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  • I think avatars would be awesome. Why aren't there any yet? I've got a wicked animated .gif just waiting in the wings.
  • Wait, that ban wasn't permanent? I'll have to look into that. (removes apparently banned self from forum now)
  • Oh, pick me, pick me!
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Powerdoc Hello Thegelding. It's nice to meet you again. I am not here very often now too (I am more concerned right now by photography, sound and piano. Merry christmas to you all. You're always welcome to add s…
  • Should be back up for everyone shortly, if not reboot or clear your DNS cache. We moved everything to a new server. Odds are you're still pointing to the old, dead server. I'm on vacation in Puerto Rico so wasn't responding to problems as q…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by details I hope they will lift the ban. I asked them nicely. But they're just so ban-happy over there. I just hope that one day both forums can live in peace and harmony. What did groverat do that they thought I was him…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Hassan i Sabbah If you go to AppleNova, which is pretty great, and say this, they will mercilessly rip you to pieces. No, we just banned his stupid ass.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by BRussell I admit that I've probably spent a total of 3 minutes at Applenova, but I remember when the split happened, and I don't recall anything at all about the political forums. You're right that they didn't like the …
  • ClamAV also has an OSX version. If you really want virus protection, that's a free choice. On top of that it won't hose your system like Symantec's AV client can.
  • I'd just toss the drive myself. Inevitably something ends up on a HD that you want to keep, and it will die and there goes your data with it. Now if you want to just back up your MP3's on it, sure why not.
  • Odds are it's a javascript feature. If you browse with Firefox, download an extension called "NoScript". It allows you to control which (if any) javascript functions will work on a given web page.
  • The folding oddness is because I have a pile of work machine folding, scattered across 12 buildings. The owners wanted to run it (good cause and all) but I didn't think it worth going through and changing team numbers just because I'm folding for a…
    in Outage Comment by alcimedes October 2005
  • just some good natured kidding. relax. (i think the way the pop ups work here is through java scripting. I'd guess turning that off might get rid of the last tenascious popups.) or browse with Firefox and NoScript.
    in Outage Comment by alcimedes October 2005
  • Sorry, that was poorly worded. I meant I'll give you Culpepper in exchange for McNabb any day of the week. I reread what I wrote and it was easy to misunderstand. I hate Culpepper. He's an accident on legs when he's on the field.
  • I was going to say, I'd trade Culpepper for McNabb any day of the week.
  • Behold! The future is now! Linky Cool part though was that they found a way to do it without any strip mining. Progress is a great thing.
  • Quote: Originally posted by theapplegenius it has major problems on Safari RSS, and i have no shareware installed. this'll happen on a clean install. Hmm, do you notice the same issues if you're using Firefox? Trying to figure out if it's m…
  • What web browser are you using? Also, have you installed any shareware programs prior to this problem occurring?
  • Quote: Originally posted by BuonRotto's going to be really hard to justify coming here. Honestly,! He he, no pun intended?