough to blow the vehicles up in one pass. You shouldn't need …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Ender About 65. -Ender Have you (or anyone here) finished the "Supply Lines" mission? That RC plane sucks! I hope it's not a "storyline" mission! J
  • Quote: Originally posted by Ender Well, I've been playing it quite a bit ... -Ender 91% done-holy crap! How many hours do you have logged? J
  • 28 fourth quarter points, back from 23-9 down! GO KANSAS! J
  • Some friends and I played GTA: SA pool against each other for about 4 hours last night! 8) J
  • No need to sugarcoat it-when a REBUILDING ISU is in the drivers seat, your division is an Edsel. And amazingly enough, at 3-3 in the Big XII the Cyclones don't need to win out-the division winner might end up at 4-4! Still, I'm loving the…