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  • 2Ghz dual+BT+radeon 9800 -superdrive ordered 7/6 I'm thinkin they have screwed around with the dates so much that they don't even know themselves which ones they should be working on first. The appearance of units in the retail stores is abou…
  • I guess tonight (Sunday 09/21) will be the moment of truth if they take the cowardly way out again and bump out 09/22 orders in the middle of the night like they did last time. BTW-looks like they threw in a free shipping upgrade from ground to s…
  • From the article: "While previous Power Macs had a latch for easy access to the internal components, the G5 is lockable to prevent unwanted intrusion." My G3 is lockable, so what are they talking about?
  • I was billed today (09/15/03) for my dual 2Ghz backordered from 07/06/03. That would put it on schedule to make the estimated 09/22/03 shipping date quoted on my order status.
  • A more interesting question to me is, would this DDR4000 500Mhz memory allow the 1Ghz G5 bus to reach full speed? I assume the interleaved 400Mhz RAM (800Mhz effective speed) that comes with the machine is causing a lot of "wait" cycles. …
  • One point of confusion on my part: The IBM XLC manual says that "cc" is an alternate invocation command of "xlc" How do we know if we are invoking the IBM XLC or the GNU compiler when both are resident on the same computer?
  • 400Mhz B+W G3 [xxx-Computer:~/desktop] hawk% cc -v Reading specs from /usr/libexec/gcc/darwin/ppc/3.1/specs Thread model: posix Apple Computer, Inc. GCC version 1175, based on gcc version 3.1 20020420 (prerelease) [xxx-Computer:~/desktop] h…
  • Quote: Originally posted by jeromba PS: Do you think it will be good, for performance, to buy a Western Digital Raptor WD360GD ? Just to put Panther on it with all my apps and use the 250GB for my jobs ? The Raptor is a 36.7 GB SATA drive - 10000…
  • To while away the hours waiting for my G5 to ship, I have turned to accessorizing---I have two 15K rpm cheetah SCSI drives I am going to try to cram in (or on top of) my G5 I think I will call this contraption the G5 SCSI CABOOSE
  • odd thing is, back in early July I predicted we would see some wild gyrations on the dates and I was almost laughed off of the boards. I have been at 8/31, 8/29, 9/26, 9/22 and it still ain't over. getting a G5 is major operation, not for the…
  • My e-mail reads the same (10-15 business days) and my order status moved up from 9/26 to 9/22
  • Whoa!---just moved up from 9/26 to 9/22
  • I am 29 and holding plan "B"=push back dates in the middle of the night so they can hightail it to Mexico by tommorrow before the phones start ringing. oops---just toggled to 9/26
  • 2Ghz dual processor added radeon 9800 added bluetooth deleted superdrive ordered: 7/6 shipping date: 8/29
  • If my 2Ghz backorder from July 6th does not deliver on friday as advertised I would lobby for some tangible freebies thrown in such as discounted software packages as a good-will gesture. (my order was placed too early to qualify for the final cu…
  • Quote: Originally posted by keyboardf12 damn hawkman, that's one cynical statement You of course will be proved wrong over the next 2 weeks A healthy skepticism (possibly descending into cynicism at times) has stood me in good stead for …
  • the data from the "system profiler" would be the most important information to be gleaned from this machine.
  • we now know where the dart landed on the "token august shipment" map in steve's office.
  • Quote: Originally posted by hawkman Can you report the OS build number from the "about this Mac" menu (click on Version 10.2.7 text) and the DVD product identification from the "devices and volumes" tab on the "more info..." window. The infor…
  • Can you report the OS build number from the "about this Mac" menu (click on Version 10.2.7 text) and the DVD product identification from the "devices and volumes" tab on the "more info..." window.