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  • Quote: Originally Posted by Xxplosive alright so im planning on getting my first macbook and i was wondering, if its possible to buy and install third party ram on it. and if it is possible, would i remove the apple ram as well or use both ? Y…
    in Macbook RAM Comment by yvon August 2008
  • a 15" MB would be perfect for my needs. I might just buy an external monitor for my actual MB that might be just perfect.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by stustanley They look like quite a nice pair of speakers. You do much audio work? A little but not that much. Nothing pro that for sure. But I like to have a good sound when I listen to music. I also have all my …
  • ok, here is my setup: I will replace it with an imac 24 soon...I can't wait.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by stustanley does no-one else round here have a mac?????!!??!! of course... I can take a picture of my mac book on my kitechen table... But you all know what my macbook look like. Maybe not my ketchen table though!
  • I don't really like wall paper, I never look at them anyway:
  • Quote: Originally Posted by tdhockeyfan424 what speakers are those and what do do recording for Look like yamaha NS10
  • Quote: Originally Posted by blingem The Might Mouse Killer: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/mi...3287&cl=us,en# It comes it white, too. And it's $20 cheaper is it a full size mouse or it's a small one?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Bonustime I have a couple questions about external hard drives as I've never had one before. First of all would it be possible, if I purchased one, to have my itunes music library on it rather than on my computer's …
  • Macbook re great computers. I realy like mine. I don't think the new macbook will be much powerful. If you don't mind about the white look,I would buy it right now.
  • same thing here, I have a pop up everytime I log in.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by kmac1036 Yes, call the toll free number for support in Canada. I think it's the same agents that cover the US as well. They will either fix or replace it, no problems. You will not be charged either, unless it was drop…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by bclapper Without at least some clues as to the problems you are experiencing I doubt anybody will be able to offer any advice. But if it's "broken" then bring it back, it's still under warranty We brought it back…
  • I bought my macbook about 6 weeks ago. Haven't received my issue yet.
  • as far as I know it's not possible to change the keyboard on a Macbook
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Prost264 Anyone else come to the Macbook and find the trackpad a little difficult to use? I think the problem is that my 4 year old Toshiba had such a small trackpad that now when I rest my hand on a Macbook, I end up …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by ShawnJ Funny you mention that. I played with it yesterday for the first time in ages browsing FrontRow. It does come in quite handy, but I usually only watch movies by myself on my laptop. Same here, I used it…
  • I ordered the ram yesterday early in the morning and I received it this afternoon!! from memphis to montreal in about 30 hours! I ordered only the 2 gig, that will be enough for my use. I installed it about an hour ago and everything seem…
  • do you think that 4 gig will make a difference? Does it worth it?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by JBL Was this the Genius Bar you went to? yes it was