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  • Apple claims huge swaths of 'genuine' accessories on Amazon are counterfeit in new lawsuit [u]

    That's what you get if you create a propriety system and scam users with overpriced cables. 
    And that's what you get if you remove the jack port that nobody asked for, so that they control that market space too with expensive third-party licensing fees and premium first-party devices.

  • Supply chain reaffirms only three new Apple notebooks this fall, likely no 11" MacBook Air

    sog35 said:

    IMO, they need to start building iOS laptops and desktops. Why this hasn't happenned blows my mind.
    Because iOS is absolutely useless for serious productivity. Software is the bottleneck, not hardware.
    Also, if they start supplying iOS laptops, their product offering is going to be super confusing and both OS'es start cannibalizing their products. 

    The moment Apple brings an iOS laptop is the moment I will (sadly) switch to Windows, because it would be a signal that they're killing of MacOS, which I think is far, far superior to iOS on desktop, for many reasons.
  • Samsung's cylindrical ArtPC Pulse computer apes design of Apple's Mac Pro

    Why copy a heavily outdated, huge form factor failure like the Mac Pro?
    (at least the Samsung gets you more for your money).
  • Headphone picks for iPhone 7 users missing the 3.5mm headphone jack

    It's so childish to label people with complaints as 'crybabies'. Their arguments are valid.

    Apple is forcing us to invest in wireless. This 'bold move' is being compared to the removal of the floppy drive in the iMacs back then. It's not a fair comparison because the removal of the drive didn't force people to invest in a propriety Apple format (lighting cable, W1 chip, etc, for third parties all subject to Apple's review process and expensive licensing fees).
    The iMacs alternative was USB, external CD-ROM player and floppy drive. That seemed fair.

    I personally hate the removal of the jack because I need a reliable wired connection for all my daily team calls, and I need to be able to charge my phone while doing so. And I sure as hell don't need another Apple accessory that requires charging.
    And we all know that Bellina dongle sucks balls. 

    Apple didn't provide a second lighting port, or included the W1 chip while keeping the jack. Their move isn't 'bold', it's arrogant and unneeded. They're creating a way to earn more money from third party accessory creators and iUsers at the same time.
  • Samsung buys AI startup created by Siri co-cofounders

    It can't be hard to create something that's better than Siri, which is absolutely and utterly useless.