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  • AirPods 3 review: An excellent AirPods evolution, but fit can be problematic

    MplsP said:
    Creating earbuds that universally fit is a struggle
    Every commenter above should read this. human anatomy is hugely variable. No one can design an earbud that will fit everyone. From experience and reports, Apple has done a very good job of fitting most people with AirPods, especially given the lack of a flexible silicone tip/sleeve, but you can't change your ears. If they don't fit, move on to another style or brand.

    What you say is absolutely true, but Apple could come a fair bit closer if they weren't so dead set on form over function.  Even there own Beats brand fits better.  Of course, they're not as good in other respects, like sound quality, but hey, you can't have everything, can you.

    Except Apple could provide the better sound quality and noise cancellation with the improved fit of the Beats.  They just don't want to. 
  • Apple ordered to pay $1.9 million to Chinese publisher over copyright case

    To be fair, if Apple knew about the infringement, then they should be liable for failing to do something about it.  But that should be the limit of the liability.  There is no moral justification for making Apple responsible for the content of the apps they host.  Unfortunately, Apple has taken responsibility for some content, which opens them up to criticism for not exercising that control over content others find objectionable.  Still not justified, IMO, but then, Chinese copyright law isn't exactly my strong suit.
  • Apple again hints at unannounced 'homeOS' in job listing

    That kind of implies dedicated hardware for a home hub.  The existing hubs, Apple TV, iPad, HomePod, etc. all have the hub capability baked into them.  A separate hub is an excellent opportunity to sell more hardware without providing much in the way of extra functionality though.
  • Apple & EU slammed for dangerous child abuse imagery scanning plans

    The EU's plan goes further in that it also looks for organized crime and terrorist activity.
    I hate to be the one to say "I told you so", but I bloody well told you so.

    When the capability exists, overreaching governments will exploit it.
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  • AirTag vulnerability turns tracker into Trojan horse, fix incoming

    chadbag said:
    The fact that Apple got back to him and asked for more time and he basically gave them the finger puts this guy in the d*ck category.  If Apple was totally ignoring him then maybe his protest disclosure would make sense.  But he just put a mark on his forehead that he is a d*ck and not to be worked with. 
    You saw the part where Apple responded five days after the 90 days had expired, did you not?

    You saw the part where he asked Apple for a few reasonable details and they told him to sod off, did you not?