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  • Do yourself a favor...drag the HD icon to the right side of the dock, and then remove seeing the HD period on the desktop in your finder preference. Okay maybe not a good fix for you, but man that desktop sure is pretty clean, and look the HD icon l…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Relic It's cool looking, what don't you like about it? You must own one of those dell mp3 players if you think that thing looks cool. It's far from cool looking unless your like a monkey at the zoo and you enjoy ho…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Dave J If you don't mind, post a nice assembly of PC killer kit for both of us and from the sound of things a few more as well... say around the 2nd week in June... LOL bye bye....have fun. My hope is you and your …
  • LOL.....have fun. Idle threats are my favorite.
  • What exactly is the point. Most docks ad something of value besdies weight or ugliness. I don't see extra ports and such for more usability, am I missing the point here?
  • Try this Delete the"fontsTableAnnex" cache file from System/Library/Caches see if it helps
  • Quote: Originally posted by ThinkingDifferent So Napster allows you to create a personalized playlist and then streams the songs to you? The biggest catch with napster is this. If you want to burn the music, then you pay 99¢ a song on top of …
  • Why not just use the radio feature in itunes. Argueing how great Napster is won't get you far, and if it's that great...why won't it work on the mac?
  • I'm not sure what your saying really, but maybe click finder and then go into preferences and make sure you have the stuff check you want checked. You may be asking something else.
  • Honestly by the time you get that machine up to speed, you'd spend more than a new mini mac and probably still be slower. Many of the B&W have slower upgrade cards due to the zif set-up. Plus a limited pci video card upgrade. Get a mini mac befo…
  • I know this may sound odd, but a friend had issues with his drive. It may or may not help, but I'll post the info anyways. This was from his talked to an Apple tech. he had taken the drive out ready to ship to data recovery and spend mega bucks. …
  • Quote: Originally posted by cygsid I suggest the people acting all defensive in this thread calm down a bit. You guys are doing Mac user a disfavor by making us all look bad in the eyes of all these new switchers which will be coming to this boar…
  • yeah i also had no issue locking/screwing mine to the lcd or mini. i think you either got a different adapter or didn't look closely
  • Quote: Originally posted by e1618978 I believe the term was "whisper quiet" That's the spirit.... and I'm not trying to be a macfoolio, i just think the things you speak of are pretty small and not worth calling bugs per say
  • Curious why you'd unplug everything? i unplug my clock radio it forgets time. I'm so pissed!!! Maybe the standard settings for your diplay are what it booted up to. I personally don't find that to be a bug. I'm also mad that I put popcorn in the m…
  • I have one and the noise to me is nothing. That's what I'm stating and comparing it to a laptop...LOL. Anyways, i'm curious where they said or told you it would be dead silent?
  • maybe try music...I think you are too sensitive and you may want to seek help before you hear voices Just kidding...no honestly my mini is 20x's quieter than my quicksilver
  • You want a crazy fan....listen to my quicksilver. In fact my mac mini is silent and now my quicksilver annoys me Constant noise vs noise once and awhile..hmmmm. I think the fan noise complaint is lame to be honest. Anyone that complains about a…
  • I'll pipe in with these guys....nothing but great luck. www.totalchoicehosting.com
  • Maybe it is shipped....shipping date..not arrival date. Oh and i got mine