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  • Firefox stopped loading websites for some users

    A more straightforward workaround, though, is to switch to Safari, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

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    It might be more straightforward, but for Windows users, one of those isn't available, and the other two suck donkey farts.

    Workaround it is.
  • Everything we know about the 'iPhone 14 Pro' so far

    kayess said:
    mikeinca said:
    You can also get rid of the bump by making the phone thicker, no new tech needed 
    Would we accept a thicker phone? I think we would after a decade dedicated to thinness. I’m sure many disagree but I like my thicker Macbook Pro - it’s as elegant a new design in its way as what went before.  And with the iPhone, the extra space inside has potential. 
    I would.  Especially if that thickness were used to increase battery life and/or longevity.  Erasing the camera bump by expanding the case might allow that.

    That said, features, not style, are what will sell me on a new phone.  At the moment, my 11 is serving me well, though I'm going to need the battery replaced soon.  I'm looking forward to a new watch more than I am a new phone.
  • Apple wants an iPhone to charge other devices through the screen glass

    Wireless charging is so environmentally friendly.  And the further away from the charging coils the target is, the more environmentally friendly it becomes.

  • Apple releases AirTag 'Tracker Detect' app for Android

    If I'm sitting in a restaurant and some jerk at the next tables disables the AirTag on my keyring, I'm gonna be really upset.

    Is there going to be a way to determine whether some idiot has disabled my AirTag without pulling out the Find My app?
  • Coalition for App Fairness profile reveals organizational efforts against Apple

    davidw said:

    So are you also suggesting that since Costco sell their own Kirkland brand of bath tissue and papers towels, the makers of the likes of Charmin and Bounty should not have to pay Costco anything to be able to compete, by having free access to Costco paying membership customers in Costco own warehouse store? 

    What about Walmart? Walmart sell dozens of their own brand  products, that are often less expensive than the competition. So should all makers of competing products be able to sell their products on Walmart shelves and not compensate Walmart in doing so? This to "level the playing field", so competing product makers can better compete with Walmart, in a Walmart?

    Comparing brick and mortar retailers isn't entirely analagous .

    Walmart, Target, Costco, Macy's, and all the other B&M stores are resellers.  They buy the items from the manufacture or wholesaler (and yes, I realize there are accounting hoops that in many cases result in them not actually paying for the goods until after they resell them), then resell them.  Apple doesn't do that.  Apple is a consignment shop, not a retailer.  They sell products on behalf of others, they don't sell products they own.

    I'm not sure how much my opinion is going to change yet, or even if it will.  It's still Apple's infrastructure that's making the whole thing even possible, and under no circumstances should anyone think that I don't believe Apple deserves just compensation for that.  They absolutely do.