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  • Quote: Originally Posted by mbaynham if your that paranoid, theres always duck tape Duct tape. Unless you're specifically advertising Duck brand duct tape, that is. Sorry, I just had to correct that. Back on topic: with current technolog…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by melgross You could use the scrollwheel to select letters, numbers, etc from a matrix on the screen. Easier than those two or three button combinations on most phones. You've never tried entering a message on a gaming…
  • Also, be sure you're using 128 AAC or something similar. Higher bitrates = bigger files trying to cram into the iPod's memory = more hard drive access = less battery life. Try loading Apple Lossless files onto the thing and you'll kill it in no t…
  • Wow, they're still developing those things? I thought they died out years ago! I had one back in 2000 or so (different style, more like a game controller). It was nifty, but I never got used to it. They had Mac drivers, but you had to get some ch…
  • Yep. It's apparently up to the individual broadcast how they want to make their program available. CarTalk and others will stream for free, but you have to pay to download. Science Friday is free, though the RSS feed only gives you the first segment…
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  • Working fine on 10.4.2 here.
    in Firefox 1.0.5 Comment by kesh July 2005
  • I'm pretty sure Apple will take advantage of Centrino chips, to get the standard wifi, sound, etc. Hopefully they'll avoid shared video, and opt for the Centrino-to-ATI/nVidia bridge instead.
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  • Anyone remember that "tablet" patent application Apple got a couple months back?
  • Hm. I even tried dragging a podcast straight into the proper "Podcasts" folder ("Science Friday") in my Library. No dice.
  • Oh dear god, that's ugly. It's almost uglier than the Matrix phone. And the scroll wheel? I suppose rotary dialing is back in style, along with bell bottoms and disco. \ I just hope this isn't the real thing...
  • Quote: Originally posted by eAi Yes, true, but surely they could take filemaker and strip it down for general useage then rebrand it to iData or somthing... They'd be better off writing a new app from scratch which depends on CoreData, for th…
  • Simple solution: set up a .Mac Jabber server. Provide a simple web interface for setting up transports to MSN, YIM, and other services. Subscriber only access. Step 3) Profit.
  • Meh. Wrong post, never mind.
  • Ah yes. A classic example of one choice defining the whole of reality. SomaFM is great, yeah. I listen to them on occasion. It still doesn't change the fact that the number of 'net radio stations has dropped drastically in the past couple years.
  • That's... slightly insane. For one thing, you kill the whole point of having a tiny, portable computer by having it butterfly into a larger machine. Second, more moving parts equals more things to break. Finally, the dual-layer screen... I'm n…
  • To borrow from Ars Technica: FTFF.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Nak I read on /. that DirectX is no more. Perhaps I read that wrong, but who knows. You read wrong. They're still using the exact same code, it's just going to get a different name than "DirectX 10" when it com…
  • Unfortunately, internet radio is dying out. Most of the smaller stations couldn't afford it when the ruling was made that they have to pay royalties for the music, and others are being shut down because of the overhead costs of all that traffic to t…
  • Argh! I thought you were saying that it was out for download. Bad, bad person! I'm really looking forward to this new version. Nice to know it's being tested now, though.
  • If you get an LCD HDTV, it depends on the resolution. A 720p HDTV runs at 1280x720, which isn't a standard resolution for computers, but the mini might be able to do that. Otherwise, you'd be running at a lower resolution, which won't look as good. …