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  • That is one very bad rewrite. It always seems like that UK versions of commercials or always different then the US versions. Maybe the UK made apple change it for some reason.
  • I also have the problem with the site. Nothing shows up right the links are all whited out, and I can't believe that microsoft can get away with that media player logo.
  • Thank You for the replies. I let my cousin know about them. He told me he might send it to to get it repaired. Has anybody done business with them before? Thanks again for the info.
  • I guess your right, I should just live it alone becuase I already own a mini, and a ibook G3 anyway. Thanks
  • Thanks for the informatio DrBoar. I'am going to be using ebay for most of the hardware upgrades the only full price piece of hardwware I will buy will be the CPU. Otherwise I'm trying to keep it a little cheaper then buying everything at full price.
  • The race was'nt as good as I thought but it was still awesome. I didn't understand the whole thing with Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth, I think that was messed up. Look who won, Jimmie Johnson a Hendrick car. All those Hendrick cars were good even Je…
  • As I first got the email I thought it was a real trojan virus like the ones on windows, but then as I read the article I found out that it was a program. Just like you said the news is not as groudbreaking as they state in there email headline. But …
  • ...and this guy is a professor, ha, what a load of crap! This guy seems to be a nobody just trying to make a mane for himself, and with a name like Dvorak I can see why he is to. Apple + Windows= the end of the world!
  • Man I can't wait for this one, its going to be crazy. I have to put eyes on those new Ford Fusion's, The rookie Denny Hamlin, and maybe those Hendrick cars because they've been good at the restrictor plate tracks lately. Oh yah watch out for Tony St…
  • Thanks for the reply AquaMac. I'm planning on upgrading the processor to a 1.0 GHz, the memory to 512mb or 1gb and the video to a 64 or a 128 mb card. I was looking into the sonnet processor ($349)compared to the prices the powerlogix processors ($1…
  • It's just stupid, everybody seems to be sueing people these days. Is it a new fad or something, maybe I should sue some company so I can be cool! Why would you want to sue a company that has never had a problem in the past. We all have something ca…
  • I found a couple article on this subject. The first one is and Trademark update, and the second one is an actul update on this item.
  • according to alot of rumor sites, apple is working on a movie ipod, it will be bigger in HD space and screen size. To be honest with you I think I read about it on this site about 3 to 4 weeks ago, but i'm not sure. Let me check it out and i'll get …
  • Thanks for the reply. I'll try it out as soon as I get home today. Thanks again.
  • I just bought my ipod 5G about 2 weeks ago already. Every time one of my firends see it for the first time they ask to see it, so I let them look at it and browse thought my collection of music. Thee first thing they do when I give it to them, is th…
  • I think you will end up loving your new machine. Even though there arent alot of native programs written for it yet you can still run off rosetta, but if you are going to mainly use the programs that come loaded on it they will run perfectly fine. G…
  • Gene Clean, good point there, but for normal use as a everyday personal machine it works great, sometimes I have photoshop, illustrator, itunes and other apps running at the same time. I seem to never have any problem with slowing down. Then again I…
  • Thats awesome. You are going to be amazed, its one little powerful computer.
  • I don't know if this is right or not, but I think the minis use the same drives as the powerbooks and ibooks, I could be wrong on this info. You could probley buy an USB Wi/Fi adaptor for it. I have an ibook and I have a Belkin USB adaptor, but t…
  • What color is the keyboard? If it is black it is an earlier powerbook. You can get powerbook screens pretty cheap of ebay, if you are interested.