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  • TikTok 'shocked' by US executive order and impending ban

    avon b7 said:
    avon b7 said:
    Tariffs flopped so this is the substitute for "getting tough" with China apparently.
    In what way did they “flop” exactly? China is clearly getting quite desperate with their increased propaganda, spying and attempts to influence the election.
    Realistically speaking Trump claimed trade wars were good and easy to win. You would have thought at this point it would be over if that were true. Clearly it isn't. 

    The tool to win the war was tariffs and most industry watchers have made it clear that China hasn't really been paying them. US citizens have borne the brunt. 

    China, in tit for tat measures, manoeuvred to lower tariffs on countries who could supply its needs, plunging industries like US agriculture to the brink of economic collapse.

    In an attempt to get something, anything, to talk about, Trump lauded the phase 1 deal which didn't even include any obligations on China's part to fulfil commitments to anything included in it. Now, Trump is basically saying that deal is not worth the paper it's written on. 

    From the get go China made it clear that they were in this for the long haul and would suffer but, at the same time, resist and wait things out.

    As elections approach and Trump has little cause to celebrate anything, time is not on his side and we are seeing actions like those against Huawei and Byte Dance and Tencent look evermore desperate. All the while, China is basically doing nothing.

    As he said the trade war was easy to win and he very much hasn't won anything (he has actually caused great harm to US interests), saying he flopped makes a lot of sense. 

    China should have pulled into line long ago under such pressure but it's clear they haven't. 

    Avon - One thing I would like to remind you whenever the discussion is on politics - FACTS do NOT matter to majority of the people. All they need is - Catchy phrases that they can connect with and repeat shamelessly even if they are blatant lies. On that count - Trump seems to be playing PERFECTLY to the gallery, i.e. his supporters. So it is quite possible that Trump wins one more term and cause more harm to the entire world with his shenanigans.

    Why do i say this? - I have seen the exact same thing played out in my country (India) where right wing extremists won 2nd term on the basis of lies after lies. And majority of the people were more than happy to hear those lies day in, day out and voted the same party to power last year.

    This is true and it is worrying to a point but I think there will be part of the base support which will have no alternative but to look at how things have played and why, and begin to question some if the more blatant claims that have been made along the way. 

    A lot of farms have gone out of business and although the agricultural sector has seen billions injected to keep it afloat (twice) some producers are saying they don’t want handouts, they want to sell their harvests. That is where Trump supposedly has a lot of support. 

    The COVID-19 response has largely been criticised worldwide. 

    The trade war is ongoing and looking far from over. 

    The hurricane season is looking like a nasty one this year.

    California seems to have a perpetual problem with wildfires. 

    The Black Lives Matter protests are ongoing. 

    Not to mention that he was actually impeached. 

    I would like to think that even the most fervent Trump supporter may stand back and reflect a bit on where the US is, how it got there and where it is going. 

    If a small fraction of his supporters drop support, things might change. 

    Actions often speak louder than words and the entire world saw what the US response was to COVID-19. The term 'America First' took a dramatic new twist with US officials literally trying to get results through hard cash. To the point of allies complaining that the US was trying to divert their already purchased medical equipment into US hands by offering big dollars. A similar approach has been seen with vaccine purchases. 

    This has not sat well with foreign powers who were never even in favour of Trump from the start. 

    Frankly the list of questionable responses to various fronts is growing daily. 

    I know that a lot of his supporters are not aware of any of this but it would only take a fraction to change their opinion for, perhaps, change to occur. 
    I don’t give two shits what are the opinions of “the world” or China. Neither should any American.
    Our alliances with our allies and the promotion of democratic values have been key to our success for 75-years. Alone, we would find ourselves in dire straits.
    Keep telling yourself that. America was instrumental in helping end WWII and prevented a complete takeover of Europe by Germany.

    I was talking about the post-war period. But if we’re taking about World War II, our alliances were still key to winning the war. If the Soviet Union had fell in 1941 or 1942, we’d all be speaking German and Japanese now.  

