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  • Quote: Originally posted by thuh Freak theres a thing up in Roch, NY called a "Garbage Plate". it becomes less appetizing as you hear what the garbage part consists of. mmmm, I wish I didn't have to work soon or I'd head over to Tahoe's fo…
  • I deliver pizza so I'm really big on tipping. Where I work we use our own gas at work, some nights I go through $15 in gas and walk out of work in only $20 or so in tips after a 8 hour shift. I don't think most people realize that some pizza places …
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  • http://forums.macnn.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=94 That should help a little.
  • Vodka - Devil Springs Rum - Captain Morgan (or if it's a mixed drink only night Malibu Coconut) Whisky - Jack Daniel's Gin - (can't touch the stuff) Wine - If I'm buying, something cheap like Wild Irish Rose, or Night Train (which seems…
  • Did anybody see the one where she couldn't figure out what 'Chicken of the Sea' was? "So wait, this is chicken?" ... "But it's Chicken of the Sea..." edit: When I get distracted while posting people beat me to it.
  • Fellows, I haven't been posting here very much lately, but I am still sad to hear this. To be brutally honest, I couldn't stand you one bit when you first came to AI. My religious opinions seemed to be completely opposite of anything you ever mentio…
  • Nick Tahoe's garbage plates! Hell yeah, I'd make the trip across the lake on the fast ferry for a garbage plate! Oh man, I'm almost tempted to go get one now. I guess there's some decent clubs around, but I'm not really into that. If you're into und…
  • You could come visit me. I think mostly people in Rochester are excited because they can get to Toronto fast. But there is some stuff to do here, you just gotta look around a little.
  • Quote: Originally posted by quagmire It won't load on my computer. *eyes drift up one post* *shakes head*
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  • What the hell happened there?
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  • Quote: Originally posted by trick fall Totally forgot Murphy's Law - There first two albums are available on one cd. A definite must if you are into hardcore punk. They were just up here to play a show with my friend's band, those guys are pa…
  • The depth does have something to do with the pain, think about it. But I've been told that black ink hurts more than colors because it has to go deeper, but I have no color so I don't know. Do colored inks not have to go as deep? I've toyed aroun…
  • Quote: Originally posted by markiv Few of my favorite band/artists which aren't very popular for some reason: Gilby Clarke Izzy Stradlin Velvet Revolver Andreas Johnson Slash' Snakepit Some names I could remember off-handedly Nice l…
  • Just make the image the size it will end up as and have it start out scaled down. I want to see the finished product too!
  • There's this band that I'm completely in love with right now called Against Me!, they're not on the iTMS though. http://www.againstme.net/
  • I have an 8 gauge hole in my left ear. In High School I pierced my nipple myself, that turned out bad. It only lasted 2 days.
  • I am the Lazer Viking.
  • Just got my third, all original designs.
  • Quote: Originally posted by segovius I guess well known is relative - Portishead were massive in Europe. Best unknown band of the sixties: MC5 Seventies: Wire or maybe The Only Ones Eighties: Teardrop Explodes - in fact best ever !!!!!!…
  • Is it the text entry box on AI only, or on other sites too?