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  • Apple's self-made modem is a massive challenge, but with big rewards at stake

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    So what's in a modem that is different / hard compared to the M1?

    Seems an odd statement to just hang out there.
    You are (also) dealing with analogue signal processing at incredibly high frequencies. Designing a microprocessor is stacking up Lego bricks, designing a G5 modem is wizardry and magic with thrown in quantum effects. So to speak.
    Not to mention all the standards compliance, testing and certification processes. 

    Then the finished product has to actually play well with the deployed carrier infrastructure out there where Qualcomm and Huawei etc will have a major advantage, as both of them are actively involved in making that hardware as well as moving it forward (5.5G, 6G...).

    Of course, financially, there is no getting away from paying patent fees to both of them in the process. 
    Apple is always a day late and a dollar short for people like you. It’s amazing they are even in business to you, right?
    I have no idea what you are talking about. 

    The reality is what it is. There is no getting away from that. If you want to live in denial, that is fine. 

    You are the one in denial like Intel, Apple has the money time, and talent, to git it done and they will, it took 13 years to kick Intel’s ass, it won’t take that long for Qualcomm.
  • Apple hires labor-busting lawyers to fight employees' efforts to unionize

    To think the 40 hour work week as we know it in the United States is only about 108 years old…. 

     “On 5 January 1914 the Ford Motor Company took the radical step of doubling pay to $5 a day (adjusted for inflation: $129.55 as of 2020) and cut shifts from nine hours to eight, moves that were not popular with rival companies, although seeing the increase in Ford's productivity, and a significant increase in profit margin (from $30 million to $60 million in two years), most soon followed suit. 

     In the summer of 1915, amid increased labor demand for World War I, a series of strikes demanding the eight-hour day began in Bridgeport, Connecticut. They were so successful that they spread throughout the Northeast. The United States Adamson Act in 1916 established an eight-hour day, with additional pay for overtime, for railroad workers. This was the first federal law that regulated the hours of workers in private companies. The United States Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Act in Wilson v. New, 243 U.S. 332 (1917). 

     The eight-hour day might have been realized for many working people in the US in 1937, when what became the Fair Labor Standards Act (29 U.S. Code Chapter 8) was first proposed under the New Deal. As enacted, the act applied to industries whose combined employment represented about twenty percent of the US labor force. In those industries, it set the maximum workweek at 40 hours, but provided that employees working beyond 40 hours a week would receive additional overtime bonus salaries.”

     Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight-hour_day#United_States

    People forget Unions are the main reason for most of the benefits all workers get in the US. The fight started not long after 1776….

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  • New iMac Pro and M3 iMac coming, but not in 2022

    As I said. 

    Much to the chagrin of some a month ago who were riding “the iMac is discontinued” line hard. A hiatus is not discontinued. 

    The m1 series just wasn’t ready for a true modern iMac Pro. The Studio is a nice stopgap like the old iMac Pro was. The ultra chip has been revealed to need some design review in order to unleash its full potential. More forgivable in something like the Studio vs a Mac Pro or iMac Pro. 

    It’s an amazing machine that fills in the gap while we wait for the high end iMac. The coming Mac Pro makes the Studio somewhat redundant, though on a lower tier. It could stick around between the Mac mini and Mac Pro, but it would make iMac pricing strategies a bit problematic. 

    While the m3 is “in the works,” it doesn’t equate to availability. With m2 launching in the fall this year, we could see m3 one year later. So this timeline sounds right. M1 went on a bit long, but that’s due to apple expanding the lineup and getting processes right. They have a path to follow now so things will speed up. 

    Apple marketing/bean counters weren’t ready, inexcusable that a big/little screen iMac were not released at the same time, also a half size and large size Mac Pro tower should   also in the cards, but the Gemini company will just continue on with two steps forward one step back…..
  • At least nine Macs with M2 Apple Silicon chips are reportedly in development

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    The entire Mac line up with the new M1 chips should have been released a year ago they were all done, the M2 top to bottom is finish now, the design hardware/software engineers are now working on the M3-M4 generation they are at least 2 years ahead….

    Marketing is the only reason for this lethargic release schedule, in short the entire M1 series was done finished when Tim Cook announce it.
    I might have a degree in business and marketing but why don’t you explain to me how it’s more profitable for Apple to sit on a competent finished, year old design that they’d have no trouble bringing to market at scale. I’m curious to get your take on how not shipping completed products you’ve spent millions (possibly billions) investing in a break-neck market that only rewards those that are best in show is good for business.

    After that, tell us how the Studio Display, which is a peripheral for the Mac line up, shipped with a very egregious FaceTime camera issue if these machines were “all done a year ago” and just sitting in a shelf collecting dust.

    Current Apple is a Gemini company in hardware and software two steps forward one step back, Apple curated monitors have always been better, the same applies to routers maybe the lack of tech focus is trying to make low margin unprofitable (for Apple) content.

    In the future you will know Apple maybe done when a parasitic MBA, Accounting, or Marketing type sits at the top, however we shall/will see at the next developers conference, the Gemini Apple will continue with the inability to build a complete useful desktop (without taking it completely apart), no server, or router just excuses like that laptop keyboard.

    M2 is ready but parasitic sales and marketing isn’t, their product release plan is off. Fall is coming and the M2’s are done, but the Mac Pro hasn’t been released yet.
    Again, if you have proof that there are several million M2 Macs on shelves in warehouse ready to be sold to consumers then provide some proof.
    The actual design of the M2 chip is done anything released in the fall or next spring the lead times are at least 2 years out to get to that point and half that time is a marketing decision as to when to release to the public. The design team is already working on M3 and M4’s.
  • EU will force Apple & Google to allow third-party app stores, payment services

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    China is a Communist country.

    China is NOT in any way a communist country.

    China is a fascist country.

    They have all the features, including a massive wealth gap between rich and poor, a cult of personality dictator, and hatred of ethnic minorities complete with concentration camps.  They do not have universal healthcare, they do not have free public education, they do not have any real social safety net at all.  The workers do not control the means of production, the oligarchs do.

    Every country in the EU has more socialist traits than China, and no country in the EU is communist either.

    China is Chinese, whatever western label used wouldn’t fit, four thousand years of Chinese culture sits over the top of whatever government definition you would use, just get over it. The same applies to Japan and Korea. That also applies to the cockeyed system that Russia is using or not using. All these countries are coming out of left field some good some bad.