    The war turned well before the the first of our troops landed In Africa, much less Europe. This doesn’t in any way diminish our contribution to the defeat of Germany but without Russia Europe as we know it today would not exist.

    We were a key part of a broad alliance that included many other nations, and  this success played out again in the West during the Cold War with NATO and SETO. We never did it alone, we always had help. That’s our strength, cooperation through alliances .

  • Plugable's new multiport adapter provides legacy ports to iPad Pro and Mac users

    Seems rather limited for $24. I got this high quality 8-1 for $15 more. It has a rock solid build (does not feel cheap) with a 5-star rating from 2000+ customers.

    VAVA USB C Hub, 8-in-1 USB C Adapter with 4K HDMI, 1Gbps RJ45 Ethernet Port, USB 3.0, SD/TF Card Reader, 100W PD Charging Port for MacBook/Pro/Air and Type C Windows Laptops

    Capability Expansion: VAVA USB C Hub comes with 2* USB 3.0 & 1* USB 2.0 ports, 4k HDMI video output, RJ 45 Gigabit Ethernet port, SD/TF card reader slots, and 100W Power delivery port, meets all the request of Type-C laptops.High Resolution USB C to HDMI Adapter: Supports 4K resolution video at 30Hz and 1080p at 60Hz; you can duplicate or extend your screen for multitasking, viewing spreadsheet data, editing documents, giving presentations, watching movies and playing video games.Fast Data Transfer USB C Dock: Two USB 3.0 ports, one SD 3.0 and one TF 3.0 Card Reader, with up to 5Gbps speed, can transfer large files, videos and other data in seconds. Especially designed a USB 2.0 port for perfect connection to wireless devices like wireless mouse.Mac-Style Design USB-C multiport adapter to internet: Thanks to the included Ethernet port, you can instantly access into a stable, reliable web at 1 Gbps speed. Additionally, the 100W PD charging port allows you to charge your laptop at the same time.Worry Freely: VAVA USB-C hub provides industry-leading 18+12-month and you can get customer services within 24 hours from VAVA brand support team.

  • Evidence of 'copy-acquire-kill' strategy could play role in big tech antitrust hearing

    A much older concept, "Embrace, extend, and extinguish"

    "Embrace, extend, and extinguish" (EEE),[1] also known as "embrace, extend, and exterminate",[2] is a phrase that the U.S. Department of Justice found[3] was used internally by Microsoft[4] to describe its strategy for entering product categories involving widely used standards, extending those standards with proprietary capabilities, and then using those differences in order to strongly disadvantage its competitors.",_extend,_and_extinguish
  • Apple silicon Macs to support Thunderbolt despite shift to ARM

    TB4 is kindof Fake.

    It doesn’t bring any urgently needed speed bump and Apple supports everything TB4 supports with TB3 chips already.

    Originally, TB4 was a fake news Intel released with Tiger Lake at CES2020 because they were caught with their pants down shortly after AMD released their wildly successful Renoir notebook processors and didn’t have anything new to show.

    Ignore it and wait for TB5.
    That's incorrect. TB4 bring new features along with USB4. One it mandates a certain level of support and strengthens some of the features.

    • Double the minimum video and data requirements of Thunderbolt 3
      • Video: Support for two 4K displays or one 8K display.
      • Data: PCIe at 32 Gbps for storage speeds up to 3,000 MBps.
    • Accessories with four Thunderbolt 4 ports
    • Universal 40GB/s cables up to 2 meters in length
    • Required PC charging on at least one computer port.
    • Required PC wake from sleep when computer is connected to a Thunderbolt dock
    • Required Intel VT-d-based direct memory access (DMA) protection
    • USB4 specification compliant

  • LinkedIn blames bug for clipboard snooping discovered by iOS 14

    Apple needs to change how apps access the clipboard. Leaving it to developers is ridiculous as they can not be trusted. The clipboard should be sandboxed by the system so that apps each have their own clipboard if something is copied and other apps only gain access to that clip if I paste into it.