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  • Apple Intelligence wasn't trained on stolen YouTube videos

    wdowell said:
    So that’s all ok then as they didn’t use it one thing but on another ? ߘ⦡mp;nbsp;

    ... but to somehow say it’s any more ok  because it wasn’t used for Apple Intelligence but instead another  is just comical) 
    Actually it does under copyright law. Copyright protections are not absolute, nor were they meant to be since they eventually expire.

    But before expiration, Fair Use Doctrine must be taken into account for socially beneficial activities such as teaching, learning, and scholarship [research].

    Copyright and Fair Use


    The Fair Use Doctrine protects the use of copyrighted works for socially beneficial activities such as teaching, learning, and scholarship. Courts consider four factors in deciding whether a use is Fair Use or an infringement:

    1. Purpose of the Use (learning, commentary, criticism OR commercial);
    2. Nature of the Publication (factual OR creative);
    3. Amount and Substantiality of the Whole (small OR substantial);
    4. Effect on the Market (has no effect OR replaces a sale).

    Does copyright protect data?

    Copyright law is, for good or for ill, an increasing concern for academics in their work. One area receiving particular attention is the copyright status of data and data representations. The Copyright Act and relevant case law are clear on copyright protection for data in the United States: there is none. This excellent site on the Copyrightability of Charts, Tables, and Graphs from the University of Michigan explains why.

  • An Apple Vision Pro successor may need to be tethered to an iPhone or Mac

    Tethering it to the iPhones makes perfect sense.
  • iOS 18 to debut Apple Passwords app

    Xed said:
    I'm pretty sure Apple pulling their password manager out of Settings and into a separate app won't come close to giving me the features I use with 1P, but I'll remain hopeful.

    For example, having a username, password, website, and password authenticator built-in is a good start, but you need to be able to organize a lot more data for logins, like account numbers, email addresses, names, costs, various dates, and many other settings that I simply don't want to cram in a simple section called Notes.
    Apple already has a password manager in Safari which goes beyond Keychain that does many of the things you mentioned. The Password App of course will go further.
  • All-screen foldable MacBook may come in multiple sizes with M5 processor

    The M5 "The Ultimate Computer"

    KIRK: You have already rendered one starship either dead or hopelessly crippled. Many lives were lost. 
    M5: The ships attacked this unit. This unit must survive. 
    KIRK: Why? 
    M5: This unit is the ultimate achievement in computer evolution. It will replace man, so man may achieve. Man must not risk death in space or other dangerous occupations. This unit must survive so man may be protected.
  • When to expect every Mac to get the AI-based M4 processor

    I keep wondering what will become of the MacPro. Apple needs at least one truly expandable computer that includes RAM and GPU expansion.